Saturday, May 2, 2009

Intensity to Go Around

by: Michael Steffes

I am not one to put to much stock into what is happening on the field this weekend -- in the overall picture, these mini camp practices mean very little. There are few things I take note of, like who is running with the first teamers, although even that is clouded by the injury situation.

One thing is apparent, though: the new coaching staff are pushing these guys pretty hard. The intensity appears to have been ratcheted up a notch from mini camps in recent years. How could it not? Have you seen the new head coach? He is the NFL's version of the Energizer Bunny.

Yesterday there were reports of people getting tossed around in pass rush drills. Today, we have offensive and defensive linemen fighting. Helmets are flying, and it is only May.

Like I said, all of these means very little. What is exciting though, is that football is being played. With the ever so long and boring months of mid summer coming, let's enjoy it while it lasts. END