Friday, May 8, 2009

Reading Wrap-Up

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey guys, it's a bit of a busy morning for me and important golf is occupying Steffes' time. I thought I'd point out a few bits of interesting reading material for you, in lieu of getting a real post up:

Danny O'Neil reports the Hawks signed no tryout players.

Eric Williams has a nice video of Hasselbeck and an overall interesting read on a lot of the guys including Nate Burleson, Colin Cole and you. Okay, not you.

Housh has been dominant in red zone drills thus far and does seem to be clicking with Matty H. Hat tip to realspd for bringing this to our attention.

Jeff Richards over at Next Season Sports has a nice write-up on Mike Teel, the Hawks' 6th round draft pick. Not the most optimistic write-up, but nice nonetheless.

Greg Johns from spoke with the Seahawks' running back tandem. They've got a lot to prove, but hey, at least they know it.