Thursday, July 31, 2008

Must Listen Interviews

by: Michael Steffes

Mitch Levy has been camped out at training camp all week doing the morning show. There is a barrage of interviews. You can find just about anybody whose anybody at the KJR site.

I thought I would link you up for two that I would consider must listen. For one, Mitch seems to always ask good questions. He doesn't let his interviewees off the hook. He works his magic with both Mike Solari and Matt Hasselbeck.

One of the areas of conversation I found interesting was whether or not Mike Solari has any promises on being a coach in Seattle beyond this year. And of course, Hass is just pure gold. Take a listen! ~END~ Read More!

The first sizable casualty of training camp?

by: Chris Sullivan

Frank Hughes is reporting that Red Bryant was absent from practice today, and when prodded, Holmgren "actually seemed a bit concerned." It sounds like my favorite beast from the Lonestar State has injured his knee and it could be serious. Hughes is saying that it sounds like there will be an MRI to check everything out.

UPDATE: Clare Farnsworth is reporting that the preliminary results on Red's knee tests are bad, and he may need arthroscopic surgery to repair damage to his left knee. Final results should be coming within a couple of days. We're rooting for you, Red! (Thank you Zed for the link in the comments).

If anything else develops, we'll update you guys as soon as we hear it, but it will likely be a couple of days before we know anything. Do bear in mind that this almost certainly means no Red Bryant at the scrimmage on Saturday. Womp wah.

Also, the comment server seems to be having some trouble today, slow in showing comments and not registering them on the main page where it would normally say "Comments (3)" it just says "Comments". They are being posted though, just seems like a little delay. It appears now that comments don't show up unless you leave one, so, y'know. Do so if you want to see the comments. hah. ~END~ Read More!

Brandon Mebane Write-up

by: Chris Sullivan

Friend of the blog, Danny O'Neil has another quality write-up, this time on my favorite addition to the Seahawk Family of 2007 - Brandon Mebane. The quotes in this thing are just fantastic, read the whole thing, but here's a sampling:

"Remember when Fred Flintstone used to work at the quarry?" guard Mike Wahle said. "There were all these gigantic rocks sitting around. That's like Mebane when you run into him."

So, here's a question for you guys out there in Seahawkland: Who will be the biggest Seahawk addition this year? I think everyone, other than me, would say that Kerney had the biggest impact on the team last year, but I think Mebane was a not-too-distant second place. Will it be Carlson or Jones? What about my boy Red Bryant? What do you think? ~END~ Read More!

Morning Practice Discussion Thread

by: Michael Steffes

Hello, daily readers. I have gotten hung up with some non-football related stuff that demands my attention. Especially because I am leaving town next week. Don't worry the blog will still be updated regularly while I'm gone.

As for today, not so much. I started this thread so that all of you could fill in practice updates and discuss, if you want. It is entirely possible there will be other writers posting, but they have day jobs. So you get this! Enjoy. I will see you on the flipside. Maybe we will have something fun to discuss tonight! Thanks. ~END~ Read More!

ESPN Commits Caption Failure

by: Mike Parker

I take back everything negative I said about ESPN. Clearly, they know exactly what they're doing, as they've just proven in not one but two separate photo captions from Seahawks' training camp this week:

The first is available here, and incorrectly lists Logan Payne as "Logan Ryan." (At least the ladies are gonna love Payne's GQ stubble in that one.)

The second is here , and it lists Deion Branch as Deion Grant, and then a factual inaccuracy about Grant's health. (At least that's consistent given the Deion mix-up to begin with.)

Good to know ESPN knows what they're talking about, huh? Excessive Seahawk Pigeonholing Network, indeed.

On a less-disgruntled note, here's a great write-up on Steve Vallos by Clare Farnsworth. Some of you have been mentioning how it's great that Vallos is getting some reps with the first-team offense in because of the insurance policy value he'll hold if anything else happens to Spencer or Gray, and I couldn't agree more. -END- Read More!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Center Position, Clearly an Issue

by: Michael Steffes

It has been tossed around here for several days, but the Seahawks center crisis is getting some notice. PFW has posted this blurb. Essentially, it covers the facts. Spencer and Gray are out, Vallos and Wrotto are getting the snaps. This should be remedied in a week or so. In the meantime, I thought I would give you my impressions.

Clearly the team would benefit from having Spencer taking reps with the rest of his starting mates. Gray sitting out doesn't bother me a bit. He knows the line calls. He has seen every situation before. Spencer doesn't have that luxury. However, in the grand scheme of things, I consider the Hawks fortunate. Ask Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning.

In a way, having Vallos take the first team snaps is really good for the team. While it is nice that the Seahawks have a first round center, a rarity, it is not a necessity that centers come from great pedigree. In fact, often guys like Robbie Tobek end up in the Pro Bowl, despite his QB making fun of his athletic ability. In a way, having Vallos take all these snaps helps create an insurance policy. If Spencer doesn't get it, or gets hurt, at least there is some familiarity. In a best case scenario, Vallos shows the coaches he is one smart cookie and capable of running this line. Now then we would have some depth, right. If you want more on Vallos, Clare Farnsworth has done a nice piece on him for tomorrow. Check it out.

Anyway, I know you have been dying for my 2 cents on the centers, so there you have it. ~END~ Read More!

Moon Avoids DUI..... Again

by: Michael Steffes

Warren Moon, HOF QB, and Seahawks broadcaster has pleaded guilty to negligent driving. Moon will have to spend either two days in jail, or five days of house arrest. He is lucky. This is his second offense like this. Please Warren, Seahawk fans love you, no more. Danny O'Neil has the article. ~END~ Read More!

Mack Strong Likes New Backs

by: Michael Steffes

Mack Stong was back at camp today. Not as a coach, and not getting ready for the season. Strong will be part of the FSN coverage of the Hawks. He will also be blogging for every once in while.

He says that he is forcing himself to look at the Seahawks will a less optimistic, more critical eye. After these comments, I would say he might be having trouble with the transition, but maybe he is right. He should know.

First..."The personnel in the backfield is as good as any in the NFL, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it guarantees success."

And..."That backfield is more talented than it’s been in years, with a mixture of youth and veteran leadership."

Make of this what you will, it is probably a bit misplaced. But like Mack says, it is not about talent, it is about chemistry. This backfield should fit this team much better than the one of the last two seasons. ~END~ Read More!

Who is #5 on the Defensive Line?

by: Michael Steffes

I touched on this briefly yesterday and it is getting some attention this afternoon. The fifth defensive linemen is one of the really interesting position battles to be watching right now. In fact, I am sure that teams around the league are watching it as well, wondering who might become available.

Tubby hasn't gotten on the field yet, but two who are our there are Larry Tripplett and Howard Green.

Danny O'Neil mentions that Tripplett was getting a lot of penetration today. On a side note, I appreciate that Danny includes this type of info, because he mentions it was Tripplett's penetration that led to DD Lewis laying wood on Julius Jones. Often, it is not the person who makes the big hit that does more than his job, but someone else who worked their tale off to set it up.

As for Howard Green, Frank Hughes mentions that he practically swallowed Justin Forsett today after coming through the line unblocked. He also mentions another sequence in which the line played poorly, however this is contradicted by Gil Haskell who said he liked the way the line run blocked today. Haskell also threw some praise TJ Duckett's way, which is becoming almost as common as someone mentioning Logan Payne.

Both reports mention Charlie Frye looking good, despite an interception to Kevin Hobbs. Frye is going to be fine. I am interested in what all of you going to the scrimmage have to say about his play.

One other thing of note, is that Will Herring remains on the non-football injury list. This is going to become a problem. Linebacker was thin group to begin with, and Herring was supposed to take a key role on special teams. If this isn't resolved soon, start taking note of teams where a veteran linebacker may become available. Also, Wesley Mallard, who would fill both roles as well, is not practicing. ~END~ Read More!

Here Comes the Payne

by: Mike Parker

Every day since the start of training camp, my man-crush on Logan Payne has grown exponentially.

Dave Boling just gave me today's reason why.

I know I have yet to see him play, as most of us still do, but I'm beginning to believe the hype surrounding this mysterious kid who was signed off the practice squad during the playoffs last year. The enigma of it is part of the intrigue, I think, but it's also a massively comforting feeling knowing that we've got something of a secret weapon on our hands going into Week 1.

That is, of course, if Payne shows us he's as good on gameday as he is on the practice field.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm personally banking on The Human Vacuum, as he's suddenly being called, to make the #3 or 4 receiver spot on the roster.

Needless to say, with him and the rest of the explosive new faces in blue & green this year, Saturday's scrimmage is going to be one hell of an exciting moment. -END- Read More!

Got Wall Space?

by: Michael Steffes

I just thought that I would alert all of you Fathead fans that they have FINALLY updated their Seahawks selection. They now are offering one Matt Hasselbeck in a life size wall graphic that will complete any Seahawk fans room. The best part... its not permanent. Bring it to your friends houses on Sunday afternoon. Here is the link to Fathead. Just follow it to the Seahawks section. As always, if you use this link, or the ad on the right side of the screen to purchase your #8 Fathead, you will be helping to support Seahawk Addicts in all their endeavors.

This is a good time to remind all of our wonderful readers that this site tries its hardest to be self sustaining. That means we need your help. Using Expedia, Seattle Teams Store, Stub Hub, and Fathead to make purchases helps put money in the SA bank account and goes to help us continue to expand the site. Podcasts now, who knows what is next, but regardless I am sure it will cost mucho dinero, so anything you do helps. If you can't purchase anything, well than just check out what our sponsors have to offer. Thanks. ~END~ Read More!

Wednesday Wake Up

by: Michael Steffes

Lots of Seahawk stories abound this morning. Get yrrrr read on folks.

Clare Farnsworth has done a top notch write up on Big Play Babs. It has been stated in a few places that he will not be the nickelback, but Josh Wilson is going to have to make major strides to step in. Babs just seems to be a favorite of coaches and teammates.

Jose Romero has written up Seneca Wallace and his approach coming into camp. There are also some notes from camp, including that Hasselbeck is ribbing his new center.

The results are in from Jim Mora's famous Tiger Mountain run. Jamar Adams was tops, but even Red Bryant made it to the top.

Scott Johnson elaborates more on Matt Hasselbeck's biggest concern: where are all the jokers at?

There are two articles on Gilby, but they focus more on his past than his present position. Here is one from Frank Hughes, and another from Scott Johnson.

Day 6: Schedule for today is practice in the morning, special teams in the afternoon. ~END Read More!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh Crap....This Better be Motivation

by: Michael Steffes

From Scott Johnson's Kitsap Sun article about special teams....

"Tyler's a rookie," DeHaven said. "He's going to be a pretty good snapper, but he's not where he needs to be yet. I wouldn't say that he's the answer to all our problems there."
I have no idea what to even say, well, except...oh crap. Not again. Wait a minute, I get it. He's joking right. Haha. ~END~ Read More!

Postcards from Kirkland

by: Michael Steffes

Jim Trotter of was out at Seahawks training camp and has done a pretty inclusive write up of his experience. It is part of a series, "Postcards from camp."

There is a lot to break down in this article, but I will just touch on some of the premises that have been less talked about.

First, Mike Holmgren's increased intensity is drawing notice. This is great. Not only will the "lame duck" BS subside (i hope), but he is the tone setter for the team. If he wants to take it easy, the team may take it easy. If he is coaching like his back is against the wall, then the team will hopefully respond with a similar focus and intensity. To continue...

Second, Trotter notes that the defense is returning EVERY SINGLE STARTER from last year. This is a defense that improved every week from mid season on, until the snow debacle. They were strong on fourth downs and the goal line, they were hard to throw against in the red zone, and for the most part, until GB, they shut down top runners. They did seem to allow a disproportionate amount of long runs, but hopefully they can correct some of that and move into elite status. If they do, continuity will be a big part of it.

Finally, Trotter notes that the schedule looks difficult, but in reality the Hawks were handed some breaks. Playing Tampa in prime time is one. This is a workable schedule for the Hawks, especially if just ONE of the tough road teams falls off. NY and Dal are possibilities. Trotter mentions the early bye and says health will be key. That is one reason the depth on this team is so comforting. Also, the team gets 10 days off before NE, which will give a second chance to recharge.
Read More!

Morning Practice

by: Michael Steffes

Sounds like another spirited practice out in Kirkland. The writers are already talking about the offense having its struggles, which probably isn't a good sign. However, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now, because they are facing one heck of a defense.

One thing the offense needs more of is an aggressive attitude. Sounds like one of the new acquisitions is bringing that. Both Hughes and O'Neil mention Julius Jones lowering his shoulder and sending Babs airborne. This is going to be one of the added benefits of having two (or three) tail backs. These guys need to run hard, and keep running hard, or they risk losing carries. MORE AFTER THE JUMP...

One thing Danny focused on, which i love to hear, is the play of Brandon Mebane. He is giving Mike Wahle fits. Part of it is that Wahle is tall for a guard and Mebane short for a tackle, but regardless, with Mebane and Bernard, the Hawks are going to disrupt some pockets from the inside. That is the quickest way to give a QB fits.

From Franks account, we get another D-Line update. It seems Red Bryant is slowly creeping up the depth chart. He is now running with the second unit. The real battle amongst the tackles will be for the fifth spot. Usually the team only keeps five. Right now that seems to be between Tubbs, Tripplett, Chris Cooper and Howard Green. The team could keep 6, if Cooper is one of them. He can play end as well, but the team doesn't exactly need extra bodies on the edge right now either.

Clare mentions that Leroy Hill is coming to play. No surprise there. This guy is a gamer, and now he has a season to show the world he deserves life changin' money. Although Clare mentions that the team will likely have to keep 5 running backs. He also said that Duckett had a good practice. They are far more likely to try to an slip Owen Schmitt to the practice squad than cut Duckett. Remember, only a few teams use a traditional fullback, so that may be a possibility; despite the hype Schmitt has received.

Other things of note from the morning practice are that Courtney Taylor IS hurt, Carlson is taking some heat from coach, and Charlie Frye is looking good so far. That makes all of you on the Seneca Wallace for receiver bandwagon happy.
Read More!

The Scoop on Bryan Gilmore

by: Mike Parker

Jose at the Times had a chance to catch up with NFC West veteran receiver Bryan Gilmore in a story today.

When I say "NFC West veteran," I really mean it when speaking about Gilmore. The guy originally signed with the Cards, spent four seasons there and then later joined the 49ers after a run with NFL Europe. (I'd reall love to hear some team names from that league - Paris Pulverizers? Venice Vigilantes? Madrid Murderers? Hell, I have no idea.)

Gilmore's sudden phone call last week came as a big surprise, he said in the story. His aim now is to get his legs back under him and do what he can to get a roster spot, but it seems competing with Captain Payne the Human Vacuum is going to be anything but easy.

And here we were all thinking we needed to draft another receiver or trade for Roy Williams. Bah! I for one think our receiving game is going to have safeties staring behind them in shock all year. -END- Read More!

Tuesday's Top Stories

by: Michael Steffes

The stories about the Hawks today seem to have taken a specific look at may different players on the team. No problem with that. Take a look and learn about the boys.

Dave Boling is a believer. He lists Logan Payne as the Seahawk most likely to go from unknown to major contributer. One reason Boiling cites that he will be on the field...he excels in run blocking, a new focus for receivers this year.

Frank Hughes takes a look at Josh Wilson, but mostly the fact that he was hazed as a rookie. The team envisions Wilson playing a key role this year, they do from every second round pick in their second year. Frank thinks it will take an injury to get Wilson much time except on special teams.

Scott Johnson takes a look at everybody's hot button topic of the week, the centers. Not much to evaluate right now, except the backups, and according to Johnson they are struggling.

We have a tail of two backs going in Seattle as well. Clare Farnsworth talks about Julius Jones and the big shoes he has had to fill, first Emmitt, now Shaun. Aaron Fentress of the Oregonian, takes a look at the half of the rotation who knows the system, Mo Mo. Lots of people are discounting Morris already, but he had a career year last year. He may see more touches this year, especially the early part, and I am not ready to count him out.

Lawrence Jackson has little spotlight on Sportsnet, Canada. Lofa says...."He's a real humble kid. It's those quiet ones you want to watch out for. You don't know when they're going to snap. They don't say much, and then they let things build up and build up, and then when they get it off their chest, it's scary. We're really lucky to have him on our side."

~END~ Read More!

Monday, July 28, 2008

You Asked For It

by: Michael Steffes

Well, no actually you didn't, but that hasn't stopped Seahawk Addicts from trying our hand at Podcasting. Just what you need, right, three Seahawk homers talking your ear off about the upcoming season. Oh well.

So I would like to put a disclaimer on this. This is the first time any of us have tried this, and if you bare with us, I am really hoping that we can better at podcasting. For our first attempt we tried to do an NFC West preview in a 15-20 minute segment. Instead you got an NFC West Preview in a 2 part/20 min per set of podcasts. Hope you got some time to kill.

Anyway we have set up the hosting in a very easy to use format. If you would like to subscribe, check out the home of Seahawk Addicts podcasts right here. Download, or listen on fly, or just put it on in the background and try not to pass out. Good luck, and be sure to toss us a comment with suggestions / praise / innuendo-laden invites to your home.

UPDATE: Here are the direct download / play links. Right click to download, clicking will probably play them for you in a full size window:

Episode One: NFC West Preview Part 1 - 49ers and Rams

Episode Two: NFC West Preview Part 2 - Cardinals and Seahawks

~END~ Read More!

That Crazy Kerney

by: Michael Steffes

Want more information on Patrick Kerney than you ever needed? Gregg Bell of the AP obliges with this story about Kerney's bizarre regiment of technology based performance enhancers.

Good thing for the Seahawks, hypobaric chambers, silver lined electric sheets, and stimulating adreanal glands don't warrant suspension. However, according to Kerney, they have saved his career. I say, what ever works big guy, just go out and get us another year of double digit sacks. ~END~ Read More!

Improvements Continue

by: Michael Steffes

One of the big stories from the morning practice was that Leonard Weaver was blocking, and blocking well. This is an aspect of his game that needs improvement over last year. This is a good sign. Several reports mentioned that he de-cleated Leroy Hill. Clare also included that Weaver was out after practice continuing to hone this skill.

Frank Hughes is back and he included some snippets from a talk with coach. Holmgren informed that he told both Jones and Morris that they would be sharing carries. The intention seems to be to ride the hot hand. I have no problem with these guys splitting carries. Chances are they will both be dinged up at points in the season, and being able to spell each other is a good thing. Frank also mentioned that they have TJ Duckett learning both fullback and halfback. Why would be a logical follow up question. With Weaver and Schmitt, do we need Duckett playing FB as well, especially when it is a new position for him. CONTINUE ON AFTER THE BREAK...

Speaking of Duckett, Dave Boiling mentioned that TJ had his best practice as a Seahawk yet. Look, there was a reason that Tim Ruskell has tried to acquire this guy for two years. Also, Mora clearly had no objections. TJ Duckett is a football player. His biggest problem seems to be that people want him to fit into a specific mold, and he just doesn't. Once again, he is being told he doesn't have a role. Hopefully the team won't be afraid to find him some work this year, because when he gets a chance he generally produces. He will have a role next year, count on that.

Injury updates include that Courtney Taylor has a tight hammy, Kerney will remain out for a few days, and Spencer and Gray should be back in 5 to 7 days. Taylor will be fine, but he is starting to remind me of DJ Hackett. Little injuries tend to sit him down a lot. Thats OK, more reps for Seahawk Addicts favorite, Logan Payne, who continued to impress today. He received high marks from every reporter.
Read More!

Expect to See Lynch Week 1

by: Michael Steffes

In case anybody was still holding out hope that hitting pedestrians at 3 in morning and then fleeing the scene was enough to get the leagues attention. It isn't. The NFL announced that Marshaun Lynch will not receive any punishment for his actions.

That said, barring a strange golf cart accident, which is always a possibility with Lynch, he will be available to test out the Seahawks revamped d-line in Week 1. No worries, I expect Brandon Mebane to having something special for him. They were teammates at Cal. ~END~ Read More!

Great Picture

by: Michael Steffes

Here is a snap shot of Logan Payne wrestling the ball away from Marcus Trufant yesterday. This was a play that was referenced several times yesterday, here and other places. It was taken by Joshua Trujillo of the P-I. Great work Josh!
END Read More!

Camp Stories

by: Michael Steffes

Here are some of the stories being written about the Seahawks Camp from this fine Monday morning. Enjoy your reading...

Dave Boiling takes a look at "Manny" Wrotto, who is not trying his hand at center. I had no idea this guy has been through so much.

Eric Williams checks in with the defensive line group. He has one piece that includes a Larry Tripplett update. He also has another, checking in with Red Bryant.

Scott Johnson seems a little surprised at what he found. Walter Jones likes coming to training camp.

Danny O'Neil wrote his daily about the running back by committee the Hawks are using. Great line...."running backs aren't a religion, you can have more than one." You have converted me. RBBC it is.

Aaron Fentress from the Oregonian wrote about John Carlson, and how the Hawks are counting on his production. The way I see it, just about anything is an improvement over last year.

~END~ Read More!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get'em while they're fresh!

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey there sports fans, just so you all know: your jersey is now an antique! Okay, okay, that's not necessarily true, but it is if you own Julian Peterson's #59 jersey (or if you're way cool and have the original, printed in error #44 jersey, a la Madden 07). We'd heard rumors and mentioned them on the blog awhile ago that JuPe was looking to change his number, but it is official. Julian Peterson is now #98. Don't be a slouch, you know you want it! I double checked with the Seahawks' website, in case you're concerned.

In case you're wondering, Baraka Atkins took #59, which if he can play half as well as Peterson should earn him a starting spot in no time flat! ~END~ Read More!

Seahawk Addicts Goes Tabloid

by: Michael Steffes

I couldn't help myself. Check out this post from the Cowboys blog. Joe Simpson puts Cowboy fans on notice.

If this has a similar effect as last year, then Hard Knocks, the HBO Series ought to be a blast. Not to mention the Hard Knocks being taken all season long by the Boys. That will be even more fun to watch.

And if there wasn't enough pressure on Tony Romo, then Joe Simpson claiming... "he better have the year of his life." oughta do it.

Thank goodness Matt Hasselbeck is a family man, and not a single QB using his bachelor status to attract this type of attention. But when it happens to the Boys, it is worth a laugh or two. Although, the comments would indicate that Cowboy fans don't find "Yoko Romo" so amusing. -END- Read More!

Teams Survives the First Day of Contact

by: Michael Steffes

Matt Hasselbeck was back and in form for the second of two practices today. After a morning practice that saw Mike Holmgren get hostile, "Holmgren was in better spirits in the afternoon following a much improved offensive effort."

One of the concerns over the last few months has been that once the hitting started, the young wide receivers may not look as good as they have with no contact. That isn't the case for Seahawk Addicts favorite Logan Payne. After wrestling a ball away from Marcus Trufant in the morning, he regrouped after a swipe by Kevin Hobbs to make a great catch in the afternoon.

One guy who the youngins may want to keep their eyes out for, is Jamar Adams. His hit on John Carlson, causing a fumble, was noticed as the best hit of the day. Carlson and Payne are probably both familiar with Adams aggressive play, playing against him in college every year. But I wouldn't worry about the Auburn boys too much either, I am sure they have a seen their fair share of nasty hitters in the SEC.

There were also questions over the offseason about a certain 250lb running back. Well, not that it would take much, but apparently he isn't going to be content being left out of the rotation. RB coach Kasey Dunn says...."He's making a lot of things happen right now. He's been a real surprise coming back into camp,"

Jeeeez, and some people wanted to cut him before he even got to hit anybody. I hate to say it, but I told you his name would come up when the contact started.

Expect some new names to come to the front tomorrow, as the afternoon will be dedicated to special teams. Owen Schmitt.... can we call your name? ~END~ Read More!

Hasselbeck Comes Up Lame

by: Michael Steffes

Lets hope it is nothing serious, but it was noted in several places. He wasn't hit, so maybe he just twisted an ankle or something. This is a story to follow in the afternoon session.

Also, as Eric Williams notes, who should be commended for the job he is doing filling in for Hughes, Mt. Holmgren went off today. Dropped passes and missed assignments do that to him every time.

Patrick Kerney also left the field with a sore left calf (From Clare's Report). Looks like the first day of contact wasn't so kind to the Hawks.

Chris Spencer continues not to work. He is the only starting linemen not out there working. For one I am worried about how things will be when he gets back. He can't afford to be missing this time while the unit is gelling together. If I were Spencer, I would be worried about my job too. The Hawks are giving him every chance, but he cant even get on the field.

In other notes... Julius Jones can block, Carlson can stretch a seam (Clare's player of the day), and Josh Wilson is claiming his spot in the secondary. These are all BIG improvements over last year.

Also, Clare's report details a great play by Logan Payne. This is almost S.O.P. these days. Eric and the TNT keep referring to him as a human vacuum. The sky is most certainly not falling. ~END~ Read More!

Sunday Morning Special

by: Michael Steffes

Here are some of the links from around the web to get your read on this morning. Who still reads the Sunday paper anymore, anyway?

Danny O'Neil covers Mike Holmgren and Jim Lind's special bond. They have been coaching together for a long, long time now.

Steve Kelley thinks that we should all keep an eye on Courtney Taylor this year, just don't tell anybody in the Seahawk Addcits fantasy league. Oooops.

Aaron Fentress has chronicled the wild times of the Seahawks offseason. Let me tell you, we better watch out, clearly this team could out party the Cowboys. (sarcasm)

The Seattle Times has compiled a roundup of day two at camp. Poor Julius, he doesn't like dorm life. Aw shucks. If hotel suites worked so well, then maybe the Cowboys would have won a playoff game this decade, right?

John Sleeper of the Everett Herald looks back over the Bobby situation and surmises that Bobby is gambling that he will have another monster year. Heres to hoping it happens.

~END~ Read More!

Let the Hittin' Begin

by: Michael Steffes

Things are going to start taking shape as of today. That is because the Seahawks will begin full contact practices. Now that the pads are on we can hope to start taking note of how the running backs are really doing. With that I suppose we can also better gauge the men upfront, on both sides of the ball.

I will being doing a better job summarizing the practices from here on out, and giving some commentary on what is going on. These first two days have been a glorified mini-camp. Today, football really starts.

Another position we will get a better read on is safety. CJ Wallace made the team last year based on his hitting. The question here is whether the young guys play well enough for the team to feel comfortable keeping Babs at corner. Clare Farnsworth seems to believe Babs is destined to be the nickel corner, with Wilson and Hobbs battling for the dime spot. I am not sure. I think the team would prefer Babs at safety at this point, but if either Adams, Wallace, or Johnson plays well, then all is up in the air again. Regardless, the teams secondary is one of its strength. Most teams are looking for defensive backs, the Seahawks are trying to find spots to play them all. ~END~ Read More!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Trusted Voice

by: Michael Steffes

No offense to the other guys who write on a daily basis about the Seahawks, and maybe it was just because he did his job so well, but when Mike Sando takes note of something, I trust it.

That is why his most recent report on his way out of Kirkland is so promising. He has put up a special post talking about the prognosis of the Seahawks line.

He says Solari and Deboard stood out as "difference makers". He also mentions a defensive player who has already noticed a difference. Oh boy... this is going to be a good year!

Also, Clare Farnsworth, another guy who knows his stuff has given his 2 cents on a lot of the hot button topics. Check it out. He has backed my idea of a short yardage tandem of Duckett and Schmitt, something I started touting two months ago. It sure would be fun to see. Anyway, two days of camp and no serious developments. The rooks are in and participating and optimism is high. Lets hope it continues. ~END~ Read More!

A bit of news from around the division...

by: Mike Parker

While it seems things are finally easing back into normalcy in Kirkland, the sheep dung appears to be nearing the fan in St. Louis.

Just days after losing defensive tackle Claude Wroten for the entire season to an drug suspension, the Rams' ace running back Stephen Jackson was a no-show at the first day of training camp.

Jackson is entering the final year of his contract and wants an extension - a more "long-term deal," according to what Rams owner Jay Zygmunt and coach Scott Linehan were discussing.

With Anquan Boldin refusing to play anymore for the Cardinals, a pair of known control freaks in a situation just waiting to explode on the coaching staff in San Francisco (Nolan and Martz), and now the Rams' latest debacle with Jackson, it seems like the Seahawks' opponents this year might be too busy reenacting episodes of "Days of Our Lives" than finding the time to actually play football.

This might be really fun to watch. Now that Carlson's signed and we can all rest easy up here in the Emerald City, I think I'll rather enjoy sitting back during the next few weeks and watching the carnage unfold with our disgruntled division rivals. Call it "digital rubbernecking" if you want. (I was going to call it "cyber-necking," but that just sounds disturbing.) -END- Read More!

Carlson has Signed

by: Michael Steffes

And just in the nick of time. Expect him to be on the field this morning. Adam Schefter is reporting that this is done. The deal is for $4.52 million with $2.5 guaranteed. Don't have a link except this yet. I am at school all day, so hopefully the other writers will update you further. ~END~ Read More!

Morning Links

by: Michael Steffes

Here are some of the stories to check out from the first day of training camp.

Danny O'Neil writes about how Nate and Bobby are all business.

Clare Farnsworth says the VMAC is one small step for Seattle, one Giant leap forward for birds of prey.

Dave Boiling checks in on Mike Holmgren to see if he is getting nostalgic yet.

The Everett Herald has posted a transcript from Lofa's media session yesterday that may interest some of you.

Also from the Herald, Scott Johnson has a great story about Matt and Bobby getting some work in, despite Bobby staying away from OTA's. Its a good story.

~END~ Read More!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lofa and Rocky Answer Questions

by: Michael Steffes

After what appeared to be a pretty nondescript afternoon practice, Lofa Tatupu and Rocky Bernard faced the media for the first time and answered questions about their offseason incidents. This has been written up nicely here by AP writer Gregg Bell.

Lofa continues to take the right approach, saying...

"I'm still the same guy.Not necessarily something you want to have associated with your name, as I've worked so hard to have my name in a good light. I'm going to do everything I can to earn the trust and respect back, to restore it."
Rocky handled things a bit differently...
"I'm just glad it's over with," Bernard said. "It's over and done with, so I'm just glad to put that past me and move forward, really."
As a Seahawks fan, I am also glad this is behind us. Hopefully this is the only offseason in which we have such a barrage of starters in trouble with the law. It is what it is, nobody is perfect. If they turn these unfortunate events into learning experiences...well that is all we can ask. ~END~ Read More!

Boone Stutz Resurfaces

by: Michael Steffes

I just thought all of you might be interested. I know you were pulling your hair out wondering if poor ole' Boone would land on his feet. He has.

He is one of two new coaches of the Brenham Cubs, a Texas High School team, that has NFL experience. The other was with the Giants last year. Here is my tip for the Cubs....

Go for two! Always! And don't punt! ~END~ Read More!

And We are Off...

by: Michael Steffes

Training camp has begun, John Carlson is the only one absent, Walt, Fudge, Tubby and Herring were limited. I am busy right now but here are some of the links to reports.

Sando's report

Clare's Report.

Dave Boiling.

More from me at the end of the day. Yeeeeeeeeee haw. Football season is finally here! ~END~ Read More!

What will push the Hawks into SB XLIII?

by: Chris Sullivan

An article over at SI actually, potentially, gets it right. Michael Lombardi addresses the main needs for every team, and he quietly backs up our deep-seeded belief that the Hawks are big time SB contenders.

His assertion is we need one of our dudes to step up and be a star at running back, and we can send Holmgren out with a Super swan song. What do you guys think? Read More!

Jackson Signed and on the Field

by: Michael Steffes

Danny O'Neil has it going on. Here is the link. I suspected this would be the case when we saw that Mike Green was released. Boy howdy...lets go get some quarterbacks! Well..not the ones in the red no contact jerseys, but you know what i mean! Paging Mr. Carlson...playing football is more fun that spending that extra 1/2 million you might get if Ruskell is in a good mood after a couple of practices. Lets go Hawks!

Clare Farnsworth has the details right here. Bryan Gilmore, a WR has also been signed. Kevin Brown has also been waived, making the roster size 81 right now I believe. Not quite sure how that works. Hopefully Carlson is on board soon.


2nd Update -- fixed the link to O'Neil's story. ~END~ Read More!

More Fantasy...

by: Michael Steffes

Ok, the Seahawk Addicts Experts league garnered more excitement than I could have ever expected. It is totally full. In fact there is interest in doing a second league, so if you got left out, don't frown. Hopefully SA #2 will be coming soon, as soon as I find a commissioner.

Also... I have started a Salary Cap league. This has unlimited registration. If you aren't familiar, the way it works is that you can pick any players you want, you just have to fit them under a salary cap. There is unlimited registration because players can be used by many people.

The Salary cap league is through TSN. Here is the link to sign up. After you create your team/profile, select "Join an existing league". Then it will allow you to search for the league. The league name is: Seahawk Addicts General. The password is: superbowl. I am looking forward to getting as many as we can in there. The best part is that if you do well, TSN hands out prizes. Wooo Hooooo! Read More!

Seahawks Release Mike Green

by: Michael Steffes

The Hawks have made a roster move, which may open the door for one of the two unsigned picks to be at camp today. They have released veteran safety Mike Green.

Also Will Herring is being placed on a non-football injury/sickness list, so we will have to wait and see what is up with Herring.

As for the safety position, my guess is that Jordan Babineaux is being penciled in as the teams back up, veteran safety. They will probably keep one of the young guys (Wallace, Adams or Johnson) as well. This will allow them to also take a long hard look at keeping Hobbs around as a backup corner. Babs and Green are interchangeable, with Babs being a bit younger. Green was scheduled to make 1.3 million this year, which is hefty pay for a backup. His status has been in jeopardy all offseason. ~END~ Read More!

LoJack and Carlson miss first day of camp

by: Chris Sullivan

The AP is reporting that both first round pick Lawrence Jackson and second round pick John Carlson will miss the first day of camp. It sounds like LoJack is about ready to sign, whereas Carlson is holding out for more money as he knows he is expected to be starting.

I think a lot of us expected no Carlson, but I for one thought that LoJack would be in camp today with an 11th hour signing.

Hat tip to Griffin for the article. END Read More!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tardinals "heart and soul" is seriously TO'd

by: Chris Sullivan

And when I say TO'd I mean both "ticked off" and "Terrell Owens'ed." The first report from Cardinals camp comes a day before practice has even started, and it can't be making any of the fans down in the desert happy. Anquan Boldin, the Cardinals' #2 reciever feels that the organization lied to him about his contract and has told his jackass agent Drew Rosenhaus to stop negotiations.

This might not end up amounting to much, but unless the Cardinals trade Boldin for Favre I'm pretty sure this is nothing but good news for us up in South Alaska. END Read More!

Bobby is in the House

by: Michael Steffes

Just as he promised, Bobby Engram is in Kirkland and will be on the field tomorrow morning. Just thought it was worth mentioning. Here is the link. ~END~ Read More!

Cason Signs... 27 and 29 are Done. 28 Next?

by: Michael Steffes

Just to keep you all up to date, PFT is reporting that Antione Cason signed. He was the 27th pick. That, coupled with Kentwan Balmer's (#29 pick) signing this morning means that Lo Jack's slot has been set. Jackson was of course chosen in-between those players. How long till he signs? Shouldn't be long....~END~ Read More!

All Things Hasselbeck

by: Michael Steffes

The best interview in the business spits out another beauty. He talks about Josh Brown and how he has upset his new in-laws. He talks about why he was better in 2005 than last year. And also, why he was not at all surprised when Jim Zorn became a head coach.

Oh yeah... Did I mention that he talks about the 2008 team as well, including some great insights into Julius Jones. Enjoy. ~END~ Read More!

Waiting Game....

by: Michael Steffes

Come on Lo Jack! Here is the pen.... everybody's doing it. While we all sit around and wait, hoping the top two picks will ink their deals today, I thought this might be a helpful distraction. Danny O'Neil, Seattle Times reporter and occasional Seahawk Addicts reader was inteveiwed on ESPN's First Take. It is essentially a training camp preview. He does a good job. Although I would have liked to hear more about the nasty defense we project to have, but I guess you can't answer what you aren't asked, right? Before you watch it, in your head note the story lines you expect ESPN to ask about. How many did you get right?

~END~ Read More!

Seahawk Addicts Experts League

by: Michael Steffes

Ok Folks... I have opened the can of worms. I have established a 16 team, Seahawk Addicts fantasy football league. Obviously, 16 people is not a lot, especially when you consider that Sullivan, Parker, and I will be three of the teams. However, anymore and you would see people like Justin Forsett getting drafted. I am looking to start a salary cap league that will have unlimited enrollment for all to play. That will be coming soon.

In the meantime... Here is the deal. If you want to play, great. Here is what I would prefer. That you are a regular commenter who leaves their email as part of their comments. I think that this will leave the spots for the long time Seahawk Addicts hard cores. I hope to do a weekly post about the status of the league...maybe. Now I am not trying to be exclusionary, I love you all. So if you have been a long time lurker/reader who doesn't comment, just email me and tell me your story and I will try to get you in. For those whose screennames I know (w/email) just leave a comment in this post.

The league will have two divisions, with the top three from each division making a three week playoff. The league is through fox. Once I have the players, I will send out the invitations. In the meantime...if anybody knows what salary cap league would work best for a large population, but still keep us separate from everyone in the world, please tell me. Hope you Fantasy Folks are ready, cause I don't like to lose!

By the way... my team has already been named. The Leavy Conspiracy...08 Champs!~END~ Read More!

PUP List

by: Michael Steffes

This is only the training camp list, so it does not yet mean they won't be able to play until week 6, but Branch, Tubbs, and possibly Will Herring are being placed on the list.

This is being reported by Clare Farnsworth. It just means these players failed their physicals and must pass one before they can practice with the team. Poor Tubbs. ~END~ Read More!

Johnny C Expects Deal to Get Done

by: Michael Steffes

Its D-Day. Kind of. The Seahawks top two picks, Lawrence Jackson and John Carlson need to sign (or agree to terms) today if they want to line up at tomorrow mornings first practice.

One of them, Carlson, expects the deal to be done on time. Here is an article from the West Central Tribune. Here is what Johnny says...

“We’re close to working out a deal,” said Carlson by telephone. “That’s all I’ll say about that. I think we’ll get it done soon.”
Also, as far as whether he expects to be the starting tight end, well he has the right attitude...
“I really don’t know what my role will be,” said Carlson, referring to reports that he team is counting on him to establish himself as the No. 1 tight end. “I’m just going to work hard, do what I’m asked and keep on learning. And then whatever happens, happens.”
It is starting to look like the holdup on first rounders signing is starting to subside as well. Several deals have gotten done this morning including Gosder Cherilus, Jerrod Mayo and Brandon Albert. Hopefully Jackson, whose slot is pretty close to set, will follow suit this afternoon.

If you want to track first rounders signing, here a good page from NFL.COM.

UPDATE... John Clayton is reporting Kentwan Balmer has signed with SF. This bodes very well for Jackson signing soon. Jackson was picked right before Balmer~END~ Read More!

Steve Kelley: Columnist, Blogger...Speechwriter?

by: Mike Parker

I really, really, really hope that every man on the Seahawks' roster and coaching staff has or had a moment this morning (training camp starts in just under an hour as I type this) to read Seattle Times columnist Steve Kelley's brilliant piece in today's paper. Holmgren should use it as a script when he addresses the players for the first time this season, and I'm now thoroughly convinced that Kelley should be Holmgren's personal speechwriter. Go see for yourself.

An excerpt:

"We are the antidote. Losing isn't an option. The city is counting on us. Only we can take away the ache of all the losses.

Forget about me and this being my last season. Our mission, gentlemen, is what it is. We have to save this city. It's up to every one of us."
I don't even have to explain that Seattle sports fans know all too well what that's all in reference to. And in case you don't have a quarter to buy a clue, Kelley thumps you over the head with it:
"I want you cornerbacks to crack every wide receiver who dares come across the middle. I want you to treat them the way David Stern treated Seattle."
The perfect way to get the ball rolling on this season is to go for the jugular - not just physically, but psychologically and mentally - and that's what Kelley has just done for this team and this city. Every hit we've taken here in Seattle this year, from the death of the Sonics to the cellar-dwelling Mariners, needs to be returned tenfold. We need to show the sports world that when you mess with Seattle, you wake the sleeping bear.

And after Seahawk opponents limp out of Qwest Field this year under the deafening roar of the 12th Man, they'll wish that bear had never been woken up. -END- Read More!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top 5 NFL players by position

by: Chris Sullivan

A USA Today poll is asking for people to vote for which players are the best in each position playing today and playing in the Super Bowl era. I'm pretty sure I'm the first Seahawk Addicts reader to find this, because the Seahawk players are dead last in all but one category (at least Walter gets respect). Go vote now and leave your gripes in the comments.

Another non-surprise from that poll, Julian Peterson is considered one of the top five LBs but not Lofa. I love JP, don't get me wrong, but I'd take Lofa over him any day of the week, and I think there are a lot of like-minded Hawks fans out there.


Also, side note: as a Seahawk fan, I just want to thank Michael (Steffes) for this blog again. Earlier today, Seahawk Addicts had its 1,000th post, and about 99% of those are from Mr. Steffes. Not bad for about 4-5 months! Thanks for the hard work, Michael, and thanks to the SA readers who send so many tips and so much feedback. ~END~ Read More!

Fisher Looking for Work

by: Michael Steffes

Former Seahawk, who had some pretty good years recently in the Northwest, Bryce Fisher was released today from the Tennessee Titans. Bryce was traded to the Titans after week one last year for a 6th round pick. The Hawks then shipped their 6th for Charlie Frye on the same day.

Fisher is a quality vet who didn't get much of chance to show his stuff in Tennessee. He was traded away after losing his starting job to Darryl Tapp and expressing displeasure. Despite all this, Fisher would be a good addition to a team in the NFL, especially one thin at DE, or with youngsters at the position. He is leader and a quality individual. I am sure we all wish him the best. I would say he could return to Seattle, but there is clearly no room for another defensive linemen on this team. ~END~ Read More!

Ram, Claude Wrotten gets 1 Year Suspension

by: Michael Steffes

And it starts already. The paper thin Rams just lost a player they were counting on for their defensive line rotation for the season. Claude Wrotten has been suspended for the year due to a substance abuse violation. This is according to Mike Florio at PFT. Adam Carriker better be ready to play tackle and hold up over a whole season or the Rams could be in trouble. They almost lost Fakhir Brown on a similar suspension, but luckily (for them) he won the appeal.

I am not a professional NFL talent evaluator or anything, but I am betting if the Rams could have do-overs, they might seriously consider Glenn Dorsey. I mean he was the beast (intentional Fruedian slip) player in the draft. ~END~ Read More!

Blah Blah Blah

by: Michael Steffes

Take a look at this folks. Good idea, poor execution. Michael Silver of Yahoo has posted his owner rankings. He puts Paul Allen at 13th!?!?!! Here is what he says....

It’s not necessarily fair, but I always measure Allen against his massive potential – and the Microsoft co-founder inevitably comes up short. Reclusive and not particularly consumed by league business, Allen should be joining Kraft, Jones and Snyder in pushing the NFL to uncharted heights. Instead, he dips into his vast fortune to give the Seahawks every chance to succeed, hiring savvy executives like CEO Tod Leiweke and general manager Tim Ruskell and largely staying out of their way. Usually, that’s a good thing, but I’m docking Allen points for allowing coach Mike Holmgren to serve out what amounts to a lame-duck season while designated successor Jim Mora works on his staff. It doesn’t take someone as brilliant as Allen to realize that such an arrangement could become highly problematic, especially if Seattle struggles in the early part of the ‘08 campaign. Still, for the most part, Allen is first rate.
Idiot! This stuff pisses me off more than most. It is one thing to completely discount our team, but to take this bias to our owner is really disappointing. He criticizes him for hiring smart executives and staying out of the way. Right...because Allen is football genius, just like Dan Snyder who ranks 3rd on the list and drives Redskins fans nuts with idiotic moves like hiring coordinators before coaches. Oh wait, and what else. Silver is docking Allen points for having a lame duck season and Mora on staff, because he already knows it will be a problem. How I wonder, it has never really been done before. And lets take a look at the #6 owner, Jim Irsay. Yup... no mention of the fact that the Colts have taken the exact same approach. Idiot!

In my opinion, Paul Allen does it right. He shows himself just enough, and he does serve on league committees. If that goes unrecognized by guys like Michael Silver, well than I have even more confidence he is the best thing to ever happen to this organization. ~END~ Read More!

New Photos of VMAC

by: Mike Parker

This might not be breaking news or anything, but there's a series of really nice shots of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center posted on the team's Website here.

The first meals are reportedly going to be served on Aug. 17, so we can obviously expect a team move-in date somewhere around there. (You honestly think Owen Schmitt and Red Bryant are gonna turn down free food? C'mon.)

And also, on a more personal note - the land of Microsoft has been sucking up my time over the past couple weeks, as I just got hired here as a writer/communication specialist. Getting up to speed on everything is currently whipping my ass for eight hours a day, so until I get more settled in, the Gonzo could be a bit more quiet than usual.

Fortunately, however, I should be officially settled in here at the Evil Empire right in time for the Hawks training camp, which means Michael, Chris and I will be bombarding you all with more updates on all things Seahawks than you could possibly ever want.

I don't know about you, but I was one of the ones who voted "yes" on the "Has this off-season seemed longer than usual?" poll. -END- Read More!

Hawks...From a Cowboys Perspective

by: Michael Steffes

One of the many blogs that I keep tabs on is the Dallas Morning News' Cowboys Blog. They have been going opponent by opponent giving a preview. This morning they got the Seahawks. To quote..."nothing says Thanksgiving more than a visit from Seattle." Not sure if they are being sarcastic or not, but the former writer of this blog Matt Mosley wasn't thrilled when the Hawks were announced as the turkey day opponent, despite this being the third time the Hawks will celebrate the November holiday in big D.

Anyway current writer Todd Archer appears to have gotten most of his info from Clare Farnsworth. He mentions Solari, Carlson, and seems to have some skepticism about Julius Jones and the supposed chip on his shoulder. Anyway to see what the Boys think about our chances, check out the post. ~END~ Read More!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Worried About Signings?

by: Michael Steffes

In many different places, some by email, some in comments, people have expressed concern about the top two picks remaining unsigned. I just thought it would be worth passing along a compilation of info from some of the Hawk writers today.

Danny O'Neil points out that only 7 of the first round picks have been signed. 4 of those are at the top of the draft, two are at the bottom. The two at the bottom lead me to believe that Lo Jack is close to signing. It is all about slotting, and there are picks closer to Jackson who have set the bar.

Clare Farnsworth talked to the team, and the agents, and neither are concerned about the top two guys missing any time. He mentions the ruling recently settled by the special master as holding things up. Both picks need to be signed before Fridays practice at 9:45am.

My take is that this is much ado about nothing, as I have expressed to many of you. Some teams like to play hardball with rookies, Seattle has never shown this. They are happy to pay what their slot determines. If I recall last year picks signed the day before camp. In 06', the last time the Hawks had a first rounder to deal with it was something similar. These guys want to be in camp because they want to play. The deals will get done. I wouldn't lose an minute of sleep over it. The only reason I will be losing sleep is because Le Tour is heading up Alpe D'Huez tomorrow. If you are down with that...coverage starts at 3:30am PDT. This is almost as exciting for me as the start of camp. I will be up, so if anything breaks I may be posting early!!!!~END~ Read More!

Matt Hasselbeck...Indispensible?

by: Michael Steffes

I would say so. The Hawks would have been a 4 to 6 win team without the Bald Bomber last year. ESPN's Jeffery Chadiha agrees. He has written an article of his top 10 most indispensable players. Along with the likes of Brady and Manning, Matthew checks in at #9. Give it a read and tell us what you think. ~END~ Read More!

JP Ranks High, Lofa Not So Much

by: Michael Steffes

With training camp starting on Friday and players starting to report today, this may be the last of the offseason rankings that we get a chance to discuss. The War Rooms Scouts, part of TSN, has ranked the linebackers. The linebackers are generally considered the Hawks strongest position, and this is partially represented in these rankings.

Julian Peterson is given very high marks, coming in at number 5. Looking at the rest of the rankings I would say that this is because the War Room has clearly put a premium on pass rushing. This is something the team has used Peterson to do a lot of in recent years, and it is reflected in his stats. However, this article ranks Lofa very far down the list at #18, behind a gaggle of MLB's including Urlacher, DeMeco Ryan, Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis. One of the things cited is his size. This is something Lofa never seems to be able to escape.

I was also surprised that Leroy Hill isn't mentioned, not even in the maybe next year category. Many people, including me, believe he is on the verge of gaining widespread recognition as one of the better linebackers in the NFL. Also, when you look at his pass rushing abilities, one would think he would get noticed here. Hopefully the team frees him up to rush the passer more this year. His sack in the Skins playoff game, in which he threw Mike Sellers into the QB to get the sack, was an all time classic play.

What are your thoughts on the way the War Room has laid out the linebackers?~END~ Read More!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Linehan Never Ceases to Amaze

by: Michael Steffes

I found this little snippet, and I am not sure how to react to it, so I thought I would pass it along and see what you all thought. This came from the St. Louis Post Dispatch...

Linehan spent much of his down time during the past month at the family log cabin in rural Washington, a mountainous area about 90 minutes east of Seattle. He went bike riding with his sons, got in some fishing and a little golf.

He bought a pickup truck in St. Louis and drove to Washington. He didn't want to rent a vehicle in Seattle, because part of the rental fee helps pay for the Seahawks' home stadium — Qwest Field. The last thing he wanted to do was help subsidize a division rival.
First off, I must say that I am impressed Linehan would take the rivalry to this length. However, this pretty much fits in with the reasoning we have seen good ole' Scotty use in the past. Did he think that the stadium was going to suddenly disappear if rental car use dropped? I am pretty sure that he is not really subsidizing the team at this point. Maybe it could be considered paying back the residents, you know, the ones who will scream louder if they are pissed. Isn't Linehan a Seattle guy anyway? Whatever, maybe he just needed a long soothing drive to think about whether or not he can stomach another 3 win season, followed by his eventual canning. At least he will have Josh Brown to console him. ~END~ Read More!

Dan Curran Gets Cut

by: Michael Steffes

It would appear that Dan Curran was the latest unfortunate soul to be handed a pink slip as the draft picks signed. This according to an NFL Transactions report. This brings the roster to 82, awaiting the signings of Lo Jack and John Carlson.

With this change, I have done some housekeeping around the blog. I have updated the roster on the right which can be downloaded or viewed. I also have gotten caught up on the Seahawks Salary Spreadsheet, adding in rookie contracts. If you are still following that sort of thing.

Coming soon.... updates to the depth chart. Ummmmmm football season. ~END~ Read More!

Nice Catch

by: Michael Steffes

Have you seen the new Reebok commercial? It is celebrating the start of training camp. The ad is called "Join the Migration". Mr. Matt Hasselbeck has a spot in it. However, I must say it does nothing to dispel the idea that Seattle is in South Alaska. It shows Matt standing on a rainy dock holding up a prize catch, and then striping his fishing/rain gear to reveal his training camp garb.

And as always... if you want to get a tee like Matt's, click on the Seattle Teams Store banner above and support the site, as well as a locally owned, Seahawks fans business.

Read More!

Branch Expected Week 1

by: Michael Steffes

Dan Pompei, on ESPN's First Take this morning reported that Deion Branch is expected to be ready week 1. He claimed to have spoken with Tim Ruskell who told him the team was originally expecting Branch between weeks 4 and 8, however his rehab has gone extremely well. The team now expects him to begin practice late in training camp.

If this is true, the question about wide receivers seems to becoming less of an issue by the day. I am sure many of you will advocate a wait and see approach on Branch. I agree. Still, news like this is promising. ~END~ Read More!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Training Camp Preview

by: Michael Steffes

Seattle Times writer and friend of the blog Danny O'Niel has written a through pre camp preview. To date is one of the better articles which sums up the next 6 weeks. If you, like me, are on a never ending quest for Seahawk knowledge, then you know all this stuff. But, if you are like me, then you don't care. You will read it anyway.

The one thing that I am going to hold judgment on is Big Walt. Call me an idealist, but I believe that Walt is going to have a career revival under Mike Solari. I think his shoulder will be better and he will be ready to kick some butt. There hasn't been any offseason hype about how he is healthy and raring to go, it is just a gut feeling. Having the best tackle in the league and talking about career revival are kind of contradiction; much like Danny saying he is not a mortal, but not as dominant. However, if you remember Walt in the early to mid 00's you understand completely. Did he even allow a sack in the three years he was the franchise player?

Also... I love the fact that the screen pass will be back. We should be the best screen team in the league. With athletic linemen and quick/small pass catching backs, all we have to worry about is that play replacing the 3 and 10 fullback draw. Call it when no one expects it Coach! ~END~ Read More!

The Jim Zorn era starts with a bang...

by: Chris Sullivan

A little NFL news today, featuring our old Seahawks Star Mr. Jim Zorn's new team. The Redskins Insider blog is reporting that starting DE Philip Daniels is out for the season with a bum knee. He was injured on the first play of the first drill of training camp. In the second camp of the day, they lost one of their backup DEs. This doesn't bode well for the 'skins defense, but I guess you could look at the bright side (for Zorn) -- maybe they have a mean beast of a man on their O-Line. ~END~ Read More!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

TSN Thinks Highly of Hawks New Guard

by: Michael Steffes

Following along with the second round of TSN rankings, this time from the more capable War Rooms scouts, it looks like the Hawks may have gotten a nice deal this offseason.

He was the Hawks' first signing, and it already seems like he's been here for years. But our own Mike Wahle ranks as one of the top guards in the league; Number six to be exact. The good news is that we will get to seem him take the field and show his stuff in a couple of weeks. At that point we can judge for ourselves. Till then, #6 looks pretty good.

Now consider this....four of the players ahead of Wahle on that list (Brian Waters excluded) average 6 million or more annually. The Seahawks even offered that type of money to Kris Deilman who spurned the Hawks last year, and here ranks 8th. Patience paid off and Ruskell jumped on the opportunity to acquire Wahle and then signed him to a cap friendly deal averaging a mere 4 mil per, with the backend money driving up that average. Ahhhh, the benefits of being a well run, winning organization. And hopefully one capable of opening a running lane again. ~END~ Read More!

No Room for Josh Wilson?

by: Michael Steffes

I found this a bit a interesting. PFW has posted a new blurb about the Hawks. It references Mike Holmgren's comments that the right corner position is going to be an open competition and suggests that while Kevin Hobbs won't beat out Jennings, he will take Wilson's spot as the dime corner. I assume they are penciling in Jordan Babineaux as the nickel.

It would be easy to go back and say that the Josh Wilson pick was a mistake, especially if this comes to fruition, but there are two things that suggest otherwise. First... no one was expecting Kevin Hobbs to come on like this. If he continues to play well, it will be like putting on old jeans and finding a $20 in the pocket. Most of the time, good corners are taken high not signed off the street.

Also, in going back, it is ridiculous how top heavy the 07' draft appears at this point. The best player taken after Josh Wilson is Brandon Mebane. Few stars have yet to emerge from that class, so it is hard to point a finger and say there was a better move. I suppose the Hawks could have taken a WR, but they seemed to do ok at that position later on.

Having too many good corners is a luxury. Hopefully, even if he loses his Dime role, Wilson will contribute on special teams. When you have a guy who runs 4.3, the team can usually find something for him to do. ~END~ Read More!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Down to the Final Two

by: Michael Steffes

The Seahawks made the official announcement on Owen Schmitt's contract, and announced they agreed to terms with Red Bryant.

There has been no corresponding transactions (release of player) as of yet. Bryant has four years worth of minimum escalating salaries and was given 441K to sign. That buys a lot of cornbread big Red.

The Seahawks have only Lo Jack and Johnny C left to sign. Those deals will likely be announced once we start to hear of players in the general vicinity of where they were taken signed; definitely before next Friday when the first practice is. ~END~ Read More!

Tight End Watch

by: Michael Steffes

It is that time of the year folks. One week till camp. Whoooo hooooo!

Anyway, to pass the time, our old friend Clark Judge is breaking down training camp battles. Here is his version of the NFC West.

For the Hawks, he is looking at the tight end competition. Judge gives the edge to Carlson saying...

Heller and Putzier have the advantage in experience, with Heller having the inside track on everyone with six starts last season. And you can't forget this: In his 16 years as head coach, Mike Holmgren has never started a rookie tight end. But that streak could end with the emergence of Carlson, who fought through a sore hamstring in minicamp yet who is someone most observers consider the favorite at the position.
Nothing we haven't heard before, right? What I find interesting is some of his takes on the other battles in the NFC West. He gives the Cards QB job to Warner. That would essentially make the Cards one year contenders as Lienart would probably lose his desire to lead the Cards in an extended run of success. Time to draft another youngster. Not to mention what would happen if Warner gets hurt, starts fumbling again, or his wife starts calling sports radio stations.

Also, it looks like a thrilling battle going on in St. Louis. Does it really matter which of these second rate linemen end up as the starting center? You know what they say... when you have two centers, then you have a completely crappy o-line that will crumble again and get the QB killed two years running. Or something like that, I think. ~END~ Read More!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Defensive Back Ratings

by: Mike Parker

While we're on the subject of discounting the credibility of ESPN, I thought I'd add more fuel to the fire and see what everyone thinks.

The experts at ESPN - which I think should actually stand for Excessive Seahawk Pigeonholing Network - have ranked the Seahawks at No. 6 in defensive backs for 2008.

That might seem like a pretty damn good number, but considering the "experts" at the network are riding the Cowboys' jockstraps raw, it's no surprise they turned up at No. 1 overall. They're followed by the Raiders at No. 2.

Yes, those Raiders.

"The Raiders have the best duo of starting cornerbacks in the league with Nnamdi Asomugha and DeAngelo Hall."

When I read that sentence, I actually put down my beer and stared slack-jawed at my screen for a second as if the chick from the end of "The Ring" started crawling out of it dressed in a Tony Romo jersey.

Hall and Asomugha are decent enough to be effective in the Raiders' deep field, but putting them above names like Trufant, Jammer, Sanders and Samuel makes the writer look like a raving dunce.

And I know training camp hasn't even started yet, but it really seems as though ESPN has been smoking more crack than usual during this off-season. Or maybe they made friends with Travis Henry. Either one, really. -END- Read More!

Special Teams Units

by: Michael Steffes

I have mostly stayed away from this series of articles because I strongly discount the source, but as part of the ESPN Scouts Inc rankings, the Seahawks have been given the 8th best special teams units.

This seems to be securely on the back of Nate as a returner, and the article states...

Nate Burleson is one of the most explosive return men in the league, with the instincts to let his blockers set up, then the ability to burst through the seam and pick up a big gain. Burleson handles the punt and kick return duties and is dangerous on both. Losing consistent kicker Josh Brown in the offseason and replacing him with struggling veteran Olindo Mare will likely hinder the kicking phase, and punter Ryan Plackemeier is inconsistent with his hang time and distance. The coverage units have been solid in keeping opposing returners in check.
This is a fair assessment. I think that in the end the team will be forced to leave Nate as a returner. This team has searched for a dynamic return game since I have been following them, and now that they have one it would be a mistake to let it go to waste. As for the kicking, Mare/Coutu defintely have different strengths than Josh Brown did, but if the Pats can survive the loss of Adam Viniteri, I think the drop off will be manageable. The changes in the coverage teams will be the story to watch, but hopefully having strong legged kickoffs will neutralize that change. I think the goal for special teams should be solid, not spectacular, with some Nate magic sprinkled in. ~END~ Read More!

Assessing the Receivers

by: Michael Steffes

You may have seen Billt reference this in the previous thread. Hugh Millen has been evaluating the Hawks position by position.

Recently he did the WRs, and this produced some interesting research.

Millen looked at WRs who produced 1000 yards in their 12th season, which Bobby Engram did last year, and how they faired in the following two years. Mostly, they faired very well.

He used the examples of Tim Brown, Irving Fryar, Henry Ellard, Jimmy Smith, Joey Galloway, and Keenan McCardell. All but McCardell continued to have productive seasons for a couple seasons following their 1000 yard performance in their 12th year. This is very promising for Bobby keeping up his high level of play.

However, I do feel compelled to comment on one thing ignored by Millen. All of these players were perennial 1000 yard guys. Tim Brown had 6 1000 yard seasons to his credit, Fryar had 3 at that point, Ellard 5, Jimmy Smith 8, Galloway 5, and McCardell also had already had 5 1000 yard seasons by that point. Last year was Bobby's first. He set career highs in all the major categories. Hopefully, this is the real Bobby, post thyroid condition. But, if you believe in the idea that a players numbers generally look the same year to year, and can be projected, well then Bobby's season doesn't quite fit with these other examples. It appears though, Bobby will have all the motivation he needs to make sure it happens again. ~END~ Read More!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seahawks Scrimmage

by: Michael Steffes

There has been some interest about this so I thought I would forward it along.

The Hawks Scrimmage is scheduled for Aug 2nd, at 11am.

Tickets are:

$12 Adult
$5 Youth (5-17)
Kids under 5 free (as long as they can scream loud...just kidding)

Proceeds benefit the King County "Play it Smart" Programs.

Here is the link to get tickets

And there you go. All this was from an email I received from the team due to my status as a valued season ticket holder. ~END~ Read More!

NFC West Rumor

By: Chris Sullivan

So, there may not be much to this, but I was listening to ESPN Radio this morning (streaming to my phone from Baltimore). As it was located in Baltimore, they were, not surprisingly, talking about Terrell Suggs who was not signed to an extension. One of the issues they were raising was a possible trade to the Cardinals for one of their WRs (I can't remember now if it was Boldin or Fitzgerald).

Question for you -- How would that change the NFC West picture? I know it wouldn't be much, but that would seemingly represent a shift for the Cards to a more defensively focused team (wait, are they a focused team at all currently?).

Second question -- What would be the best and/or worst hypothetical trades within the NFC West? Hass for Alex Smith? Lance Laury for Patrick Willis? Kind of a stupid question, but have fun with it. There's not a lot of news out there today, but hey, 9 days til training camp!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Boys Ink ex-Hawk Hamlin to 6-year, $39M Deal

by: Mike Parker

Hawks ex-safety Ken Hamlin agreed to terms with Dallas today, reportedly signing a deal worth $39 million over the next six years.

Maybe he had a Pro Bowl-worthy season in '07, but I think we can chalk this up to another hasty signing by Jerry Jones. Hamlin all but disappeared in his last year with the Seahawks two seasons ago, and was a member of a secondary that later got all but rebuilt with the signing of Deon Grant and Brian Russell.

Hamlin is a decent player, but definitely not a Seahawk. He's more along the lines of what Ruskell wanted to get rid of, and I think that was mainly due to off-the-field and attitude-related issues. Granted, he isn't a Jerramy Stevens-level Assclown, so I think the 'Boys got a better deal than, say, the Bucs did. (Yes, I went there.) -END- Read More!

Top Hawks Not in the Hall

by: Michael Steffes

I often find articles on a site called Bleacher Report. They pop up in my never ending quest for Seahawks news. Anyone can write for this site, and usually the articles reflect it. However, there are two written today that are well thought out and worthy of some discussion.

Tom Jackson has listed the top 5 Seahawks who are not in the Hall of Fame. He is dead on in his analysis. I think all of these players should be in, except Dave Krieg. However the case can be made for him and I understand where that line of thought comes from.

Also, Jackson has written the top 5 reasons the Hawks can win the Superbowl. He makes some points that seem to be made here over and over. Can't argue with any of his reasoning on this one. Thanks to Phillip for sending this link to me as well.

Anyway, I am dealing with some heavy non Seahawks stuff today, I have a sick dog and I am having some problems with insurance companies that needs my attention. Some idiot totaled my car, there are two witnesses who both gave accounts that he was in the wrong, and I still can't the other guys company to admit fault. I have to go take pictures and stuff. Hopefully, this will keep the chatter buzzing. ~END~ Read More!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Owen Schmitt Signs

by: Michael Steffes

The Seahawks have apparently reached contract agreement with fourth round pick Owen Schmitt. According to PFT, it is a four year deal with the minimum base salaries. Schmitt received 158K to sign.

This leaves Lawrence Jackson, John Carlson, and Red Bryant left to sign. ~END~ Read More!

Bo Vs Boz.... Tonight

by: Michael Steffes

It almost has the appeal of Canseco v Sikahema, doesn't it. Just kidding. This is much better, in a sadistic sort of way. Although, it would be cool if we could get these two into the ring against each other.

Regardless. Set your tivo. Tune your set. Get your Raider Hater gear on. NFLN 5:00 PDT (just for you DJ Meatwad). ~END~

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The Sporting News Gets it Right.... Amazing

by: Michael Steffes

We have chronicled the NFC position by position rankings of the Sporting News on this site. Too often it seemed as if there was a massive man crush on the entire roster of the Dallas Cowboys. However, there seems to be some defectors.

The scouting wing of TSN, also called the War Room, has released quarterback rankings. This is overall top to bottom regardless of conference. In fact, this is as close to getting it right as us Seahawks fans can reasonably expect.

Matt Hasselbeck ranks 6th. He is behind Ben Rothlisberger, which can be debated, especially if you believe a QB's primary function is in the passing game. However, he ranks ahead of Romo, Favre, McNabb, and Garrad. These are all QBs that the pundits love, but simply aren't were Hass is right now. Brees is fourth, but many agree here that he is a talented QB, even though I think most of us would prefer Hass.

Hasselbeck a top 4 or 5 QB. Incredible. We had to wait for it, but it is worth it. It has been a pleasure to watch him come this far. Hard work pays off kiddies. ~END~ Read More!

Bobby Not Bitter; Promises to Report

by: Michael Steffes

"I'll be ready to go," he said. "I'm going to be me. I'm going to be ready to work hard, because I don't hold any bitterness. I'm not going to be upset about something that didn't happen. Everybody has to handle his business individually, but I realize nobody is bigger than the team."
This quote comes from Steve Kelley at the Seattle Times. Kelley was granted the first extensive interview with Bobby since he missed the optional workouts over the summer. Here is the article.

Kelley goes on to generalize the Seahawks business dealings with veterans. He compares Bobby to Robbie Tobeck and Mack Strong. Two players who at the end of their careers were given reasonable deals because their was little interest in their services.

I understand what Kelley is saying. It would be nice if the Hawks could pay everybody exactly what they are worth to the team, but that just isn't feasible. There is a hard salary cap. Because of this, the team has to allocate funds based on market value. They accept that sometimes market value dictates that you overpay, and sometimes it dictates a player is possibly underpaid. Regardless the goal is to build the best group of 53 possible. If that means that older guys, who by the way are higher risks for injury an ineffectiveness, get less than maybe they should, well that is just the way it has to be. Its the NFL. ~END~ Read More!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting to Know the Fourth QB

by: Michael Steffes

Here is a fairly extensive article on the life and time of Dalton Bell, who appears fourth right now on the Seahawks QB depth chart. Bell is a West Texas A+M product. He was claimed off of waivers from Green Bay this offseason.

Bell says he feels confident in competing with Charlie Frye. This could be an indictment of Frye's play, or a young QB's needed confidence. Unfortunately for Bell, he probably won't get much of a chance to show his worth. The team will want to take a good, hard look at Frye this preseason to see what they have. Frye is also going to be a free agent after 08', so the team needs info to use in making a decision. Barring a QB injury, or an unbelievable training camp performance, Bell is likely to be released again. In other words, get to know him while you can. ~END~ Read More!