Friday, May 1, 2009

Defensive Roster Analysis

by: Michael Steffes

I was planning on doing this yesterday afternoon to follow my offensive roster analysis, but it seemed prudent to wait until the Leroy Hill situation wrapped itself up so that we could take a more accurate look.

Without further ado, to see the defensive side of the ball, click


Number Kept Last Year: 4
Average Number Kept: 4.5

: Mebane, Cole, Bryant, Terrill
Camp Battle: Kevin Brown, Tez Doolittle
Favorite: toss up

This team will probably end up keeping an extra end over an extra tackle, mainly because several of the ends offer the versatility to play tackle. That said, who isn't rooting for TEZ?


Number Kept Last Year: 5
Average Number Kept: 4.5

Locks: Kerney, Jackson, Tapp, Redding
Camp Battle: Atkins, Reed, Bennett, Brandon Miller
Favorite: Atkins

Atkins came on last year at the end of the season. If everyone is healthy, there will be some tough decisions to be made here. Reed would almost certainly be a candidate for the practice squad.


Number kept last year
: 6
Average Number Kept: 7

: Tatupu, Curry, Hill, Laury, Lewis, Herring, Hawthorne
Camp Battle: Phillstin, Fein
Favorite: toss up

Linebackers are pretty set. If one of the UDFA guys shows his worth, they could keep him. However, the way this roster is built, it would seem they are more likely to keep an extra defensive linemen or defensive back.


Number Kept Last Year: 4
Average Kept: 4

Locks: Trufant, Lucas, Wilson
Camp Battle: Jennings versus Hobbs
Favorite: Jennings

It's too hard to give up on a former first rounder, especially with Lucas on a one year deal.


Number Kept Last Year
: 3
Average Number Kept: 4

Locks: Grant, Russell, Babineaux
Camp Battle: Wallace, Adams, Greene
Favorite: Adams?

With Babineaux as a swing DB, the team may look to keep one more true safety. The three are pretty evenly matched. I give the nod to Adams based on the board in the Seahawks war room everyone keeps referencing. Russell will remain for one more year.


Number Kept Last Year: 4
Average Number Kept: 3

Locks: John Ryan?
Camp Battle: Coutu versus Mare (again), Schmitt versus Senser
Favorite: Coutu, Schmitt

I have to think the team would like to hand the job to Coutu if he earns it. It would save them about $2 mil and they would get some use out of keeping him last year. If Schmitt can stay healthy, he will get the nod at long snapper.