Sunday, May 3, 2009

What Did We Learn From Mini Camp?

by: Michael Steffes

Mini camp came to a close today, and now the veterans will stick around for OTAs for the rest of the week before a break. I thought it would be worth while to take note of a few things from the weekends activities. This is what I took away from the reports of the three day session.

1) Old faces, same places. Much maligned players such as Rob Sims and Brian Russell were back in familiar spots, running with the first teams at RG and S, respectfully. While the fans have their own opinions, and often strong ones, these are not always shared by the organization. By not drafting a safety until the seventh round, and Jim Mora committing to letting Max Unger focus on left guard, we get a good read that the team thinks Sims and Russell are capable players. Remember, they watch them every day on the practice field, while often the fans only see the plays they make appearances during on the television broadcast each Sunday.

2) The Seahawks are a wide receiver centric team. The team has a new offense that is supposed to be more balanced. They are employing a new blocking scheme to help with the rushing attack. Yet, for some reason, all we hear about is the wide receivers. Housh and Matt are developing chemistry, Deon Butler looks good so far, Courtney Taylor is stepping up again, or Nate burned someone deep. Truth be told, I am more interested in how the running backs look. I think that will be a hotly contested position, and right now doesn't seem nearly as secure as the wide reciever position. Hopefully running back talk heats up once the pads are on.

3) Mora likes competition. This is a good thing. There is a guy down the street from me, Pete Carroll, who proclaims the success of his teams, and they have had plenty, is due to the immense competition that goes on each day in practice. The old regime seemed to open one or two positions up for competition each year. Mora says there will be competition at almost every spot. And because he doesn't have the same binds to players that Mike Holmgren did from once holding a personnel position, he can truly let the competition determine who plays. This can only help as the 17 week schedule and injuries force back ups to see time. END