Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kirtman Lands on his Feet

by: Michael Steffes

In case some of you were wondering.... David Kirtman ended up on a practice squad after all.

The San Diego Chargers signed Kirtman to theirs. This according to Mike Sando. It figures, because that was probably as good a game as he has played in his two years with the Seahawks. ~END~ Read More!

Rosters Updated!

by: Michael Steffes

Mike Sando calls his rosters "roided-out" rosters. Well, that makes mine more like rosters on Xanax or something to that effect. Which is to say that they are sedated, and they often get blacked out and go a while with out being updated. Anyhow, I digress...

With the big cut down and the practice squad announced, they have seen a nice update today. You can download and excel file, or just view it via Google docs, all by using the links in the right hand side bar. Just thought I would let you know they are up to date again. I will now feel free to black them out again until after week 1. Thanks. ~END~ Read More!

Practice Squad Announced

by: Michael Steffes

Here is the list according to The Hawks have saved an extra space to fill at a later date (*cough* after week 1 *cough*).

S Jamar Adams
DT Kevin Brown
WR Michael Bumpus
CB Marquis Floyd
G Pat Murray
TE Joe Newton
T Kyle Williams
T Samuel Gutekunst

END Read More!

Adams and Bumpus Safe

by: Michael Steffes

Mike Sando has noted at his NFC West Blog, that neither Adams nor Bumpus were claimed. They were the two Hawks that the team had to be most concerned with losing. No word on who they have else they have signed to the practice squad though. Both Bumpus and Adams make it a good start. ~END~ Read More!

Oh, Those Silly Niners

by: Michael Steffes

God I love watching the Niners burn themselves from the inside out. Fresh of the waiver wire news, comes this transaction. The Niners have released Dontarrious Thomas to sign the troubled former Bengal Ahmad Brooks.

The Niners gave Thomas guaranteed money in free agency this year, and also recently signed Takeo Spikes. The must not have found the right fit yet, because now they are turning to Brooks.

Brooks was drafted by the Bengals in the supplemental draft, which he was eligible for after a drug arrest, constant problems with Coach Al Groh, and finally being suspended for his senior year. He has been an average pro since entering the league and Bengal sources have characterized him as a less than desirable personality in the locker room. In other words... the Niners were stoked to grab him.

Thomas is a versatile linebacker who can play any positions. If he is willing to play special teams, he could be of interest to the Seahawks. ~END~ Read More!

Babin, Atkins, Forsett...

by: Chris Sullivan

I think most people were pleased yesterday to see that we somehow managed to keep Justin Forsett (Young Nastyman / J-Force One) on the squad. Then, a lot of us were happy to see no Babin or Atkins on the cut list... and then... no Coutu or Mare... whats going on here guys? Well, the timely suspensions of Bernard and Babs bought us some time on these five players, but between the five of them there are exactly three spots that will be occupied. We know that one of the kickers will get one of those spots, so there are two spots left.

It seems like an obvious assumption that Babin and Atkins are going to be fighting for the flex spot there, and Forsett is sittin' pretty returning punts and getting a few touches. However, it is unlikely that the team will choosee to keep all the running backs active for a given game, meaning until someone gets injured (knock on wood) it is possible either Forsett or Duckett will be inactive. After seeing what Duckett can do when he tries, and seeing as he is the biggest back and arguably the hardest runner, it seems unlikely that Duckett is inactive for the bulk of the games. Babin and Atkins have both played very well in the offseason, and both Babin and Atkins play on special teams too. Atkins may also prove a viable backup to an aging Kerney who, as we saw last year, could be getting tired by the end of the year.

Given all that, I think it is very likely that the Hawks keep Forsett through week one cut him and resign him to the Practice Squad. This adds a level of security in that it is likely going to be easier to slip him onto the PS without all the teams scoping out their third RB from the waivers. It is obvious that we like Young Nastyman, but at the same time, it seems unlikely for him to make much of an impact this year, especially if he is not returning kicks. END POST Read More!

Seahawks to bring in Punter for Tryout?

by: Michael Steffes

The Redskins cut last years punter, Derrick Frost, yesterday in favor of a rookie. Frost wasn't too pleased, essentially claiming that Vinny Ceratto was keeping the draft picks to bolster his own resume, especially after the Skins have been disappointed with several rookies this year. Why does this matter?

Well, Frost told the Washington Post that he has a tryout with the Seahawks scheduled for Tuesday. Maybe this is nothing, but regardless it is worth mentioning.

Frost was the one punter who was statistically worse than Plackemeier in almost every category last year. Also, the team just sent Reggie Hodges packing, who had kicked well in the preseason. That seems to suggest that Plackemeier is healthy and ready to go.

This could just be the Seahawks keeping up with players that are available, in case something should come up. Maybe we will hear more about what is going on when the team gets back together to get ready for Buffalo next week. ~END~ Read More!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Things to Think About

by: Michael Steffes

Now that I have had a minute to digest my dinner, and the roster cuts, there are a few things that have popped into my head that are worth sharing with you.

First, Olindo Mare is the kicker. Why do I say this? Because Mare is a veteran. The moment that he suits up week 1, his entire 1.75 million dollar salary is guaranteed. Now, if he has a meltdown, the team will probably be willing to move on. But in the meantime, they will let kicker needy teams snatch up other rookies like Conner Darth and Taylor Mehlhaff tomorrow, and slip Coutu onto the PS with little problem next Tuesday. I would expect that they will pay him his full wage in an effort to keep him there until they need him.

Second, Branch is on the active roster. Good! Its no secret that I was in favor of PUPing him, but as I said all along, I don't have access to the medical reports. I was just going on generalities about ACL injuries. If he comes back soon, even if it is for 15-20 snaps, it will be better than than going with another young guy for 7 weeks. I expect we won't see Branch until after the bye, but hey, who knows? He has a chance to be a difference maker in the second half.

Third, every week, when the team has to declare its 8 inactive players, there are going to be some good players on that list. This is a deep team at every position. If, and this is a big if, they can weather the storm before the bye, and then get the veteran WRs back, this team will be in great shape. Buffalo is going to be a stern test, even more so without Rocky, but as Deon Grant said last night, this team gets to learn to be a road team before they are a home team this year. I think that is a good thing. How can they not be amped up for week 1, right? ~END~ Read More!

Post-cuts Live Chat!!!

by: Chris Sullivan

Thanks to those who made it to the chat. END Read More!

Suspended Players and PUP

by: Michael Steffes

The two suspended players DO NOT count against the roster at this time. They will have to have room made for them to be activated after serving their one game suspensions. Hope this clears up some of the confusion. That essentially allows the team to make its final two cuts after the Buffalo game, assuming there are no more injuries.

Branch has obviously been made active. He is no longer eligible for PUP. The team will certainly keep their fingers crossed he is back before week 7. ~END~ Read More!

Look at the Roster

by: Michael Steffes

By taking a quick look at the list, it appears that the Hawks kept both Kickers.

Also, they kept both Babin and Atkins.

CJ Wallace won out over Jamar Adams.

All six running backs made it as expected.

It is possible that they will tweak this after week one, especially now that the suspensions have been handed out. They may have kept Atkins just for that reason. It gives them another body inside for week one.

Right now the team has six wide outs, two of which are hurt. By my quick count, they are one over the limit, so Branch's status may still be announced. More to come as we figure it all out. ~END~ Read More!

Rocky and Babs to Miss Opener [UPDATED]

by: Michael Steffes

Both have been suspended one game by the league. Rocky's suspension is under the leagues personal conduct policy, and Babs is under the substance abuse program. More on this to follow.

UPDATE: Because of these suspensions, we save two roster spots... yay substance abuse. The Babin/Atkins and Mare/Coutu cuts will be decided after Marshawn Lynch is decimated by Mebane and Bryant... ~END~ Read More!

Roster Moves

by: Michael Steffes

Forsett made it. Obamanu is on IR.... Thank you Mike Sando. ~END~

Here is the list... via Clare

Placed on Injured Reserve
WR Ben Obomanu
DT Chris Cooper

Terminated Veteran Contacts:
WR Bryan Gilmore
DT Larry Tripplett

DB Jamar Adams
QB Dalton Bell
DT Kevin Brown
WR Michael Bumpus
C Ben Claxton
DB Marquis Floyd
P Reggie Hodges
DB Kelin Johnson
C Nick Jones
FB David Kirtman
G Pat Murray
TE Joe Newton
LB Dallas Sartz
WR Trent Shelton
DE Nu'u Tafisi
T Kyle Williams Read More!

This Just In....

by: Michael Steffes

What the F@#$# is going on? This is so disrespectful to fans who have nothing better to do than sit on our computers and wait for the cuts? Hopefully we will have somethng soon.~END Read More!

Questions to be Answered?

by: Michael Steffes

Here are the big questions that will be answered by 3 pm today....hopefully.

1) To PUP or not to PUP. Coach says Deion Branch "might" start practicing next week. They thought he "might" start practicing two weeks after straining his foot last year too. He ended up missing 4 games (5 weeks with the bye). The fact is that Branch hasn't really proved to be a quick healer. Even if the team only plans to use him for a small complement of snaps, it is not a certain he will be playing anytime soon.

2) Who will return punts and kickoffs? If the team is really going to cut Forsett for the sake of another WR, then somebody has to return kicks. Josh Wilson is one, but can he return punts? If he can we haven't seen it. Also, Nasty Nate is still on this team, but does the staff have the faith to use him? An injury to Nate would be devastating, but he has become one of the better returners in the league. Dark horse candidate is Seneca Wallace, but that takes serious faith. The options are not good right now. Maybe Ruskell will swing a trade for Kirtman or Atkins?

3) Who is the kicker? Do kick offs win out over draft status and youth? They should, but this team hasn't shown a deep dedication to having the best kicking game possible, so I am not counting out either choice.

4) Wallace or Adams? This has actually become the least of my concerns as far as decisions go. Either will do fine in a limited role. My guess is still Wallace. I don't believe that Adams would be claimed. He hasn't stood out in any of the last three games, and teams have already passed on him before. ~END~ Read More!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Roster Projection and Practice Squad

by: Michael Steffes

To See the Seahawk Addicts Roster Predictions....

QBs~ Hasselbeck, Wallace, Frye (3)

RBs~Jones, Morris, Duckett, Forsett (4)

FBs~Weaver, Schmitt (2)

TEs~Carlson, Putzier, Heller (3)

WRs~Burleson, Engram, Taylor, Kent, Payne, (5)

OL~Jones, Wahle, Spencer, Sims, Locklear, Womack, Vallos, Wrotto, Willis (9)


DT~ Bernard, Mebane, Terrill, Green, Bryant (5)

DE~Kerney, Tapp, Jackson, Babin, Atkins (5)

LB~ Tatupu, Peterson, Hill, Laury, Lewis, Hawthorne (6)

CBs~ Trufant, Jennings, Wilson, Hobbs (4)

S~ Grant, Russell, Babineaux, Wallace (4)


K ~ Mare

P ~ Plackemeier

LS ~ Robinson

TOTAL (53)

PUP LIST > Herring, Branch

IR > Obamanu, Schmitt, Robinson, Dizer, Mallard


S > Adams

TE > Newton

T > Williams

G > Murray

K > Coutu

LB > Sartz

DL > Brown

WR > Bumpus

T > Gutekunst

Read More!

Ben Obamanu Has Broken Clavicle

by: Michael Steffes

According to Mike Holmgren in the post game presser, Ben Obamanu has a broken clavicle. The return time on an injury like this is usually about 6-8 weeks. With the current situation at WR, Obamanu is almost certain to be placed on IR.

Here is the good news, we get to keep him for another year. The bad news is that an already short handed crew loses another member. It will be interesting to see if they PUP Branch, and now keep Bumpus as well. Somebody has to catch passes right.

This also just furthers my belief that the Seahawks will be a fairly conservative, power running team for the first few weeks at least. Another receiver, jeeez, what else can be said. Very disappointing. ~END~ Read More!

Seattle Wins....Seattle Wins

by: Michael Steffes\

In an excruciatingly vanilla preseason game, the Seahawks prevailed 23-16. Not too much to say about this game. My guess is that the organization knew who was going to make this team before tonight, but you never know.

Here are the highlights.....

Forsett looked fairly ordinary again. I still think he will make the team. However, he muffed a punt, which is one of the things he needs to excel at.

Payne didn't stand out as a receiver, but he was in on a bunch of special teams tackles again. That helps his cause.

Obomanu showed up, made a nice catch, and then got hurt. We will have to wait and see.

Both Babin and Atkins had good games. Babin had another sack. Atkins was solid all night.

Bryant played a lot, and played well. That guy is a freakin' load inside. Can't wait till he gets back to full strength.

Spencer, Sims, and Willis started on the line, and opened gaping holes. This included demolishing the right side of the Raiders defense on TJ Duckett's twenty-something yard TD run.

As far as the kickers go, it looks like Mare is the winner to me. The kickoffs are the difference. Hopefully Coutu isn't claimed off waivers. ~END~ Read More!

Live Chat - Seahawks vs. Raiders

by: Chris Sullivan

How will Red play in the green and blue? Can Forsett force it through the Raiders' offensive line? Have we all been blabbin' about Babin or will Atkins... die..t...........

Well, I almost got there. Anyway, watch all the hot, happenin', jive action go on LIVE from Qwest Field in the Seahawk Addicts Live Chat. Last week we had upwards of 55 people in the room, but this week it will likely be subdued due to the fact that many of us will be at the game (Thanks Steffes!).

Remember, the live chat is an excellent way to figure out how to watch or listen to the game online if you don't have local access. Good luck, and GO SEAHAWKS!!! Read More!

Chad Johnson will never be a Seahawk

by: Chris Sullivan

Despite what Steffes' April Fools joke may have tricked you into believing... even if we traded for a disgruntled showboating WR from Cincinatti, it would not be Chad Johnson, no way, no how. Why not?

Because the assclown legally changed his name to Chad OchoCinco. This has been joked about, even rumored, for a few weeks now, but Mr. Masking-tape-on-Hall-of-Fame-Jacket has taken it to a new level, and appears to be doing everything in his power to make sure the Hall of Fame never takes him seriously, regardless of stats.

And, since this is only a BARELY Seahawk related post, I'll make up for it later with a picture of a coworker wearing an enormous Deion Branch jersey... note: he is about 5'7", 150 lbs and it's an XXL jersey. Heh heh. END POST Read More!

Practice Squad Update

by: Michael Steffes

Mike Sando has done some work looking at who is eligible and likely to be on the NFC West's practice squad. Kudos to him, he actually has cleared up something I misunderstood about the practice squad. Contrary to popular belief, I am not an omniscient source of NFL info. Here is the Seahawks post.

Apparently, it has nothing to do with being on the active 53 man roster, which is how I understood the PS to be. The nine games a player must have to be ineligible come from the 45 man game day roster. As you see, this actually makes Ray Willis (never would have guessed) and the oft mis-understood Mansfield Wrotto eligible. Good to know. Actually, it doesn't really matter, both of those guys will make the final 53.

Also, someone asked about this as well, previously. A player does have three years eligibility for the practice squad, assuming that the team he is employed by has had 53 players on the roster at all times. I am not sure how common that is, but I have never seen or heard of a player spending three years on a practice squad. As you can see, in Sando's post though, David Kirtman is eligible, and this would be his third year. He has only been active for 5 games ~END~ Read More!

Old Friends

by: Michael Steffes

If the appeal of the madness that is the Seahawk Addicts chat room, or the fact that the HATED Raiders are in town weren't enough to grab your attention tonight, there are two other nice reasons to watch the game.

Chris Spencer and Red Bryant. Both will be getting playing their first playing time of the preseason tonight. I would only expect to see Spencer in for most of the first quarter. What will be interesting to watch is if the other starters play a few series with him. I hope that is a possibility, at least for Wahle and Sims. It would also be nice to watch the ever popular J-Force get a few carries behind the starters, especially Wahle who is nearly a foot taller than the diminutive Forsett.

As for Red, I think that we may see him in and out the entire game. He will benefit from as much playing time as they can find for him. He hasn't seen NFL action up close yet. Plus, is there any bigger confidence builder than going against the Raiders offensive line? If Bryant plays a decent game, he likely speeds his re-entry into the defensive line rotation. If not, he may not see many minutes until after the bye. ~END~ Read More!

Audition Night

by: Michael Steffes

Well, folks, we made it. Tonight is the last exhibition game, and then we are on to 2008! Almost time to shock the world. In the meantime, the Seahawks are still trying to decide who will have a spot on this train towards Tampa. The only thing standing in the way....The Raiders.

Here are the players I think are important to watch tonight, as they will all be battling for the one or two undecided spots.

Baratka Atkins> Atkins could really use a standout performance, much like TJ Duckett had last week. It still may not be enough. What is going against him has been the surprising consistency of Jason Babin. He has recorded a sack in each of the first three preseason games. Unfortunately, consistency has never been Baratka's strong suit. If they keep them both, that will be 10 defensive linemen, which is not unheard of, but might hamper the offensive players needed.

Jamar Adams> Adams is on the bubble for the final DB spot. It is unlikely they keep both him and Wallace though because of the situation on the other side of the ball. Some of the fans think he will get snatched up, but those who cover the team seem to think Adams is destined for the practice squad. It is hard to pin this one down, because both he and Wallace have had ordinary preseasons. That's why the guys who watch practice probably know best.

Ben Obamanu or Logan Payne> If I am Ben Obamanu I am little more worried than I am letting on. He told Jose Romero that he is confident he will make the team, but I am not so sure. If Forsett makes the team, and is set to handle punt returns, then Obamanu doesn't add much. Both he and Payne are accomplished run blockers on the outside, and Payne was in on a bunch of tackles last week, which is a good sign. Plus, at least we see him during games. Obamanu has barely been visible.

Brandon Coutu> Coutu will be back in action tonight, and he still has a good chance to make the team. Mare missed a long kick last week, so if Brandon buries a few then maybe he gets the call. If there is a way to get him through to the PS it would be worth it, but kickers are tricky. Of course, it seems as if a few kickers will be become available Saturday so there is a good shot. Either way, it would be great if Coutu just wowed us all tonight. ~END~ Read More!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Issac Bruce Predicts 8 in 08'

by: Michael Steffes

You might think he is being so bold to predict 8 wins and .500 season for the Niners, and you would be wrong.
Issac Bruce is on record predicting the 49ers offense will score 8 touchdowns a game this season. Yup 8 TDs, 56 points. Bruce says that the 49er offense compares favorably to the Rams offense at the end of the last decade. Yeah, you know, "The Greatest Show on Turf."

Here is what I think. I think that a little preseason success has gone straight to the Niners heads. They wouldn't score 8 touchdowns in a game if they were allowed 12 players on offense. And Bruce, he should know better than anyone, he was in this division last year. Obviously he was sleeping while the Rams played this team last year, or else he would know that the talent isn't there.

The 49ers are going to be playing Bruce, who is 70 years old, Bryant Johnson, who never took advantage of numerous opportunities in AZ, and then a rookie and a 2nd year guy at receiver. Oh...and JT O'SULLIVAN is the QUARTERBACK!

Here is my advice... shut your trap Ike, you're making a fool out of yourself, just like John Kitna did last year after a little preseason success under Martz. Wake up... nobody is game planning for Martzie boys offense. When they do.... it ain't that hard to stop!~END~ Read More!

Breakdowns and Bold(?) Predictions

by: Mike Parker

Yet another NFC West breakdown has come through, this time in print publication ESPN: The Magazine. Check it out and see if you agree with statements like this:

..."but replacing K Josh Brown with Olindo Mare will haunt them, like when the Rams - who signed Brown - come to town."
Hold on a minute. Do they not realize Brown left Seattle to a division rival for $15.2 million instead of the $15 million offered to him by Ruskell & co? It could be just me, but that phrasing seems...suspect.

And for the record, the noise level at Qwest this season when Josh Brown even so much as gets on the field will be detectable from space.

Besides that, though, the breakdown for the Seahawks seems pretty reasonable, with the usual areas of scrutiny coming into question. (Weak/unproven WR corps, Julius Jones' capability as a starter, suspect O-line.)

But I have to say, it was nice reading something about the team that didn't include the words "Steve Hutchinson." Could this be a subtle sign of respect? Or at least, a pedestrian knowledge of Seahawk personnel that isn't as current as 2005? Who knows.

What I do know:

-Seven days until the NFL 2008 opener,
-Three days and 22 hours until the Seahawk Addicts Fantasy League draft,
-Ten days until the Seahawks roll into Buffalo and over the Bills. Predictions on the final score, anyone? I say 24-14. -END- Read More!

Single digits!

by: Chris Sullivan

Well guys and gals, the "countdown to Seahawks Kickoff" has officially entered the single digits. 9 days and 20+ hours away from the regular season!!! Woo!

We are also just two days away from the final cuts, seven days from the NFL Regular Season kickoff, and about 330 days from Training Camp 2009! We'll be doing our best to cover predictions and serious roster moves around the league, conference, and Kirkland.

It's almost here! ENDPOST Read More!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lofa Back Week 1

by: Michael Steffes

Holmgren says that Lofa will be back in time to start the season, according to Danny O'Neil. Also, Charlie Frye is fine, he would be available to play on Friday if they really needed him, but instead Seneca and Dalton Bell will be manning the team.

Hasselbeck didn't practice, so the next time we see him will be in Western NY.

The reports on Tyler Schmitt are not as good. It seems his injury could be career threatening. Holmgren might be being vague on purpose. It is possible that the team just felt he would benefit greatly from a year off, bulking up, and wanted to make sure they retained him. Also, a back injury that didn't exist in April, and the team thought they could treat a week ago, turned out to be career threatening. We shall see. ~END~ Read More!

The Lone Wolf....

by: Michael Steffes

...Is the lovely, Pat Yasinskas, who I think covers the NFC South for ESPN.

Anyway, you may have noticed that ESPN.Com is also previewing the upcoming NFL Season today. Here is the Hawks preview.

Anyway, under their panel of experts, Pat Yasinskas is the only one who thinks the Seahawks will win the NFC. He gives Mike Holmgren coach of the year to go along with it. He gives the SB to Indy, but we can let him slide.

Only two writers, the excitable Len Pasquarelli and Matt Williamson, pick against the Hawks in the division. Thankfully Pasquarelli didn't pick us. Who knows what could have happened then? As for Williamson, well he has been picking against the Hawks for a while, ranking us a mere 17th in the power rankings done throughout the offseason.

What is almost disturbing is the amount of "experts" picking the Cowboys. Other than Yasinskas the new Seahawk Hero, and Mr. Trustworthy Mike Sando taking the Eagles, all experts pick either the Boys or New Orleans, with NO only getting 2 entries. If you are counting at home that's 12 votes Big D, 2 votes Big Easy, and one a piece for Philly and Seattle. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. ~END~ Read More!

For Those Heading to Qwest..

by: Michael Steffes

...on Friday for the Raiders game, unfortunately you will not be getting an up close and personal look at man-child JaMarcus Russell. He, along with the majority of the Raiders staring units will not be playing. Hopefully, Mike Holmgren will be following a similar plan.

The only two players who should be on the field with any importance on Friday are Chris Spencer and Red Bryant, both looking for their first preseason action. I would advocate Hasselbeck playing a series or two, but considering the Raider players will all essentially be auditioning for a job with Oak, or any team watching, it probably isn't safe. Especially if the starting line isn't playing, which with a veteran left side, doesn't need the work.

However, don't rule out the possibility that the coaches will want Spencer to work with his starting mates in a last minute attempt to gain some continuity, and thus it is possible that we see some of the starting offense get a series or two. Hopefully, like the Raiders have done, the team will announce its intentions today. ~END~ Read More!

Robinson Returns

by: Michael Steffes

Coming from Dave Boling, via Darrne Beene and the TNT, Jeff Robinson, 38 year old long snapper has been brought out of retirement again to snap for the Hawks.

Many of you probably remember that Robinson was signed for the last couple weeks and the playoffs last year after the Hawks tried and failed with two previous snappers. Robinson is as steady as they come, and at 38 he isn't being asked to do anything else.

Breathe and sleep easier Seahawk Addicts, the long snapping situation has been taken care of. ~END~ Read More!

Seneca Grades Out as one of the Top Backups

by: Michael Steffes

More from SI, and this time it is favorable. Don Banks has ranked all 32 backup QBs. Seneca Wallace is ranked as the 6th best back up. Here is what Banks says....

This is probably higher than most would have Wallace, but I'm fairly sold on the ex-Iowa State star, who threw for three touchdowns a couple weeks back against Minnesota. I know this much: After his preseason showing this year, Charlie Frye isn't beating out Wallace for the Seahawks No. 2 job.
Personally, this makes me wonder if Banks has watched Wallace before that one performance, but I do not disagree with his ranking. My feelings are that Seneca is one of the best backups around. One of his best traits is that he doesn't put pressure on the starting QB. Hasselbeck is firmly entrenched, as is Wallace. By knowing their roles they are able to help each other and make QB a position of strength for the Seahawks.

Also funny to note, Alex Smith grades out as one of the worst back ups in the league. Ha!~END~ Read More!

If You Ask Sports Illustrated....

by: Michael Steffes

Then the Dallas Cowboys will be coming to Qwest for a Wild Card game, and winning.

Sports Illustrated released their 2008 season preview today, and really it looks more like 2004. They have the Eagles v Pats in the Superbowl. Here is a look-see at how they see the season shaping up. Seahawks 9-7, but win their division, and then lose to Dallas in the WC game at Qwest.

It could be worse I guess, in the actual team preview, which unlike NFL.COM's, who can't get players names right or seem to figure out that Spencer has been starting for a while, SI actually has their facts down. They also seem to acknowledge the Hawks have a chance at the Superbowl, which is a fair assessment.

The preview focuses heavily on the revamped running attack. In fact, when they mention the wide receivers in passing, it is too talk about the receivers commitment to run blocking. The also say we have good special teams. Glad to hear that, right, only it shows they haven't watched the Hawks much lately. I shouldn't be so harsh, but last year was a semi-disaster as far the kicking game goes. Anyway, peruse at your leisure.... ~END~ Read More!

Lofa's MRI and Other Notes

by: Michael Steffes

Clare Farnsworth says that coach will discuss it after practice today, but he is hearing unofficial word that it is OK, just bruised and sore. Very good news. Lofa is a gamer, he should be ready to go week one if this is the case.

Also, in Clare's main piece for his distinguished paper, he has a quote from Holmgren regarding TJ Duckett. I just thought I would pass it along....

"I wanted him to touch it. I know a little bit more about Duckett, how he plays," Holmgren said. "I have to find out what the fit's going to be."

Unless Holmgren is including the waiver wire as a place he fits(sarcasm), it certainly seems like Duckett is staying. This is what I am talking about when I say that the team is evaluating Duckett on his performance in previous NFL regular season games. They know what they have there, and they signed him for a reason. In fact, I expect to see this team feature the new look running game a lot for the first few weeks. So far some good defenses have had trouble stopping it this preseason, It will be interesting to see how SF and STL fair, right? Like a hot knife through butter, baby! ~END~ Read More!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Practice Squad Eligibility

by: Michael Steffes

According to Frank Hughes, the teams standard operating procedure has been to wait until the day after an MRI to disclose the injury. That means no Lofa news tonight, or Frye if you are really worried. But here is something I am going to go ahead and get out of the way. Feel free to book mark this.

I have seen in the last few weeks a lot of, this guy to the practice squad, that guy to the practice squad and I would say about 50% of the time, the player isn't even eligible. So.... here is my official post about practice squad eligibility. I am not going to cut and paste league rules, I am going to try to explain it in simple terms and give clear examples to hopefully eliminate all future confusion. TO READ UP ON THE PS....

First off, the player has to be eligible. Here are the main components.

A player CAN NOT have been on an active roster for 9 or more games. At 9 games, a player accrues a season of experience. If you look at the roster and see one or more years of experience, that player can not be on your PS. Atkins, Obamanu, and Mansfield Wrotto are all prime examples of this.

A player CAN NOT have spent two years on practice squad, anywhere. A player is given two years PS eligibility, once they use it up it is gone. A guy like Joe Newton, or Kyle Williams who spent last year on the PS, can go back in 08, but would have to make the team in 09. Dallas Sartz spent last year on the PS with Minnesota, but he can still spend a year with us. That is fine. A player is considered to have spent a year on the PS if they are there for 3 or more regular season or playoff games. David Kirtman is the winner here. He has spent two years on the PS, and now must make the team or be released.

Now, how do we put players on the practice squad....

On Saturday, all rosters will be trimmed to 53 players. Just like today, the players who are cut(released) are sent to waivers. Any team now has the opportunity to claim that player to their 53 (today it would be 75) man roster. If the player clears waivers then he can sign to a practice squad. The player is not limited to the practice squad of the team releasing him. Joel Filani, who the Hawks cut today, could end up on the Dolphins practice squad next week, just as the Seahawks could end up with someone cut by Atlanta, for example.

While on the practice squad, any team can sign that player to their active 53 man roster, essentially taking the player away. Many of you may have heard that either Logan Payne or Jordan Kent was offered this opportunity last year and chose to stay with the Hawks on the practice squad. One way that some classy (well funded) organizations can make this difficult is by paying the PS guys the normal rookie salary that an active player would make. The PS guys usually make about 1/3 of that.

It is possible the Hawks were paying either Payne or Kent the rookie minimum salary, so that an opportunity elsewhere didn't look that much better. I suspect the Hawks do this with players they want to keep around, but I have no confirmation. Coutu seems to be a prime opportunity for this treatment this year. That way, he makes the same money as if he is the kicker in Kansas City, but instead he waits for the job to open here. All the while getting much needed experience at this level. Of course, he has to clear waivers first which might be tricky, except that he is hurt. No team really wants to carry two kickers unless there is a lot of value in it.

Also, the PS is made up of a maximum of 8 players. The Hawks will have 9 because they have one of the international exceptions this year, Samuel G (im not looking it up).

Hope this clarifies the interworkings of the mysterious practice squad. In the future this may help as you all try to figure out the final 53. By my account, the guys who are likely to make up the practice squad this year are...

Dalton Bell, the team will want another arm at practice, unless someone better gets released

Joe Newton, he needs to bulk up

Kyle Williams, one more year will do him good

Kevin Brown, They seem to like him. They brought him back, so he makes sense here

Jamar Adams, the team always needs extra secondary guys to run practice

Michael Bumpus, same goes for WR's and this one is worth holding on to

Dallas Sartz, the team is going to need linebackers just for practices sake. They may even find another one.

Brandon Coutu, it is a killer to waste this spot, but they will want him close, and probably pay him his full salary as insurance in case Mare falters.

And of course, Sammy the German guard. Assuming his back is ready in a couple of weeks or so.
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Seahawks make their cuts, with one surprise...

by: Chris Sullivan

Mike Sando is reporting that Rookie Long Snapper Tyler Schmitt has been placed on the Injured Reserve for the season, and Tim Lindsey will thus be our long snapper going into the season. If you're like me, this places you in an awful place of fear and bad-time-nostalgia. Here's hoping Lindsey can handle the job, but especially with Plack out most of training camp that Lindsey was present for, I think we can assume there will be some ugliness, at least early on in the season.

Will Herring has been placed on the PUP list (thanks Chuck_Easton for the correction), former Husky Omare Lowe was cut, as was Joel Filani. The final move was to officially place William Robinson on the IR.

END POST Read More!

Roster Battles

by: Michael Steffes

After last night, here a couple quick impressions of what I previously thought were the fights for the final 53....

Frye. Made the team for sure. Might even have earned some respect around the league. Is he the QB of the future, when Matt's deal is up? Will Seneca be split wide in week 1? Both good questions going forward.

Babin, take him. Sorry Baratka, but you just haven't distinguished yourself. You came to the team with a questionable work ethic, and you are being outworked and outplayed by a guy who doesn't want his career to end. Don't worry, you will most likely have a job this year, maybe closer to home.

CJ Wallace. He is in. He was in on the goal line situations and seemed to be playing fairly well. The only time I saw Adams was when he was trying to catch up to the play Hobbs was called for PI on. You will make it to the practice squad, I am confident. We will see you next year, and you have a career in front of you.

Duckett and Forsett. This is not a fight, no matter how many beat writers say it is. Duckett did not make the team last night, and Forsett isn't getting cut. They are both here to stay, and the Seahawks will be better for the depth. Running back is a position a team can get thin at real quick, and the Hawks can't afford that.

Obamanu v Payne v Kent. As of now, this is still in the air. The last spot is between Obo and Logan, if they don't PUP Branch. If they do I think there is space for both, for now. At least Payne gets seen during games. Obomanu has had one catch for 5 yards this preseason. Payne was in on 4 or 5 special teams tackles last night, along with being targeted several times. The QBs didn't do him any favors, Frye nearly got him killed and Seneca's pick was 10 feet over his head. If it comes down to one or the other, the fact that there is a chance Payne could get to the practice squad may play a role. If I use that theory with the safeties, it has to be considered here. That said, do you want a guy who goes all out on special teams or a guy with one extra year in the system and regular season experience. Only coach and TR could tell you which they prefer. ~END~ Read More!

Why is ESPN Creating the "lame duck" Controversy?

by: Michael Steffes

As a large giant once said in special agent Dale Cooper's vision, "Its Happening Again."

I am watching the end of ESPN First Take, and sure enough, just like during the MNF broadcast last night, the four letter network is creating Seahawks controversy where there is none. To be fair, its not just them, but either way its already stale.

The question posed to Skip and the Stews was did the Seahawks make a mistake naming a successor to Mike Holmgren before the season? The unanimous answers, almost as if they were reading the script handed to Jaws and Tirico was YES! The moment this team loses a game it will be utter chaos in the locker room. MORE AFTER THE JUMP...

Sorry to disappoint, but that will not be the case. Maybe as fans we are all being naive to what the experts almost all declare, but I don't think so. This is a team full of veteran leaders (Hass, Lofa, Kerney, JP, Grant, Walt, Nate) who are all men of character. This team is not made of the type of players who are worried about next year. They are worried about next week, not next year. This is one of the reasons that they have managed to make it to the final eight three years in a row.

Also, these comments do a disservice to Mike Holmgren, and personally it bothers me deeeply. Not only is Mike Holmgren one of the best coaches that this league has ever seen, but he is an excellent communicator and has never had a player he treated unfairly. He lets the players know what is expected of them, and he lets them know why he is hard on them. To say that the players would risk sending Mike Holmgren out of Seattle with a mutiny is pathetic. It marginalizes the organization, the players, and specifically the coaches.

Not to mention I have yet to hear someone bring up this point with out completely contradicting themselves. They say this has never been done, but they know it will be trouble because these situations never work out. HOW CAN THAT BE IF THIS HASN'T BEEN DONE BEFORE? Part of me wants to be happy the Hawks are getting some national attention, but if the parties involved don't care enough to make a fair and reasonable point, then maybe we shouldn't be. (Rant Off)
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New Formations

by: Michael Steffes

The Seahawks added several new wrinkles to their offense last night and I thought I would give you my thoughts on them.

Weaver at tailback and Schmitt at fullback-- Interesting concept for short yardage plays. It keeps Weaver's role simple and allows Schmitt to get some time as a lead blocker. We will have to see if it sticks. This worked the first time they tried it, and failed the second. One thing I would like to see the Hawks do from this formation is pass, they have their choice of two good pass blockers in the backfield, as well as using one of them in the pattern. Plus, the defense will be thinking run all the way. What this means for Duckett we will have to wait and see, although I think it is funny that people have already moved from Forsett to the Weaver/Schmitt combo as the reason to cut TJ. Guy hasn't played a real game yet and Seahawk fans dislike him. Good thing Tim Ruskell and Jim Mora do.

Nate in the slot-- Great Idea! The coach hinted about this previously. It allows Jordan Kent to get on the field with Nate and Taylor. The touchdown pass came from this set up. The benefit here was that Taylor, an accomplished run blocker at Auburn, and likely our most physical receiver is able to spring Nate's long YAC with a nice block on the edge. This is something I think we will be seeing more of in the regular season for sure.

Carlson flexed out wide-- Carlson was lined up in the slot several times last night as well. On the first play he was in the slot making up what looked like a 5 WR set. Essentially it was. On other plays, the team used their "Tiger" formation, which includes 2 WRs, 2 TEs, and a back. Usually this will dictate the defense have early down personnel in, looking for the run. However, when Carlson then lines up flexed out the Hawks are in a passing formation, forcing the defense to make the adjustment. This is another example of how Carlson will help keep defenses honest this year, assuming he gets his game to where the team wants it to be. ~END~ Read More!

Where they Stand Part II

by: Michael Steffes

Just in case this kind of stuff gets you excited, I have delved into the preseason team stats again. Actually, this is starting to get me excited.

For a young offense in transition, the Hawks are doing OK. They lead all teams in averaging 414 yards per game.

Also, for a team with a revamped running attack, I have no complaints. They are leading the league in averaging 188.3 yards per. That is about 100 more than they gained in most regular season games last year. Of course it is preseason.

Finally, as a team, the Hawks are second in the preseason in points per game with 26.7. They are one point behind Carolina, who dropped a 40 spot on Zorn's boys, who were playing in their fourth preseason game while the Panthers were in their third.

The defense as held its own as well, they are now fourth this preseason allowing a mere 77 yards rushing per game.

This translates into the team being 6th in total defense, allowing only 267 yards per game.

All of these numbers could improve in the final game vs the Raiders at Qwest, of course after that game, nobody will give a lick what happened in the preseason, we will all be looking towards Buffalo in week 1. ~END~ Read More!

Monday, August 25, 2008


by: Michael Steffes

I have isolated the play on which Lofa hurt his knee, and it doesn't look good. For those of you with Tivo, it happens at the 3:15 mark of the second quarter.

As far as knee injuries go, it doesn't seem like his knee was popped, which is usually a good sign. His knee was bent and then pushed from the inside to an awkward angle. My first thought was that it might be a bad high ankle sprain. However, Lofa actually plays the next play, but he struggles pushing off the knee and then walks off.

Lets hope the prognosis is better than a sprained knee or a high ankle. Either way, I wouldn't be counting on Lofa playing by week one right now. I hope I am wrong. ~END~ Read More!

Five Guys Who Won't Be Hawks Tomorrow

by: Michael Steffes

Tomorrow is the first cutdown day. The team must release 5 player to get their roster down to 75. Here are the guys I would release, not that I know anything. Just one mans humble opinion.

WR- Bryan Gilmore... not eligible for the practice squad, not visible so far this preseason. See ya.

OT- William Robinson, Hurt and not of any value when healthy

DT- Chris Cooper, He is not going to make the team, and they will give him an opportunity to shop himself before the big cutdown day.

CB- Marquis Floyd, His arena-league2 team is waiting for his return

C- Nick Jones, he just got hurt, and is being cut down due to Chris Spencer's return

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Seahawks Lose 18-17

by: Mike Parker

I saw some good, some bad and some ugly tonight, as expected.

First of all, thanks to everyone who made the live chat another insane and banter-ridden success. My kind of crowd. Let's get another good room going on Friday, minus of course Mr. Sullivan, who will be at the game watching Lofa eat McFadden's lunch.

On to the action tonight -To continue...

The Good:

-Jordan Kent should be all but a lock to make the team now, as his impressive showing tonight (4 rec, 47 yds, 1 TD) was second only to Nate Burleson, who took a Charlie Frye bomb into the end zone on the first drive of the game for 68 yards. Burleson didn't catch another ball the entire night.

-On the subject of Frye, the backup QB looked light years beyond the lackluster showing last week against Chicago. He went 19-for-29 and threw for 219 yards and two TDs - respectable numbers for any NFL quarterback.

-The running game looked solid again, even with an absence of rushing touchdowns. (Let's not forget that the Chargers have an extremely tough run defense, even without Merriman.) TJ Duckett, most notably, led the Seahawks with 6 carries for 46 yards. Maurice Morris carried 5 times for 31 yards, with Julius Jones getting 8 touches for 30 yards. I hope this dissuades the notion that Duckett should be cut, but I'm sure there's going to be an outcry of haters calling for his premature termination nonetheless. Ridiculous thought, if you ask me, but I'm not in charge.

The Bad:

-The secondary looked asleep for the first half, even with the first unit in. The blown coverage on the wide-open pass to Vincent Jackson in the first quarter brought back some seriously unpleasant memories of the ill-fated end to the 2006 game against the Chargers, I'll be honest. But they quickly regrouped and got back in a rhythm, thanks largely in part to Kevin Hobbs' aggressive play. Deon Grant also blew what should've been an easy pick in the first half, but I'll take a pass breakup over a wide open grab any day.

-Charlie Frye left the game in the fourth quarter, but was walking under his own power. A good sign as far as injuries go, but an injury no less. We'll keep you updated on his status as soon as we hear it. (This sucks, especially after a game in which he threw no picks. When has that ever happened?)

-Seneca came in and lacked the confidence he usually has, but then again, he was nursing a sore groin and wasn't even expected to play tonight. Sadly, he threw a pick that sealed the game for the Chargers.

The Ugly:

-The return game couldn't get going tonight. Justin Forsett was running most of them back, and barely passed the 20-yard line on each occasion. This is to be expected from a rookie working behind a special-teams unit that's still trying to find a rhythm, and Holmgren will probably want to think more about who he wants for that job this year.

-What happened to Jamar Adams and David Hawthorne? I only saw Hawthorne, aka "The Heater" make one play, and though it was a good one, Adams was largely a ghost.

-Some of the receivers couldn't find their usual groove tonight, including Logan Payne and Ben Obomanu. I don't think tonight was a very good measuring stick for them, because they've both been solid thus far in the pre-season. And might I remind you all that just a week ago, a lot of people were calling for Duckett to get cut and Forsett to start. Reversal of fortune, party of one, your table's ready...

So what does all this mean in the end? It means every dog has his day, and tonight, we saw exactly what we needed to see from the people who needed to show it. If I told you last night that Frye would throw for over 200 yards, 2 TDs and no picks, and that Duckett would lead the backs in rushing yards, you'd have probably called me insane (well, more so than usual.)

But that's what happened tonight. The right guys stepped up, and even though the team didn't pull through with a victory, I think some key players made a case for themselves. And aren't we glad we didn't cut some guy named Weaver last year...? -END-
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Live Chat -- Seahawks vs. Chargers

by: Chris Sullivan

For those of you without access to a) cable, b) American TV, c) radio, or d) tin can and a string, we present to you the third weekly installment of Seahawk Addicts Live Game Chat! [cheers from crowd].

Just click below to enter the chat, I'll be in there a little late. It's a great place to go if you're looking for links to the streaming broadcast online, or to just talk about the game. Analysis and play by play for the low low cost of zero bucks. Gooo Seahawks! (P.s... I'll be in a little late, but Gonzo or Michael might be in there early for your SA mod fix.) END POST Read More!

Bits of Wisdom from Emmitt

by: Michael Steffes

"If the Seahawks are planning on getting off to a good opening season this year, they defintely need to start working on that tonight or next week. That means start running the football with the guys."

Also Keyshaun isn't buying the Seahawks. "Who are the wide receivers? Who is the running backs? and who is the head coach?"

Ahhhhhhhhh. The hate being spewed by Keyshaun and Cris Carter is palpable. Just the way we like it. Good thing to know the only two Countdown guys with brains, Berman and Jackson, have the Seahawks back.

UPDATE!!!!!: Kornhole didn't take the RV west and will not be in the booth tonight. Things are looking up already!
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Monday Night Appetizer

by: Michael Steffes

Check out this article, it is actually a reasonable and realistic view at the Cowboys roster. It comes from Tim Cowlishaw and the Dallas Morning News. He says that people shouldn't be so quick to add up last years Pro Bowlers and declare the Cowboys Superbowl champs in August.

Noooooooooo. You don't say. The media has been doing that? Jeeeeez, you mean to tell me that it is all hype and the Cowboys will have to win a playoff game first to make it to the big dance? I had no idea. (sarcasm off) ~END~ Read More!

Seahawks Not Playing in San Diego

by: Michael Steffes

Here is the list, courtesy of Frank Hughes...

I filled in the injured area when I knew what it was.

K Brandon Coutu (groin)
QB Matt Hasselbeck (back)
LS Tyler Schmitt (back)
LB Will Herring (non-football)
C Nick Jones (calf)
C Chris Spencer (back)
OT William Robinson (ankle)
OT Sean Locklear (knee)
OT Samuel Gutekunst (back)
DT Red Bryant (knee)
WR Deion Branch (knee)
WR Bobby Engram (shoulder)
De Chris Cooper (hamstring)
DT Larry Tripplett (knee)

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If you Haven't Seen...

by: Michael Steffes

Peter King wrote his Monday Morning QB article about the most underrated team in the NFL, with the most underrated coach; Your Seattle Seahawks. Check it out.

King rightfully puts Seattle up against New England to show that these have been two of the most successful franchises in the last few years. We say that all the time, but a lot more people read Peter King than Seahawk Addicts, so it is nice to see.

He also says Seattle will win 10 or 11 games. I think that is a safe bet. I expect them to add a few to that, especially with the way the season is shaping up so far. I could easily see them at 4-0 now, and from there almost anything is possible.

Mostly the article focuses on Holmy. We all love Holmgren, and this article really accentuates why. King points out how great he really is, but just like the city he coaches in, he gets overlooked. Everyone assumes Seattle was an afterthought on his career, but really GB was just a stepping stone to get here. Is he really bitter about losing his GM powers? Maybe he was, but I don't think he is anymore. Secretly, I think he would tell you that he is too emotional, too caring to be a GM. It got him into trouble. My guess is that he likes Ruskell to make cold blooded decisions, and then he doesn't lose any face with the players he coaches and cares for.

Kudos for King! He didn't mention the WR's, the new look running game, or the loss of Hutch. And he only mentioned the "lame duck" kind of jokingly. He does a good job with this piece. Thankfully, he doesn't pick us to go to the Superbowl like he did last year. ~END~ Read More!

Are You Ready For Some Football?

by: Michael Steffes

Its a Monday night party! Hawks on the field tonight vs San Diego @ 5 pm.

Roster spots on the line!

The players I will be watching tonight....

Babin vs Atkins

Chop vs Williams, although Williams eligibility for the PS doesn't make this a fair fight.

Adams vs Wallace, see above

Also, some story lines....

Can we get a Auburn WR sighting tonight please? Preferably both of them.

Will Marcus Trufant do something special tonight? He hasn't had a spectacular preseason so far.

Special teams should be rounding into form a bit more than last week, although I think Friday is when they will shine

Does Forsett get some carries in the first half? It would be nice to see what he can do with them.

Charlie Frye, If he looks good tonight it will be a huge step forward. San Diego has a heck of a defense, and they turn the ball over. This should get ugly, but if it doesn't then Frye is a keeper.

Finally.... Can the Hawks find a way to win... again? Their resiliency last week was impressive. While the games don't count, this type of confidence and mentality can be built by continuing to find ways to win. ~END~ Read More!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Matt Leinart officially a bust

by: Chris Sullivan

This appears to be the week of the first-round QB busts in the NFC West. Chris Mortenson over at ESPN is reporting that Kurt "$5.55 breakfast at Dennys" Warner will be named the starting quarterback in Arizona. This should effectively end Matt Leinart's tenure with the Cardinals, in my opinion. He snorted and snuffed about being put on the IR last year (when it appears he may not have needed to be on it). Will he accept a role as a backup or demand a trade?

This comes just days after the 49ers elected to go with undrafted, untested, 0-career-starts JT O'Sullivan as starter over 1st overall pick Alex Smith. Thank God we're not playing in one of those towns, or Dalton Bell would be heading out to the field on September 7...

(ht to Tom and Mike Sando on the tip) Read More!

Has Duckett Disappointed?

by: Michael Steffes

Hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I think that some fans have a blind spot when looking at TJ Duckett. The more I hear people say he is "overpaid" or under performing, I cringe. How can a player be either of those things when the games and stats don't even count?

First, consider this... Duckett was given his signing bonus based on what he has accomplished in REGULAR season games over his career, not one preseason. Also, Duckett has likely had the impression, whether guaranteed or not, that he has a roster spot. A player performs differently in this situation, because veteran players understand that preseason means nothing. That is not true for a player like Justin Forsett, who has performed well this preseason, while fighting for a roster spot. Its not surprising, his lifelong dream was on the line.

Also, since when did two preseason games become the be-all/end-all for analysis? Do you not remember last year. This was written in roster analysis by Jose Romero.

Weaver can save the team a roster spot because he can play fullback and running back. But he did little to distinguish himself in games and in camp/ A fumble on Saturday hurt his cause, so the team might choose to keep Parry and/or Weeks for insurance.
Do any of you want to go back and cut Leonard Weaver based on last years preseason now? I wouldn't. Some think he has a shot at the pro bowl. Preseason performances mean very little, unless you are fighting for a job. By the way, don't let it escape you that Weaver had a bad preseason and still made the team as expected. The same will be said for Duckett.

In fact there is already a difference between Duckett and Weaver. Last year the coach was ripping Weaver. He said this after the Green Bay game when asked about Weaver...
"We're going to look at the film, and it's the time of year for me that's least fun because we have to make decisions on who stays, who goes."
Here is what he recently said about Duckett, it seems contrary to many of the comments on this blog.
Clearly he has the ability to move the pile. And in short yardage situations, goal line situations, there's real value there.I think he's a better than average pass blocker. So that - there's value there.
Coach doesn't sound disappointed in Duckett. Not nearly as much as he was in Leonard Weaver a year ago. Holmgren is subtly letting you know he wants TJ Duckett, in fact he needs TJ Duckett. My guess is that he has all along. Even if many of you don't. ~END~ Read More!

The Search for the Best 53

by: Michael Steffes

It seems like the article dijour this week is laying out the final 53 man roster. I am hesitant to go this route, especially when the most telling game is being played tomorrow. But there are a couple of things that I think are fair to note in all of the analysis being done. The standard format of listing the number kept at each position over the last 6 years and trying to fit the players into that format simply won't work this year. The injuries have changed things. So has the depth. Ruskell and Holmgren should, and most likely will be, searching to put together the best 53 players. I think it will be hard for them to cut a good player just to satisfy a number they have had in the past. Here is how I see things. TO CONTINUE....

The Way I see it, the defense has all but two spots set. However, these battles do not change the number of defensive players that will be kept.


DT- Bernard, Mebane, Terril, Bryant, and Green (5)
DE- Kerney, Jackson, Tapp, and either Atkins or Babin (4)


Tatupu, Hill, Peterson, Laury, Lewis, Hawthorne (6)
~Herring goes to PUP

CB- Trufant, Jennings, Wilson, Hobbs(4)
S- Grant, Russel, Babineaux, and either Wallace or Adams(4)

This is 23 players. It both gives the Seahawks decent depth at all the positions and allows two extra players to be kept on offense. Could the Hawks keep both Atkins and Babin, or both Adams and Wallace? Sure, especially if it improves special team units, but as of now that seems to be a stretch with offensive situation. Especially because the defense is more than adequate with the top 23.

If we look at the offense I count 27 spots that are probably needed. And this is assuming Branch is put on the PUP list. So it all works out OK in my book.

So really, the battles are likely being looked at differently by the front office. To me they looks something like this.

Atkins, Babin, Wallace, Adams, and the last WR all fighting for the final spot.

I know there is a lot of venom out there to cut Duckett, so if you want to put him on that list, well feel free. However, prepare yourself to be disappointed, and this has nothing to do with the money, it has do with the fact that he is the only running back of the group that brings something different to the table. Ruskell has cut his free agent mistakes, as well as his draft picks in the past. Plus, he will give Holmgren's voice a lot of credence in this decision, out of respect for what Mike has done for this franchise and it being his last year. I am betting Mike Holmgren likes the idea of converting short yardage situations this year, and he knows Duckett can help in that area.

So back to the final player. Here is what we should be thinking about. Can the team survive with 4 defensive ends. They should be able too, so do we want. Babin is the better pass rusher, Atkins the bigger body. Both can play special teams. Who is more willing? Who puts their heart into it? Dehaven may be making the decisions on the final guys.

Would you rather keep an extra safety and only have 3 ends? Not on this roster, in my opinion. Unfortunately there isn't any DT who can slide outside like Jackson slides inside. This lack of versatility ensures four ends. My guess is that the team keeps Wallace and hopes Adams makes the PS. Take a look and see if the team holds Adams back this weekend, that would be a good sign. He seemed to get less action last week than the first, so this may be a conscious decision.

Now I ask, do any of these players outweigh the benefit of keeping all four young WR's. In the current scenario, we can keep Kent, Payne, Taylor and Obamanu (Bumpus to PS). Would you take Babin, Atkins, or Adams over any of the WR's? Maybe in a sane year, but with Branch on the PUP (in this scenario), it benefits the Hawks to see who steps their game up when the lights come one for the regular season. You could also ask if Payne could make the practice squad? I would say that is risky at best.

Now another battle that is being waged in this decision is whether or not Deion Branch will outproduce any of those three in the first 6 weeks. I am not qualified to answer this, because I don't have the medical information that the team does. I would say that history is not on his side. Coming back midseason, he may have something to contribute, but the only players in recent history to contribute after coming back so quickly from ACL reconstruction are QBs. This is why I believe when all is said and done the PUP is where he will land.

You may disagree, but the most substantial battle for a roster spot is really between Babin and Atkins, and this is because neither are eligible for the practice squad. It is possible that one of them will have trade value as well. The Hawks acquired Babin in the Michael Boulware trade, and have seemingly coached him up since then.

Of course, all of this will be sorted out tomorrow night, and don't dismiss the idea that if Charlie Frye stinks up the joint again, against a much tougher defense, his roster spot could be handed to anyone of these guys. Who is more valuable, a guy who can play special teams, or a guy who holds a clipboard? There is a reason more teams are keeping only two quarterbacks every year, and it is usually because that final roster spot is a valuable commodity.

Hey, maybe putting together this roster isn't as difficult as it looks. Lets see what happens tomorrow, and then I will tell you who I think makes up the final 53 and practice squad.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bad Night for Matt Leinart as Well

by: Michael Steffes

4-12, 24 yards, 3 interceptions. Maybe his arm is tired.....
Is that Kurt Warner's wife I hear telling an Arizona radio host that her husband should be the starter? Ahhhh, these jokes never get old. ~END~

Photo from The Dirty.Com Read More!

Bad Night for NFC Defensive Ends [Updated]

by: Michael Steffes

Pro Bowl defensive ends are dropping like flies right now. Both Osi Umenyiora and Jason Taylor had to leave their respective games with what appeared to be fairly serious knee injuries. The Seahawks are just getting theirs back in Patrick Kerney.

For those who were wondering, Patrick is expected to see time on Monday night. He says that he would like to play about three quarters. Not if Holmgren reads the newspaper tomorrow morning.

UPDATE:!!!!!!!- Jason Taylor out two weeks, but Osi Umenyiora will miss the entire season. A striking blow to the champs. Matt and Walt will be sleeping a bit easier on their trip to the Big Apple. ~END! Read More!

Kicker Competition Gets Interesting

by: Michael Steffes

Brandon Coutu has a hurt groin. He did not suit up for practice today. Some you may remember that Olindo Mare had a hurt groin last season, and it has been well documented how that turned out. Lets hope this isn't too severe. It will give Mr. Mare a chance to further stake his claim on the Seahawks kicker spot on Monday.

As it seems these days, when one goes, another returns. In this case it was Larry Tripplett, who practiced and then did some conditioning drills. Too little, too late Larry, but he may be the first guy called if there is an injury on this team. Thanks to Danny O'Neil for his practice report. He seems willing to give the fans an update before banging out his nightly stories, which is much appreciated by Hawk nation. ~END~ Read More!

Lo Jack and the Chess Match

by: Michael Steffes

I didn't see any of the other blogs point out this article, so I thought I would. Danny O'neil has nice article about Lawrence Jackson. Rather than just talking about his progress on the field, O'Neil solicited the opinion of another well respected pass rusher. The future looks rosy for the Seahawks defensive end, especially if you ask the guy he will eventually be replacing. ~END~ Read More!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Matt Still Out, Others Put in Full Practice

by: Michael Steffes

Matt missed another practice today and coach Holmgren admitted he will not be traveling to or playing this weekend in San Diego (stay classy). Hasselbeck is reportedly feeling much better though. It will be the Charlie Frye show part 2. That is exciting in its own right, and we can dive into that later.

The most important news was that Spencer, Red Bryant, and Jeb Putzier FULLY participated in practice today; hittin' and everything. This is great news in my book. Bryant may be contributing sooner than we thought, and Spencer could see game action this week. Bonus!

As for the QB situation, well we get to see how Charlie responds to watching his performance and receiving a little coaching. If he performs much better, well than clearly he will be worth holding on to. If Mon. night is a replay of the Bears game or worse, well then maybe roster spots won't be so hard to come by. Wait and see... ~END~ Read More!

More Thoughts on Keeping 6 Running Backs

by: Michael Steffes

I just listened to Mitch Levy and Clare Farnsworth break down the roster and set up the final 53. It was an interesting experience. In the end they have the team keeping 6 running backs, something I think is almost certain to happen at this point. They have the team going Jordan Kent over Logan Payne, which I think is possibility. They didn't really consider the option of PUPing Branch, which I am feeling pretty certain is going to happen as well. Levy said that neither player is eligible for the PUP, but that is flat wrong, Deion is. That shores up the big questions, but Mitch Levy poised an interesting angle.

What is the point of keeping Duckett if he is going be deactivated every week? Mitch says they may as well cut him, because the PR hit of keeping a guy who got 4 mil guaranteed deactivated is the same as cutting him. It is an interesting point from a PR stand point, but how about this? Lets take a look back at the Giants of last year. The Hawks have semi-modeled their defensive line style, why not their running backs too.

To Continue...

Last year the Giants were faced with some difficult decisions in this department. In the end the traded Ryan Grant for a 6th round pick. They kept Jacobs, Derrick Ward, Ruben Droughns, and Amahad Bradshaw. They also put Danny Ware on the PS, and he looks like a keeper so far this preseason, but that is here nor there. The point is that all of those backs got in and contributed to the Giants last year. Running Backs get banged up. And the Hawks are running with a few guys who have missed games in the past. They are also both guys who need to be complemented, they don't take 30 carries a game. Forsett, we don't know how much he can handle, but from what we have seen, he isn't going for 4 quarters with out any help, especially if he is returning kicks too. So.... chances are all six will get carries throughout the season.

Duckett also gives another big body to provide insurance for the FB position. Weaver and Schmitt are at a position that takes a pounding. There are no guarantees they will play all 16 games. The last thing this team, or fan base, could stand is another year of an ineffective rushing attack. Injuries are partially to blame for the last two years, as well as the decline of the feature back. They go hand and hand. Having one more running back than we need, may end up a damn fine move. I the only person in the world who realizes that Mansfield Wrotto wasn't on the practice squad last year? Farnsworth talked about him being on the PS last year. I have seen it written as well. It is not true. He was the inactive linemen most weeks, but he wasn't on the practice squad. Sorry to throw this in here, but for some reason it just digs in my craw when I hear that mis-perception.
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Change in Schedule

by: Michael Steffes

In case you didn't get the memo (i didn't), things will be changing starting today. Yesterday was the last of two a day practices, which turned into no-a-day practices. Camp is done. The team is moving to their regular season practice schedule... kind of.

There are still going to be some quirks because the team plays two games in five days next week, but essentially it goes like this. The team practices Wed, Thur, Fri, and does a walk through on Sat. The practices now start at 1:30 pm, so reports will come later. They are a little earlier on Fridays.

Why I felt I needed to post this, I am not sure, but maybe some of you will find it educational. The best part of this is that it means the regular season is right around the corner. There were times I thought the offseason would never end, but now I think I might just make it. Are you ready for some football? ~END~ Read More!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

San Francisco Looks Improved

by: Michael Steffes

I hate to say it, but they do. After a dreadful first preseason game, they have looked good in their last two. Especially the offense. I will be the first to admit I was laughing out loud at JT O'Sullivan being the starting QB, however he seems to be making his mark. Are you worried? I think there is a big difference between the third preseason game and opening day at Qwest. Lets see how he handles that.

By the way, for those not following along, SF leads Chicago 34-23 early in the fourth. Kyle Orton and the Bears didn't punt once in the first half vs the Niners starting defense, so maybe all is not so well after all. ~END~ Read More!

More Roster Analysis

by: Mike Parker

It might be a slow news day, but here's some more roster analysis for you all to chew on until Monday night.

I rarely say this about anything written about the Seahawks, but I actually agree with everything in this breakdown - especially the sections about Forsett, Hawthorne and the secondary. Read up and see what you think. -END- Read More!

Slow day in Seahawk News...

by: Chris Sullivan

Well, as you guys have probably figured out, there's not a whole lot of news going on right now. Holmgren canceled practice today, probably a good idea, really, but it doesn't help us shore up any news or speculation, now does it?

One thing of interest I read earlier, that a lot of us draft watchers might find interesting, is that apparently Kentwan Balmer has impressed almost no one in 49ers camp. Well, maybe thats not fair, but it does not appear like he will be starting at the beginning of the season, or at least, it's not guaranteed. It never ceases to amaze me how well Ruskell appears to read these guys in his draft preparations... all the RBs, DTs, OLs and Tight Ends that we were all so excited about -- and disappointed to see still on the draft board after our pick, some of them -- seem to be doing moderately well at best. Balmer, Fred Davis, Martellus Bennett (to name a few) have all disappointed, whereas pretty much everyone of our draft picks have performed or even surprised us with their excellence (here's lookin at you, J-Force!).

What do you think the best draft pick of the Ruskell era has been? Worst? Strangest? END POST Read More!

Does Matt Hasselbeck Need Preseason?

by: Michael Steffes

There is a lot of talk around the water cooler these days about Matt Hasselbeck continuing to miss practice.

In fact, I couldn't even escape it while on campus last night, where I am a known Seahawk diehard. I had two separate people, who I don't know to be big football fans, ask what is up with #8? Must be a fantasy thing. Anyway, I thought it would be worth looking into whether Matt Hasselbeck needs to play in the remainder of the preseason?

The first train of thought would go like this.... if Matt skips all the preseason games it is fine, as long as he is healthy going into week 1. This is a fair argument, especially in a preseason in which neither Tom Brady or Peyton Manning has taken a snap, right? Mike Holmgren seemed to be selling this line of thinking on the radio yesterday. I'm not so sure. More after the Jump...

I don't want to risk Matt's health, but in a way it sounds as if the team is being overly cautious with him. He was heard yesterday saying he wants to practice. Clearly this offense is in a time of transition, and it needs a leader to get it over the hump. Heck, at the current rate, Big Show might explode if he doesn't get a quality practice out of his offense. Also, Matt needs time with the young guys. Heck, Matt should even be getting feel with running backs. When you think about it, Matt may want to take a snap or two from Chris Spencer this preseason as well. Reps do matter. Is practice going to be enough?

Here is why the overly cautious approach is acceptable. This is a defensive football team. Week 1 in Buffalo is as much about how the defense performs in its first road test as it is about Matt and the young offense. If the defense plays up to expectations, then a rusty Matt and a running game will keep them competitive. Buffalo is also the least important of the three games before the bye, with the other two coming at home vs division opponents. That said, winning in Buffalo would be a tremendous start for this team.

Here is what I think. There is no difference if Matt plays on Mon, or on Friday, and he definitely shouldn't be playing in both. He should play in one of those games though. While it is not traditional to play your starters in the fourth game, there is no reason the starters couldn't play a quarter a two vs the Raiders, especially if they play sparingly on Mon night. I DO want to see Matt on the field before Sept 7th. That is one question mark I do not want to see hanging over the Hawks as they start the season. Matt is arguably one of the top 3 or 4 most indispensable players in the league.

All this said, I bet he is back at practice today....
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Gene Upshaw Passes

by: Michael Steffes

In in an incredibly shocking story, Gene Upshaw has passed away this morning at the age of 63. Upshaw was a HOF lineman with the Raiders and most recently has served as the Head of the Players Union.

No one was aware that Gene was even ill, but he was battling pancreatic cancer. As someone who has had close friends who dealt personally with this, it all happens very suddenly.

This is a sad day for the NFL, despite what you may have thought about Gene (as a Raider) or as head of the union, he was one of the key figures in helping football become what it is today. Rest in peace, Gene. Seahawk Addicts sends its thoughts and prayers with the remaining members of the Upshaw family. ~END~ Read More!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Red Bryant Returns, but "Doesn't Do Much"

by: Mike Parker

DT Red Bryant returned to a limited portion of practice today, and reportedly "didn't do much."

At this point, I'll take whatever I can get from the big guy. I'm not horribly concerned about his injury anymore because of the depth the defense has already displayed, but I can tell you this right now - Bryant is going to make his presence felt this year. Especially if your name happens to be "Kurt Warner," "Alex Smith" or "Marc Bulger." It'll bring a whole new meaning to the term "it's crunch time."

Also, it should be noted that Charlie Frye has been listed as the official starter for Monday night's game in San Diego. It doesn't appear anyone's taking this game very seriously, which is fine for now. It should be more about seeing what the new blood can dish out and resting the injured. Though I have to say it already feels like the exhibition season has already gone on for about five months. -END- Read More!

My Best Guess

by: Michael Steffes

It seems that most of those leaving comments, both here and other places, are resigned to the fact that if Justin Forsett stays, then TJ Duckett goes. I am not sure I agree with this sentiment, especially after hearing what Mike Holmgren said today. Not about Justin Forsett, but about Deion Branch and the young receivers....

"I was hoping we'd have him for the first ball game. And I said it before, the important thing is how he feels about it. You come off that particular surgery and it's a bugger, it's tough."
Not very inspiring about Deion being ready. Reports were that he was running backwards up the berm in Renton, but no one has seen him work on lateral movements yet. On the youngins, coach said in his interview...
When the light goes on in Buffalo, which is different. I suspect they will be absolutely be able do what we ask them to do, but we haven't seen em do it yet.
Where does this leave the running back situation? Well for the first time I really think the team is going PUP Deion Branch. Holmgren told Frank Hughes it is a possibility but too early to decide. The only problem there is that Deion won't be allowed to practice with the team, and will still require, probably, two weeks of practice to get him up to speed in Oct/Nov. However, getting Deion back in say week 8 makes a lot of sense. Week one has always seemed like a long shot. I understand them wanting him on the field, but PUPing him just makes alot of sense. Especially if Bobby is really going to be ready after the bye. The receiving core could be solid and deep by the time Branch returns in Week 8. To continue....

In the meantime, the Hawks have a gluttony of running backs. Lets use them. Lets emphasize the run, the screen, the tight end, and a controlled passing attack. If the team PUPS Branch, and then keep 6 Wr's, Nate & Bobby plus the young 4, there could then be room for 6 backs. There would also be some benefits in focusing on the running game.

First off, this approach helps keep Matt Hasselbeck upright and healthy heading into the second half of the season. It also requires a deep faith in the talent on the defensive side of the ball, something most of us have. One thing that will also be key is a good kicking game. You can't give away points when you have a chance to put them on the board.

One thing that becomes a bit counterproductive here is that usually teams are more comfortable throwing in the early part of the season, before rain and cold set in. However, for the Hawks, it could work. The team really doesn't have a bad weather game. Qwest field will most likely provide the worst. And when the weather does hit, the running game will have hopefully sorted itself out.

In reality, Tim Ruskell spent a considerable amount of time and effort revamping the running game. Whether he says it was because he was too good to pass up or not, Justin Forsett was part of that. So was TJ Duckett. And as much as all of us recognize Holmgren for his elaborate passing attacks, he is the same guy who relied so heavily on Shaun for a 5 year period. Taking 8 weeks to fully expand the passing attack will allow John Carlson more time to get up to speed, time for the receivers to get healthy, and most of all time for the running backs to sort themselves out.

The real question then becomes, how will the line perform? Something people seem pretty positive about.

That is my take. Make of it what you will.
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Holmgren on Forsett and Duckett [UPDATED]

by: Chris Sullivan

So, Frank Hughes has got a nice piece over at the TNT blog about some of Holmgren's responses re: the Forsett and Duckett conundrum.

I think as fans we tend to understate the difficulty of this decision. It seems for the most part people are divided at the polls -- Forsett is amazing and has proven a lot or Forsett has proven nothing because he's running against 3rd stringers. The answer, as always, probably lies in the middle. I hope to see J-Force getting more carries earlier on come Monday, so we can see whether or not his performance in the last two games were representative or not. We might not see that.

Holmgren did say that he believes Forsett will be picked up off waivers if we cut him, which is something we've been saying for awhile. I believe he makes the team as the special teams back. I do not, however, necessarily buy into the idea that Duckett gets cut, though at this point, I think its better to take the upside of Forsett than TJ. That could, of course, change over the next two games. Just for fun though, here's Forsett's combine profile.

UPDATE: Also from Hughes, a bit on Forsett from the eyes of Mr. Bruce Dehaven, special teams coach extraordinaire:

DeHaven really likes Justin Forsett as a returner. He runs hard, doesn't go down on the first hit, is sometimes difficult for opponents to see and is very tough. He said Nate Burleson is definitely out as a returner if he is going to be No. 1 receiver.
END POST Read More!

Hasselbeck Not Likely to Play in SD

by: Michael Steffes

Mike Holmgren was on KJR this morning talking with Mitch Levy. I didn't hear it, but Danny O'Neil has a good summary of it.

The highlights are that Chris Spencer should play week 1. Locklear might play week 1, and the team isn't taking the third preseason game as seriously as previous years. Holmgren does not feel obligated to play his starters deep into the game like most teams. This is partly due to the large number of injuries suffered this preseason. ~END~ Read More!

Veteran Wide Receiver Talk

by: Michael Steffes

I really didn't want to do this. I would think that many of you have already reached this conclusion. However... there were a lot of comments about Joe Horn. Several people emailed me as well. So let me put this out there, Joe Horn isn't going to be a Seahawk.

First, there is a talent issue. This isn't the Joe Horn you saw torching the NFC South 4 or 5 years ago. He has long since lost that ability. He hasn't played a full season since 2004, his receptions have declined each of the last three years bottoming out last year at 27, and with this his average yards per catch declined to a career low 9.0. More after the jump....

On top of this, I saw it suggested that Joe Horn was a "character" guy. He is not a bad guy, but a character is a better way to describe him. This guy once pulled a cell phone out from under the goal post after a touchdown. Lame! Also, all he has done since being given a sweetheart deal in Atlanta is moan and whine about wanting to get released or traded. Granted, he expected to be playing with a different QB, but still, Seattle has worked hard to keep those guys out of the locker room.

Finally, for those who would sign Joe Horn, or any vet, who do you want to get rid of? Right now, it seems almost certain that one of Obamanu, Kent, or Payne will have to be included in the final cuts. If not, an NFL quality player at another position will be. This team is already trying to find space for a guy like Justin Forsett. The Hawks need to be worried about how to keep all our good young players, not how to add another over-the-hill vet.

Hope this clarifies my position on the subject. As I have said all along, it would be irresponsible for Tim Ruskell not to be looking to improve the roster if he can, but he will only be adding a veteran WR if it is a too good to be true situation.

One that would qualify would be Anquan Boldin, but I have seen fans emailing Mike Sando and heard them calling Sirius NFL Radio, and let me tell you that ain't happening either. AZ makes bad moves from time to time, but that would be epically poor mismanagement. The fans would never forgive them if Boldin ended up in Seahawk Blue.
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Tiger Mountain

by: Michael Steffes

If some of you want more detail on the story of Tiger Mountain, the mountain Jim Mora likes to have his players run up, Danny O'Neil did a nice story on it. Here it is.

And who says Mora goes too easy on his players? ~END~ Read More!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

11 years of progress

by: Chris Sullivan

On August 19, 1997, the National Football League approved the acquisition of the Seattle Seahawks by Paul Allen. The move was recieved with little fanfare at the time, with some still grumbling over the recently approved football stadium for a team with a history of losing. Where would we be without Paul Allen's purchase?

The most obvious answer, of course, is Los Angeles. Let's ignore that likelihood though... fill the comments with things, good or bad, that came to the Seahawks through Paul Allen. For me, the most obvious, is our new attitude -- not only can we get it done, but we will get it done. Qwest Field, the premiere stadium in the NFL, came to us because of Allen, and did so at a lower-than-typical cost to taxpayers. What else? There's a lot, but I want to give you guys time to reflect too, hah.

(Hat tip to my brother, Tim, who shot me a text regarding the anniversary). END Read More!

Great Picture

by: Mike Parker

(Taken by Ted Warren of the AP during Saturday's game.)

I'm filing it under the category of "Seahawk Linebackers Sitting on Top of Rex Grossman." There seems to be a new one of those every year, doesn't there? -END- Read More!

Forsett: Colston or Dorsett?

by: Michael Steffes

In the matter of one little blurb, Don Banks of SI manages to put Justin Forsett in the company of two very good players. Check it out....

This year's early nominee for the Marques Colston out-of-nowhere award goes to Seattle rookie running back Justin Forsett, a seventh-round pick out of Cal who so far has looked like a young Tony Dorsett -- if you'll excuse the rhyme.
I post this at the risk of causing another uproar about Justin Forsett, but I am willing to do so if it helps temper expectations a bit. Forsett is having an unbelievable preseason, but this has happened before. Guys like Amahad Bradshaw and Pierre Thomas were 7th rounders who had big preseasons last year, and then they ended up contributing to their teams. However, they didn't put up Adrian Peterson (or Barry Sanders) like numbers. And there is some validity to the idea that Forsett has been getting his carries late in the preseason games. The level of play is just not the same.

There is a QB for the Jets named Brett Ratliff who has lit up opposing defenses for 400 yards passing as a third stringer, but I assure you no one is suggesting that he ready to become the next Brett Favre. Young guys are playing for a job, while vets are doing what they think is best to get themselves ready for the season, there is a big difference. While I really like Forsett and what he is doing for this team, I caution all of you who are getting swept up in Justin-mania. He still has a long way to go to be a star in this league. ~END~ Read More!