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Free Agency Nightmare -- Nate Odomes

Hey all, I'm Chris and I'll be trying to fill in Michael's super-size cleats whenever he can't get to the blog or whenever it seems like a good idea for me to write something. Michael will still be doing the bulk of the writing, but I'll try to get some more charts up as requested and will do a bit of analysis on the side, etc etc.

I was reading our old friend Mike Sando's Hashmarks Blog and he mentioned a story that I'm a bit too young to remember, but I'm sure some of you still have nightmares about. The tale of Nate Odomes. He was a stud DB in Buffalo during the early '90s Superbowl years-- 26 interceptions including 1 for a TD, 3 sacks and 8 recovered fumbles including 2 TDs. Nice! We wisely put him in Seahawks Blue with a sizable $8.4m contract. The only problem?

He screwed up his knee playing basketball and played precisely zero snaps for the Hawks over the next two years. Sando considered this one of the biggest disasters in the NFL free agency history. Ouch! Also, I am sure it doen't help in the minds of todays Seahawks fan that his number was 37.

So,despite what you may think of Ruskell, at least we haven't signed any Nate Odomes during his tenure! Here's hoping the Rams just did... END OF POST Read More!

Irreplaceable or Easily Replaceable??

Reader, and technical adviser Chris Sullivan (he created the first RSS gadget) created something that the SA community (hopefully soon that will only stand for Seahawk Addicts) just have to see.

He has a done a fantastic statistical breakdown of all starting kickers last year. It is a pretty large graph, so to check it out...

As you can see, Josh Brown did not overwhelm the NFL with his kicking last year. He ranked 24th of all the Kickers. The average kicker made 83% of their kicks. If you factor out Mare's atrocious season, it would be 84%. The median kicker, or middle in the group, made 86%. Brown falls below those figures at 82%. That ranks him at 25th. Well, what about difficulty, ignoring long snapper statistics, Brown ranked 24th in average distance of made field goal.

Kickoffs were always a big concern with Brown. Touchback stats were always below average. Well, the Seahawks averaged giving the ball to opponents on the 27.6 yrd line. That puts him at 18th in the league. Granted, cover teams obviously play a large roll in this, touchbacks are the one thing that substantially helps the average.

So the one unmeasurable is clutch. We all know that Josh Brown hit game winners. However, he hit 82% of his kicks. So out of ten game winners no matter what he should hit 8. I count game 7 winning kicks in his career. Somebody tell me if i am missing one. 2005-Washington, Dallas, NYG, 2006- Det, Den, St.Louis X 2. He is 6/7, or 85%. That is simply what the average kicker does over a 7 kick span. Granted he has made his last 6, but truthfully, by the numbers, he is only preforming slightly better than his 2007 average in those situations.

Anyway you spin it, stack it, or frame it, Josh Brown simply isn't the best kicker in the league. Tim Ruskell probably got lucky he didn't have to pay him like one.

One thing to note also though, of the two rookies last year, Folk and Crosby. One did slightly better than Josh (folk) and the other was slightly worse (crosby). So I would say it is a 50/50 proposition we get someone as productive through the draft. I wonder what Jason Elam wants?

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Nobody Showing DJ The Love

In a day when huge dollars where thrown around and many people changed teams, surprisingly there just wasn't much DJ Hackett news. Lots of places claim to have Hackett on the radar, but I have found no confirmed visits. While teams entertained and signed second rate players like Kwamme Harris and Josh McCown, nobody rushed to make DJ their #1 target. Ernst Wilford and Jerry Porter both inked fairly large deals, considering their recent production. Devery Henderson was on his way to Tampa. Berrian went to Minnesota, and then supposedly back to Oaktown. But really Hackett stayed in the shadows.

What does this mean? Well, as every hour passes, and more dollars are spent, it becomes increasingly probable that the Hawks might be able to keep him. We reported, via an Adam Kaplan interview that all things equal, he wanted to stay in Seattle. Well, now that nobody has blown him away and made him feel like "the answer to all their problems", Hack might take a short incentive laden deal to stay. Heck, he might even just take a one year deal and try this again next year. For all those who had the Hawks signing him in March, I hope your optimism is rewarded. I am feeling better about it every minute.

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Josh Brown is a Ram--Official... Again

UPDATED (6:00PM) FSN is now reporting it is a 5 yr deal. Of course it is. Knew he signed there all along! Danny ONeil is using this report as proof over at his blog, right here.

Ok 12th Men, get them vocal chords ready. In an uninspiring move, Josh Brown has decided the best landing spot is the St. Louis Rams. Good Catch Loyal Readers!

Can't wait to see what the #'s are. The Hawks final offer was 5yrs and 14 million.

Also, if you haven't seen the new page dedicated to situations like this, it is on the left, check it out. This move, and a favorite blog of mine have inspired it. It will update as sports figures earn their place there. To start, Josh Brown is the big winner.

UPDATE-- THE LINK IS NO LONGER VALID, and no one else is reporting this???? Could it be some chicanery. Josh is gonna have a hard time if he tries to come back now.

UPDATE-II is now running with the story, but they appear to have seen the same thing as we have, from the Rams official website. Which no longer exists. Here is the link on

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Ashworth Out

Clare Farnsworth is reporting that Tom Ashworth has been released by the club. If you have been reading this blog for a awhile, you might be asking, what took so long?

Ashworth was scheduled to earn 2 mil this year, and was probably seen as the 4th tackle. I am interested to see if this was a June 1st cut. Surprisingly enough, Ashworth had some bonus money still being accounted for.

By my accounting, if this was 6/1 cut, it saves the Hawks 2 million. If not, it only saves them about 800k. I am sure more will be revealed.

And thanks to the reader who pointed it out.

UPDATE-- I have assumed it is a 6/1 cut, and updated the Seahawk Salary Spreadsheet accordingly--- Read More!

Hawks Sniffing around Shockey??

Mike Garafolo of the New Jersey Star Ledger is implying that the Hawks were one of the teams supposedly asking about Jeremy Shockey. This is from his blog...

Also, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting former Falcons TE Alge Crumpler is close to signing with the Seahawks. Hmm, I wonder if Seattle nosed around any other teams to see if they were interested in trading their veteran TEs who have been rumored to be on the outs (hint, hint!).
Why not just say it? It has already been released that the Saints were asking about him. Shockey is a handful, no doubt. He would however change the demeanor of this offense. That said, would he claim Holmgren got outcoached if the Hawks lose in NY next year? I think this is the least likely of the three scenarios: Crump, Draft, or Shockey.

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Interesting Name...

Well here is something that peaks my interest. Apparently, in anticipation of acquiring Marcus Stroud, the Buffalo Bills have released DT Larry Tripplett.

You may know the name, he is a former Husky and a 2nd round pick. He is only 29 and has been in the league for 6 years with the Colts and Bills. He was only due to make 1.65 million this year. In this market for DT's, he might be a valuable pick up for the rotation.

He sounds like a Ruskell guy to me, to read the scouting report....

2007 Scouting Report - Scouts Inc.
Grade: 70 | Key
Alert: None

Comment: Tripplett is a fifth-year veteran with above average size and good athletic ability. He plays hard and shows good strength to anchor in the middle. He plays with good pad level and powerful hands to stymie blockers at the point of attack. Tripplett can push the pocket and generate power with his up-field leg drive. He is instinctive when feeling pad pressure and when pressing back into the blocker to squeeze the hole. He has good first-step quickness and can gain leverage with his hands and body position. Tripplett has good foot quickness, balance and lateral agility in the tackle box. He can be disruptive working the edge of blockers and penetrating gaps. He is effective when stunting and drawing the double team often. He is not a big play maker but is effective as a run defender enabling linebackers to scrape and run free. Tripplett is a good football player and has fit in well with the Buffalo defensive scheme.

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Texans Eying Bentley

Here is the first official Kevin Bentley report. Danny O'Neil, on his blog, has Kevin Bentley visiting the Texans this weekend. I am still wondering if he will find out that the market is different than he expects. He literally had one good game as a starting linebacker while here. The majority of the time the defense looked like a shell of itself when Leroy Hill was out. Maybe that contributes to why the Hawks are putting up so little resistance.

UPDATE-- Here is the Texans point of view. Apparently Ray Rhodes is behind this. So be it. END OF POST Read More!

Is he or Isn't He?

Just when Hawk fans thought we get some news about addition,instead of subtraction, Frank Hughes at the TNT, has thrown water on the fire. According to him, more to the point, Alge Crumpler's agent, The AJC report was premature. Well isn't that convenient, considering that Crumpler's agent was the one quoted in that report. This might be some newspaper negotiating, trying to drum up a bigger offer. Either that or someone called and was willing to overspend. Clearly, the Hawks front office does a good job assigning a value to a player and sticking to it. Judging by some of the contracts flying around right now, other teams are taking an, if you got it spend it, approach. END OF POST Read More!

Surprise Contender??

The Broncos, who earlier released Javon Walker, have contacted the agent of one D.J. Hackett. This is a surprise only in the sense that not one person in the contest to guess Hackett's deal picked the Broncos. However, DJ is a University of Colorado product. That helped lure Daniel Graham back there last year. The story says, while interest has been shown, no visit is scheduled. The Broncos are also interested in Niko Koutovides. I hate the Broncos!

If you want to see all the predictions from the contest, I posted them here. So many posts today, if you don't catch em' quick they disappear. Read More!

Seahawks Like Gay?

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports is reporting the Seahawks have shown interest in free agent CB Randell Gay. This comes off an early report in which they were talking to Eugene Wilson's agent. Memo to Seahawks......Read My Last Post!!!! Neither Gay nor Wilson is very good. Average I would say. My guess is that these are contingency plans in case Marcus Trufant says trade me or else. However, with Samuel getting less than most expected, I would think a long term deal now becomes far more likely.

UPDATE, Adam Schefter is saying Samuel's deal is 6 yrs, so we may have to wait and see the figures again too, however it is far more likely that they put a voidable year on the end so Samuel and his agent can claim he is making an ungodly amount of money.

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Broncos look at Koutovides

According to this story in the Denver Post, Niko is a target of the Broncos as well. Providing that Tampa doesn't get him first. It is looking increasingly like Niko won't be back with the Hawks. It is too bad. This is simply the price a team pays for sustained success. People always point to how Patriot players sign with other teams and then are busts. Well, maybe that is because teams put an inordinate amount of stock in their roles on winning teams and expect too much. This could be a trend that takes place with the Hawks now. I for one, if I were a GM, would not be handing Koutivides a starting job. That said, I hope he does well with his opportunity. Good Luck Niko! End of Post Read More!

Alge is Close to Signing!!!!

This according to the Atl Journal Constitution. According to his agent, they are in heavy negoitaions with the Hawks as we speak.

The deal should be completed by the weekend. We have been touting this signing on the site for several weeks. I for one am very happy and think it is a smart move. I will trade a kicker for a pro bowl tight end, any day. Even if he only has a few years in the tank.

What will be interesting to see is how much the deal is for. He was telling other teams 5 mil a year was what he wanted. However, as speculated here, it was the connection to Carlester, Ruskell, Mora, Kerney and probably the success of the Hawks that made the difference. I hope there is a discount involved, or maybe a shorter contract.

The other question is whether or not the Hawks will still look TE in the draft. Smart money is that they will, however it will probably be in a later round. This too is fine with me, as the position seems unusually deep this year.

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Quick Look At Kickers

Now that it seems like a certainty that Josh Brown will be kicking somewhere else next year. I thought I would do a quick rundown of what is available.

Really, the only free agent worth mentioning is Jason Elam. Definitely an outdoor kicker, he has been in Denver for the last decade. He is 38, and his leg strength isn't what it used to be, however, he hit several game winners last year, ala Josh Brown like. It may be time for him to move on, he has been a Bronco for ever.

In the draft. Here are NFL DRAFT SCOUTS top rated kickers....

Art Carmody, Lou
Taylor Mahlhoff, Wis
Alexis Serna, Oregon St.
Shane Longest, St. Xavier

Others include.... Brandon Coutu, GA--Jeremy Ito, Rutgers--Piotr Czech, Wagner--Conner Barth, UNC--John Sullivan, New Mexico-- and one other K that fans seem to like is Garrett Hartley of Oklahoma. He has a huge leg, but is ranked a little lower.

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Good News!!!!

The reported figures on the Asante Samuel deal are only 5 yrs and 47 mil. This is according to Those of you who are math challenged, let me help. It is not 10 mil per. It is just over 9 million per. This is good news why?

Well Marcus Trufant's franchise tender is for 9.5, approximately. A long term deal would allow them to lower the first year cap hit. If these figures are right, it should put the two sides a lot closer together. Lets hope they get it done in time to continue improving this team. END OF POST Read More!


I just wanted to send out a special thanks to all the loyal readers and all those new readers who have begun checking out the site. In the day leading up to free agency, annihilated all previous traffic records. We had 1162 unique visitors, 3072 his, and an unbelievable 9,739 pageviews. Not so bad, considering we haven't reached our month anniversary yet. I hope we can break them all again today.

Also, thank you all who submitted entry in the NFL Draft Gear Contest. I must have picked a good contract to guess, because we have contract amounts from 3.25 mil all the way to 43 million. No one can seem to agree on what will happen with Hack. I have to hand it to my readers though, a bunch of you picked the Hawks. That kicks butt. I love the optimism. That is the energy I hope continues to flourish here. I refuse to admit that dark days of Hawk football are upon us again. I think this is, and will be, one of the premier franchises in pro sports for years to come. I only hope the blog does as well.

Thanks again everybody. I will be working hard all weekend to make sure Free Agent Hawks rumors and news break here first. Stay tuned.

UPDATED-- SURFHAWK, asked if I could post all the entries for the Hackett Contest. I tried to do it last night, but i was tired and it was tedious. However, I have done it now, so if you interested.....

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Jeff Wilkens Officially Retires--UPDATED

This is according to PFT. This of course clears the path for Josh Brown to sign there. St. Louis was supposedly the first stop on his tour. This will be very disapointing for Hawk fans, but I do look forward the volume if Brown is trying to kick a game winner at Qwest. Who are we kidding? The Rams, winning on the road in Seattle... that is so 2004.

UPDATE(11:10am)-- Here is the story confirming what the reader said in the comments, under no circumstances will Josh Brown be back with the Hawks. Unfortunate, but not crippling.

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Hackett Talk Should Start Heating Up

Adam Schefter is reporting that Jerry Porter has agreed to terms in Jacksonville. It is believed to be 6yrs 30 million w/ 10 guaranteed. That is almost an exact duplicated of Antwan Randle El's contract, as a reader suggested Hackett's would be. The Jags may have an explosive offense next year. Of course, defenses won't even cover Troy Williamson because he catches worse than the guy from Necessary Roughness (crappy childhood movie reference).

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Seahawks Interested In Eugene Wilson

According to this article in The Star Ledger, the Hawks are one of several teams talking with the agent of Eugene Wilson.

It is not terribly surprising. Wilson was always a Belichick favorite because of his smarts and versatility. Often former Pats don't do as well outside of Foxboro, but there seems to be a lot of interest in Wilson. I assume the Hawks are investigating all DB options now that Samuel is set to sign a 6yr 62 million dollar deal.

END OF POST Read More!

If Anybody Wants a Break...

...from free agency. has a new mock draft posted. I could live with it. Check it out right here.

END OF POST Read More!

D-Tackles Breaking the Bank

And not by simply sitting on it. Take a look at some of these contracts, and then consider all the teams except for the Raiders had to give up a draft pick or two. Of course Tommy Kelley is the least of the three players.

-Tommy Kelly--Oak-- 7yrs, 50.5 mil, 18 guaranteed

-Corey Williams--Cle--38 mil, 16.3 guaranteed, 23 over the first three years.

-Kris Jenkins--NYJ- 5 years, 35 mil, 20 guaranteed

Keep your eyes on where Shaun Rogers goes....he is the next Very Very large piece to move.

Marcus Stoud may be moving too. He is also....Very large. END OF POST Read More!

Niko a Priority

This is the first place i have seen this stated, but after regurgitating the Marcus Trufant "big footprint in the salary cap" issue, suggests that the Hawks are focused most on keeping Brown and Niko.

Brown, right now, is looking like he is all about the money. He has that right. Not a great way to win over Hawk fans, but hey if he signs with St Louis, you can imagine how loud it will be when he kicks at Qwest. That would be fun.

Niko on the other hand is one of those guys who has endeared himself to Hawk fans by showing a reckless abandon, help the team at all costs, mentality on special teams. Obviously, other teams have taken notice. I am sure he was all smiles when he got a call at midnight last night from the Bucs. However, it is still a back up job, and I have to believe that the Hawks get a chance to match anything that doesn't include a starting role. Hopefully, the Hawks can make this one work, because, while Laury and Herring are young guys capable of being backup linebackers, Niko does so much more. END OF POST Read More!

Crumpler Unlikely?

Frank Hughes of the TNT says in his daily story that despite Crumpler being in town....

Ruskell made it seem unlikely the Seahawks would sign Crumpler, who has had conversations with six or seven teams.

“We really like what we see in the draft (with tight ends), we really do,” Ruskell said. “But we want to be fair and turn over every rock.”

Either this means that they will sign him for sure, or they thought that giving Alge a free trip to see his brother was just the right thing to do. I mean why not fly 3000 miles, we can say hi, but sorry we don't have any money. For more thoughts on the cap situation and free agency.....

Really, that is why I posted this. The same article says that Chris Gray might retire. Ok. Don't you want to find out. He counts 1.7 against the cap this year. Might be nice to have right now. Also, how about Jason Babin. He counts just under a million. He didn't play a down last year and we all know you were looking at DE's, at least one, at the combine. Is he really in the plans? In fact, they should just bring back Wyms, who can play in the rotation at end and tackle. Give him Babin's money right now.

Tim, Seahawk fans love winning. You have done that well. But this just looks bad. We are going to go into next year with a line coach, a new guard, and some draft picks. There needs to be some sort of spark in this offense next year. Make some room and try and do something to help this offense. Especially if you are going to use a pick on DT, which is probably needed.

If you put your eggs in the Alexander revival basket, thats fine, but if I doesn't work out, I am gonna wish we just took that extra 4 million in cap room when he is sitting on IR... or the turf after failing on another 3rd and 2. I understand that winning the offseason isn't how you win the divison, else AZ or SF would be perrenial champs. However, this "Marcus's money is tying us up" routine is already wearing on me.
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Tampa Backing Off Hackett

According to this blog post this morning from the St. Pete Times, Tampa has turned most of its efforts towards Drayton Florence. Found in that post is this statement...

At receiver, the Bucs have taken a look at Seattle receiver D.J. Hackett, but our understanding is there's a feeling inside the organization that he isn't much different from Michael Clayton and Maurice Stovall. Indications we're getting are that the team still thinks Clayton can help the team and is certainly the toughest receiver on the roster.
When teams recognize that Michael Clayton (Not the George Clooney Character) is tougher than you is the same time you realize all those injuries might be knocking down your value. That said, look for Tennessee to be the next big player on Hack, if Berrian signs in Minny today.

All you late entrants in the Hack Contract Contest, who chose the Bucs, may have gotten tricked

END OF POST Read More!

Brown Drawing Interest

As a reader pointed out.. Brown is scheduled meet with St.Louis and Kansas City. However this article from John Clayton says that Atlanta was the first to contact him. Looks like my theory that no one pays attention to kickers in the first week was flat out wrong.

If someone wants to make Brown the highest paid kicker in the league then so be it. Just remember, the Hawks aren't tight against the cap because they have spent poorly. They have paid good players what they deserve. When you have numerous pro bowlers on a team, it is hard to pay a kicker more money than every other kicker in the league.

END OF POST Read More!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Samuel Goes 6 for 60

According to Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe, Samuel and the Eagles are close on deal that would pay 60 million over 6 years, if Samuel reaches his incentives. Honestly, I think he and Trufant are on the same level. One big difference, Samuel used his leverage last year and is hitting the market during the perfect storm. I really think that neither Samuel or Trufant is capable of winning a game for you by himself, and anybody who is getting 8 figures per year, should fit into that category. Read More!

Zorn Makes First Move

According to Mike Florio and PFT, the Skins have retained the services of back up Todd Collins. This was important as Jason Cambell is still a bit of an unknown. You may remember Todd Collins, he along with Sean Taylors Ghost led the Skins on miraculous charge right to Qwest field. After beating Dallas by 21 and attributing this to the Ghost theory, Collins was hit close to 21 times and the Skins lost by 21 points, and coincidentally Marcus Trufant decided he wanted 21 mil guaranteed. Allegedly.

End of Post Read More!

Niners Active

Matt Maicco has quited the Niner faithful by reporting an array of deals. So not only have the Niners lost Justin Smiley and Kwamme Harris (addition by subtraction,so i'm told), but they have signed three minor pieces as well.

-J T O'Sullivan, Qb who was Kitna's backup last year

-Deshaun Foster, presumably as insurance for Gore

-Dontarrious Thomas, LB, formerly of Min. This signing supposedly takes them out of the Lance Briggs sweepstakes

Also, Justin Smith is coming to SF after Minnesota, and the Niners expect to host Issac Bruce shortly. Who didn't see that coming?

END OF POST Read More!

Tampa Bay is on Niko

In a surprise move, the Tampa Bay Bucs have focused on Niko Koutovides.

They are looking at him in a backup role. Unfortunately, the Hawks can't pay nearly as much for back ups as the Bucs can right now. That said, Niko, primarily a middle linebacker, has little chance of seeing regular duty for the Hawks due to the presence of Lofa Tatupu.

--Right now, it would seem the Skins are focused on Todd Collins, so Hackett may be over their heads as well.

--Also Kwamme Harris has agreed with the Raiders. The Niners have already lost two linemen so far. Now it will be a race to see who can dislocate body parts of Alex Smith. I hope we play them in week 2! UPDATE--11:10, this is not confirmed and other suitors have entered, however it appears Harris won't be in SF either way.

END OF POST Read More!

It's On!!!!!!! Let the Madness begin!

I thought I would just start a thread to help cover any craziness thats happens in the next couple hours. If something warrants its own post I will give it on, else keep checking this thread, I will add new updates as they happen.

--Seems like there is going to be more trading than ever this year. Newest rumor is that the Saints asked the Giants about Jeremy Shockey

-Wow, all the Jets could get for Vilma was an 09' conditional pick. His knee must be FUBAR

-Adam Caplan is reporting that the 49ers are in on Faneca. Seems right. They need someone to keep Rocky from Sugarbearin' Smith again!

-The St Pete times has it on good authority that Samuel is an Eagle. Andy Reid better not pay out that large rear of his.

-That same article says the Hawks may make a final attempt to sign Hackett. This is consistent with what we posted before about getting a chance to come close to market value.

-At least one owner is getting his private jet fired up and burning fuel. Maybe he should have sent a boat, ha ha.

Mike Florio of suggests that teams may have been instructed not to announce deals for at least 60 minutes. The league needs to stop treating its fans like children. We get it, tampering happens. So What!

For more free agency rumors and signings......

-Thankfully, barring an upset the Jets will get Faneca. Better than the NFC West, even though we do play them next year. I hope he has 8 false starts at Qwest next year. 1 for each million he'll be making!

-This is just my own wild speculation and guess, but I think that Derek Anderson ends up in Atlanta for their two seconds. Else, why wouldn't Cleveland just take a tackle with their 2nd and pay him nothing. It makes no sense to get rid of your only 1st day pick for a DT, especially after an average one broke the bank today.

-Justin Smiley has agreed with the Dolphins. Rumor was this was happening and now it is done. ummmmmmm one more year of Larry Allen. Me likey!

-Smiley's deal is 5yrs for 25 mil with a 9 mil signing bonus. I like Wahle's deal more and more every day.

-The Panthers have DL Tyler Brayton coming in for a visit. I speak for Hawk fans worldwide when I say, thank him for helping Jerramy Stevens see the errors in his ways. is reporting Samuel will visit the Eagles tomorrow (or just wait until then to announce the deal)

-Jerry Porter is also visiting Jacksonville too (same article)

-Reinfeldt says he is ready to take a look at bringing back the freak!

-Looks like Moss will still be a Patriot. Jeeeez, didn't see that coming.

-Minnesota must be serious about things. Apparently Ziggies Jet is picking up Justin Smith too. Fine with me. Nobody wants to sign with the 9ers. Ha ha (in a nelson from the simpsons tone).

-Cleo Lemon is taking is lemonade up to Jacksonville for a visit tomorrow

-Det DE Corey Willams is headed to GB for visit. I wish I knew who that was.

-Tampa Bay has started their spending spree with C, Jeff Faine. Oh the Golden Domers. Expect them to now start looking a WR. There is only one top guy who doesn't have a visit planned for tomorrow.

-Gabril Wilson has supposedly agreed to a deal with the Raiders... They better be backing up a truck to dump of his signing bonus, else why would you leave the Champs for the biggest Chumps
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Josh Brown Kickin' at Arrowhead---Updated!!

Jason Cole of Yahoo sports suggests that the Chiefs are gearing up for a big run at Josh Brown. I for one will be very disappointed if Brown leaves for the rebuilding Chiefs over 400K.... And it won't be aimed at Tim Ruskell.

He also seems to think it is critical for the Hawks to ink DJ back to the blue and teal.

UPDATE (8:42pm)-- Here is an article from the Kansas City Star that says Josh Brown could be in Kansas City as soon as tomorrow. END OF POST Read More!


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Bentley and Joppru to Cincy?

According to this article from the Springfield News Sun, they could both be possible targets of the Bengals. Well, I guess Mike Brown, Bengals Owner, is pretty content wasting the best part of Carson Palmer's career. It mentions Crumpler, and then says Joppru is a cheaper option. It doesn't mention one high profile linebacker, Bentley tops the list. If I remember, they had one LB who hadn't been signed off the street at the end of last year. They lost to SF and Shaun Hill. And, oh yeah, they are losing Justin Smith, probably there best defensive player! Might want to shoot a little higher. Glad I'm not a Bungles fan! END OF POST Read More!

Who's Got the Bucs in the DJ Hackett Pool?

The Tampa Tribune has heard that the Bucs are highly interested in signing DJ Hackett. Makes sense. They need a weapon opposite of Joey Galloway, and they run a WCO. Here is the blog post from the Tribune.

By the way, if you haven't entered the Seahawkaddicts Draft Gear Contest, you have 75 minutes to do so. The info is in the left hand side bar. Get errrr done! END. Read More!

Hackett Definitely Playing Second Fiddle

It would seem most teams in need of WR's are looking at Bernard Berrian as their top target. The Vikings and Titans are looking at a bidding war come midnight. The 49ers may get involved if they aren't tied up with Lance Briggs and Justin Smith. The two wild cards that will hang around and pick up the pieces are the Skins and the Bucs. Both who now run and offensive system Hack has proven he can in excel in.

-Other notes: Corey Williams looks headed to Cleveland for a 2nd. Very interesting considering Cleveland doesn't have a 1st. They must think Anderson will bring home an offer sheet.

-Also Vilma looks headed to the Saints. One less team who may have been looking at Bentley as a starter. The Lions were previously looking at Vilma, so maybe he goes there.

END OF POST Read More!

Seahawks Looking at Hadnot

According to this blog post from John Mclain of the the Houston Chronicle, the Hawks are one of the suitors for versatile offensive lineman Rex Hadnot. Hadnot was a productive member of the Dolphins last year, and many were surprised that he was not offered a contract. He is similar to Gray. He can play guard or center. He defintely would push Sims and Spencer. Might be a good move at the right price. It looks like his choice would be Houston, so I wouldn't expect much. END OF POST Read More!

Hawks Missing 5th Rounder

I have read Frank's latest musings out of the mouth of Tim Ruskell. I don't particullary put too much stock in it. Well except the they will look for veteran long snapper. They are just waiting for the Falcons and Bucs next round of cuts.

I could be in denial about Shaun Alexander, but I believe they are just keeping their options open in case they can't snag a back they like. Wouldn't do much good it he was pouting all year. I have a hard time believing that they are the only ones in the entire NFL community who thinks Shaun can return to his previous greatness.

Here is what i do think is important. He says the Hawks are only missing their 5th rounder this year from the trade for Alvin Pearman. I am assuming they have Tennessees (for Fisher) in place of their own (Frye). But since the two teams are picking back to back it doesn't really matter. Obviously the Josh Parry pick never vested, thank god!

Ruskell also thinks we are getting a compensation pick. I will believe it when I see it. I can't remember who we lost other than Hamlin, but I would think signing Kerney, Grant, and Russell negate it. Well See.

In the meantime, no cuts have been announced. It really isn't that big a deal because the Hawks can spend their 12 million now, then restructure and cut people before they have to sign rookies. That way they can avoid going over the cap. Just more proof that this organization strays from the pack in the way they approach things, but no complaints from me as long as we keep winning. END OF POST Read More!

Crumpler in Town

According to Frank at the TNT. Alge is in the building. I for one am in favor of this signing (as if you haven't noticed). I know that it is Marcus Pollard all over again, but Crumpler has a better pedigree. Plus, it allows the team to pick from a Best Player Avail concept rather than trying to fill needs in the draft. Apparently, Frank sat down with Tim Ruskell--nice work Frank!--so check out Seahawks Insider, he will have more later (but come back here to see who signs where, starting at 9pm).END OF POST Read More!

Restricted Free Agents--UPDATED!

According to Danny O'Neil, Weaver has been tendered. Apparently what level of tender has been classified as top secret info. Why? Got me.

UPDATE-- Weaver got the 2nd round tender. Now was that so hard. He will be a Hawk next year.

Also, no word on whether or not Alvin Pearman, the Hawks other RFA, has been tendered.

UPDATE-- Pearman was not offered a tender. Good luck to you Alvin, hopefully we didn't end up having to give a pick for your brief contribution.

Also, Remember....ONLY SIX HOURS LEFT TO ENTER THE SEAHAWKADDICTS.COM DRAFT GEAR CONTEST. The info can be found right here. As of now, less than 40 people have entered so your odds of getting the gear seem pretty good. Especially if you are skilled at understanding the WR free agent market. Good Luck. Read More!

And Seahawk Fans Shed a Tear.....

Actually, no they don't. The Lambs have handed Issac Bruce a pink slip. Personally, I know he was old, but he should have been a Lamb for life. Expect him to end up opposite DJACK in Mike "Mrs. Doubtfire" Martz's spread attack. And Hawk fans can now focus there attention to worrying about the Cards as the primary competition for the NFC West.

PS--It is 2pm, RFA tenders were due an hour ago. Whats up w/ Weaver? Normally I try to play nice with the big boys and their fancy laminates, but is everybody sleeping on this or what?

NEW UPDATE-- I retract my previous statement...Danny O'neil is on it and will have something shortly. Apparently I am not the only one who cares. Read More!

More Combine Interviews

Martin Rucker, Missouri TE, was just on Sirius NFL Radio. He said that his best interviews were with the Falcons and Seahawks. He said that the Seahawk interview was laid back and relaxed and he felt good about it. Holmgren was in the room, Mora was not. He thought coach was a really nice guy. This is nothing too surprising. As we noted, the Seahawks were expected to interview every TE not previously accused of rape or other appalling behaviors.

Also, just like every other TE interviewed, he is anxious to prove he can block and is a complete tight end.

UPDATE(1:45pm)-- Here is an article that states that the Seahawks are one of the teams at the combine that showed the most interest in Eastern Michigan DE Jason Jones. Read More!

Barber Given High Tender

Despite speculations, MBIII was given the highest tender possible, This essentially takes interested bidders out of the running. it would take a 1st & 3rd and a truckload of cash to get him. I bet Rosenhaus isn't happy, but for the Cowboys, it was the right thing to do. Read More!

Ben Utecht Available

The Colts tendered TE Ben Utecht with the lowest possible tender. He was undrafted, which means the Hawks could sign him to an offersheet with out giving up a pick. Some people really like Utechts potential and feel he has been stuck behind Dallas Clark. It will be interesting to see if the Hawks show interest, and how much competition there might be. He is 26yrs old and goes approx. 6'6'', 260. For a scouting breakdown.....

2007 Scouting Report - Scouts Inc.
Grade: 65 | Key
Alert: B

Comment: Utecht is a three-year veteran out of Minnesota that was signed as a free agent by the Colts in 2004. He has excellent size to go with smarts, competitiveness and adequate speed and athleticism. He will line up at both TE as well as H back in the Colts spread offense but is used primarily as a blocking TE. After two years of primarily riding the bench he became an integral part of Indianapolis offense this year and came away with 37 catches. He is surprisingly agile and fluid for such a big TE but he lacks instant acceleration off the line and is susceptible to being pressed by a good LB. He has a long stride length that eats up ground and allows him to sneak up on the secondary and surprise them now and then. He is not a real strong blocker but is getting better as he matures and gains functional strength. He does a pretty good job of position blocking and staying in the way, but does not finish blocks off well. He struggles a bit with low passes but can reach out and pluck the ball away from his body with soft, natural hands. He fits the bill for a backup that does not hurt you when he has to play.
Read More!

DT Tommy Kelly gets Paid

The Raiders Defensive tackle had been starting to garner interest in the free agent market. I had speculated that the Hawks may look at him considering he was 27 and coming off an injury. He was expected to be a less expensive option. So much for that. The Raiders locked him up at 50.5 million with 18.125 guaranteed. He is now the highest paid DT in the league. Maybe the Hawks ought hold that 1st rounder after all, especially if they want a DT who can contribute. There is some crazy jack being thrown around right now... just wait until 9pm tonight, stay tuned. Read More!

Crumpler Speculation

The Tennessee Titans tendered Bo Scaife a 2nd round tender. While Bo Scaife is a favorite target of Vince Young and the Titans obviously have a need for more than one TE, using the 2nd round tender would certainly signify that the Titans may not be as confident they will sign Alge Crumpler as they have let on. They could have gone with the low tender and received a 6th round choice. My guess is that it is a three way race between Tennessee, Tampa and the Hawks. What the Hawks do later, as far as cuts, will probably be telling in how interested they are in signing him. Read More!

Anybody Need a Haircut?

Well better get a Barber. Uh oh! Let the time of rumor and specutlation begin. The first part of this rumor is that the Boys are only putting the first round tender on Marion Barber. That means a team who signs him to a deal has to give up a fisrt round pick to Dallas. Then, this blog post from from the Dallas Morning News goes on to speculate that the Hawks may be involved. If you are drooling on your keyboard....

A possible suitor? Take a look at Seattle. Shaun Alexander could be cut, Mike Holmgren's going into his final year, and the Seahawks have a history of using poison pills to pursue restricted free agents (i.e. Nate Burleson.)

The first- and third-round pricetag might be prohibitive. The first-round tender might not be. The Seahawks are slotted 25th in the first round. Some think they'd take a running back, like Oregon's Jonathan Stewart, in that spot. Considering that, signing Barber and forking over the 25th pick wouldn't seem crazy.

At first, this seems silly to me. Why give up or 1st pick and a huge deal? However I must say, last year, watching Shaun made me dream of back like Barber. He truly is the anti Shaun. This is as tough a cookie as you can find. I think that a backfield of Barber and Weaver would bring the hardhats back in vogue at Qwest field.

So tell me what you think? Why take a chance that one of the rookie backs (Stewart or Mendenhall) falls? Just go get that position sewed up. I have to admit, from what I have read about Solari, he dreams of backs like this at night, but who knows, at this time of year, its all rumor. Read More!

What to Look For Today

Well, by 1pm today, Leonard Weaver will be tendered a contract. My speculation has been that it will be the 2nd round tender. It is worth that to avoid having another hole to fill. Plus, the screen game really seemed to excel once Weaver was in the backfield more often

Also, cuts. You may have noticed that teams are cleaning up there obligations the last few days. All teams must be under the cap by the time free agency starts. That won't be a problem for the Hawks, but if they want to throw some money around, they may have to free some up. Possibilities include Ashworth, Mike Green, and Jason Babin.

Is Alge Crumpler in town? Is he negotiating with Tennessee?

Finally, at 9pm PST, free agency starts. The Hawks probably won't be sending the jet out tonight, and maybe not even this weekend. However this site will track it all and tell you how signings around the league relate to the Hawks. It is gonna finally be a day with a lot of news! Read More!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Want DB Money!

Infamously shouted in the locker room in 06' by Darrel Jackson, now is being borrowed by another receiver, Bernard Berrian. To update the answer to a question, this article from the Chicago Sun times says that Bernard Berrian is using Deion Branch's contract as a starting off point. Oooooooh Baby, free agency is gonna be crazy! Read More!

Answers to Your Questions Vol. 3

Howdy folks.... I got a feeling that info is going to be coming hot and heavy starting tomorrow, so I wanted to get the backlog of questions that had been asked out of the way.

Free agency starts tomorrow at 9pm. That is important for two reasons. First if you haven't entered in the Seahawkaddicts DRAFT GEAR CONTEST, that is the deadline. The info for entry is in the left hand side bar. Second, I am have have been working my butt off all week, so that Thursday night and all day Friday can be devoted to breaking Free Agency info as it happens. So check back often to find out who has signed where, and, as always, I will put a Hawks spin on it.

In the meantime, to see answers to your questions.......

Brian--asked my take on the RB's at the combine and will one of the big 3 will make it to the Hawks?

I thought the RB's at the combine preformed very well as a group. The only guy who really hurt himself was Mike Hart, boy was he slow. That said, I bet he is a great pro. The reason RB's often come from later in the draft is that its has less to do with speed and more to do with desire(insert Shaun Alexander comment here). That said, I would say it is about 50-50 that one of the big three makes it to the Hawks. The CB's did very well too, which might convince teams like AZ or Hou to take a 1st round CB instead. The good news, it appears now that local boy Jonathan Stewart is the 3rd back chosen. Boy would he look good in blue and teal.

Griffin- Asked me to review the tight ends at the combine and was J. Stewart supposed to be faster than 4.4?

I will start with Stewart, since I just covered that. 4.4 is fine. Especially for a guy 5'10'' 235. Anything under 4.5 is fine. It is 4.7 or 4.8 when teams get worried. As for the TE's, the top guys preformed poorly and the bottom guys performed well. I still think Davis will be a fine pro, but maybe now he slips. This can only be good for the Hawks. Also, Dustin Keller may have taken the spot atop most boards. He looked like the next Dallas Clark, and I don't want to hear about how he can't block. He played in the Big Ten. Trust me, they block up there!

Cris.Sullivan-- Asked who will fill DJ Hackett's shoes, and what is Berrian's value?

I think the answer to who fills DJ Hackett's shoes is who performs best in camp. I understand that the 4 guys currently on the roster don't have much experience, but neither did a guy like Matt Hasslebeck when Holmgren traded for him. What I am saying, is that I trust the coaches evaluation, and they like all 4 of these guys (the guys in the current poll). One on them will stand out and the others will get a chance to gain experience at times. Whether it is a downgrade, possibly, but DJ Hackett came out of nowhere when DJ went down in 05 and he was great. I will take a wait and see approach. As for Berrian, he is probably the best WR on the market not named Moss. That said, he is still probably a #2 who will get paid like a #1.

Anonymous -- asked for a breakdown of Nate Clements deal.

It is a 8 yr 80 million $ deal. However the final year has already voided, so technically it is 7yrs 64mil. The 9ers had so much space last year they paid his bonus as a roster bonus, so it all counted last year. This allowed them to give him bigger base salaries. Here is the breakdown from rotoworld...

3/2/2007: Signed an eight-year, $80 million contract. The deal contains $22.6 million in guarantees, including an initial roster bonus of $11 million. With a void year in 2014, it is essentially for seven seasons and $64.02 million. 2008: $3,383,334 (+ $10 million roster bonus), 2009: $3,516,666, 2010: $6 million, 2011: $7.25 million, 2012: $9 million, 2013: $10.77 million, 2014: $15.48 million, 2015: Free Agent. Cap charges: $5.55 million (2008), $5.68 million (2009), $8.17 million (2010).

As you can see it is backloaded pretty heavily. It really is a fascinating deal.

SteveR-- Do I think it is possible that DJ Hackett has a wink wink deal with Jim Zorn?

It is a possibility. I think that there would be an advantage in Hackett going to the Skins that no one else can provide. He can help players believe that Zorn is a good coach. Plus, at least Zorn will have somebody who isn't learning the system brand new. That said, if somebody decides to pay Hack based on potential and not production, the Skins who have cap issues, might not be able to match.

Andrew-- Asked for a breakdown of Randle El's Contract...

3/12/2006: Signed a seven-year, $31 million contract. The deal includes $10 million in guaranteees. 2008: $605,000 (+ $1.5 million roster bonus), 2009: $4 million, 2010: $4.25 million, 2011: $4.5 million, 2012: $5 million, 2013: $6 million (Voidable Year), 2014: Free Agent. Cap charge: $2.7 million (2008).

Anonymous -- asked what Jamie Silva's 40 time was?

4.56... pretty good... especially since he is known for his competitiveness and not his measurables.

JColeman-- Asked about Jordy Nelson?

What I saw of him during Senior Bowl week, I really liked. He is big, faster than he appears, and has great hands. I think he will make somebody look real smart for taking him on the second day. I doubt it will be the Hawks. They have 4 wr's who need to see time, and other holes to fill.

HawkDude--Asked if there is anybody the Hawks could look at if Trufant won't sign a long term deal?

The one guy I thought of as a possibility is Brian Kelly. Ruskell drafted him in Tampa. However, I think they would either draft a CB or look at the market next year. Trufant basically has to play this year, and I don't think the threat of a holdout would scare the Hawks. Do you remember Walter Jones, he missed camp 3 years in a row.

Derek--wanted some Alge Crumpler info?

He supposedly is visiting Tampa right now, and visiting Ten. next week. I have not heard of a visit to Seattle. However ,there is an interview from Mon between Softy and Clayton (on KJRAM.Com) in which Clayton says Seattle is in the mix. Apparently Carlester Crumpler, who played for the Hawks, still lives in the area. This could be huge in convincing Alge to move so far away from home. He has said he prefers the south. If he is all about winning, as he says, he will certainly let the Hawks make a pitch.

IdahoHawksFan-- asked about how the Skins could be interested in Hackett if the are in cap hell?

They have spent the last two weeks renegotiating deals. The redid about 10-12 contracts. Currently I think they are under the cap about 4 or 5 million. They also cut some guys and can still get rid of guys like Brunell who has a big cap hit. They are also rumored to be in on Lance Briggs which will cost a lot more. This is nothing new. They are always over the cap and they always make room. The Hawks are too fiscally responsible to go this route, but if they really wanted to find more cap room, it could be done easily. The problem is that it prevents you from cutting people before their contract is up.

--REMEMBER FOLKS... Leave a name if you ask a question, for my own sanity.. Other than that... until next time friends!
Read More!

Alge on Tour

According to the Tennessian, Alge Crumpler is in Nashville today. He supposedly was in Tampa yesterday. Will he becoming to Seattle? Who Knows? If he makes it out of Nashville and heads towards Latte Land, I would say there is a good chance he stays for good. Carelester still lives in the area, and between him, Mora, Ruskell, and a 5th division championship, I can't see there being a better place. Despite what Mike Reinfeldt might think. Read More!

Kevin Bentley Not Interested in Backup Role

According to Frank Hughes at the TNT, Bentley wants to see whats out there. This is kind of surprising to me, honestly. It is not like he as ever shown that he is a definite starter for someone. He is obviously a nice piece for a team, but I doubt anyone is willing to take a chance on him as a starting MLB. At least not a team that hopes to contend. It is too risky.

I for one will hold out hope that he comes back. Pork Chop did this last year and then came back for a 1yr deal. Bentley may find the same type of thing. Nothing I have seen looking at free agency even mentions his name. If he leaves, you can add LB to the Hawks list of draft day options. Which isn't a terrible idea anyway, JP is getttin' on in age and will have to be replaced sometime. Read More!

Free Agent Rumors Starting

Unfortunately, I don't expect the Hawks to be on anything till at least the weekend, but I thought I would pass on some of the stuff leaking out early

-Asante Samuel may have an agreement with the Saints. He is using Dwight Freeny's 72 million dollar deal w/ 30 in guaranteed as a starting point. Ouch!

-Faneca might have a deal already done with the Jets, it is rumored he is getting 20 mil guaranteed

-The Dolphins are targeting G Justin Smiley

-The Niners are in on Justin Smith, Lance Briggs and Calvin Pace. Which begs the question, can any of those guys keep Alex Smith off his back or run a deep cut in? Did I miss something or did they have one of the worst offenses ever last year? Martz and Deshuan Foster can't add that much.

-Also, supposedly according to the St Pete Times, Crumpler was meeting with the Bucs yesterday. Good news we haven't heard anything yet? Probably, unless it is because his knee is a mess. Read More!

Dustin Keller on NFL Radio

Dustin Keller, TE, out of Purdue was on Sirius NFL Radio. He met with the Mike Holmgren personally at the combine. He said the Seahawks interview was different than any of the others. The focused on what kind of person he was and only touched on football knowledge at the end. He said was intimidated by coach at first but really respected him and the way the organization handled things. Holmgren promised to keep in touch over the next few months.

Dustin Keller, you just may be a Hawk. I wonder how high his stock will rise? I like Keller more than some, mainly because I focus on production more than potential. This kid defintely produced in college. He seems like he will make a solid pro, i just wonder if it takes a first rounder to get him. Trading down to the end of the 1st, seems to make more and more sense, unless Stewart falls. Read More!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Reliving Last Years Free Agency

If any of you may have seen it, NFLN Total Access did a top ten today of last years free agent signings. Obviously, Seahawk fans have a good idea who is at the top of the list. I will give you hint, he was last seen eating Todd Collins' kidney during a sunny afternoon in January(did he even go to GB?). To see the list....

10. Shaun McDonald
9. Cato June
8. Kevin Curtis
7. Erick Steinbach
6. The Hammer
5. Adalius Thomas
4. Leonard Davis
3. Jamal Lewis
1. supposedly it was a quarterback from a southern team whose sexuality has been questioned by his diva WR. However, considering Kerney knocked him out cold in week one, Big Pat can just occupy both spots on my list.
Read More!

Seahawks Interviewing Running Backs

On Sirius NFL Radio, Kevin Smith, CUSA offensive player of the year, said that the Seahawks showed a lot of interest in him. They were the first team to interview him and gave him a bag full of gear. He is big and fast, and claims he can run better than he did. Considering he ran a 4.43, that would be impressive. His pro day is March 20th.

I would just say that it is good to know that there isn't a blind spot of loyalty to Shaun Alexander. Whether or not he is on the game one roster, a replacement needs to be ready, especially since lately he hasn't been able to get out of week one with out hurting himself. Read More!

Defensive Tackle Market is Getting Thin

Which is the exact opposite of Issac Sopoaga. Who, coincidentally, just resigned with 49ers. Adam Schefter is reporting that it is a five year deal. This is the third high profile DT that has either been resigned or franchised. Not much left, if the Hawks decided to fill that hole through free agency.

UPDATE (6:40pm)-- Mike Florio at is reporting that Asante Samuel has agreed to a deal with the Saints. If this is true, it is going to be big, and it means that the Seahawks are heading for a messy situation with Marcus Trufant Read More!


Some of you by now have noticed the new look to the site. Not only did i add a left hand sidebar in the last week, but i have littered the site with two types of advertising. If you're lucky you might even see Hass pop up in some of the adds.

The rotating adds are Google Ads, you will see these tied in at the bottom of the posts. By visiting a couple of these sponsors on a daily basis to see what they are offering, you do a great service to your hard working blogger because this brings funds to the site. The more the better, but REALLY check out what the sponsors are offering, don't just click back and forth, PLEASE.

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Great Take on the NFC West

If you have hung around this site long enough, you have heard me mention the website Football Outsiders. You may have even checked it out through the links on the right. If you understand what DVOA is, then you are a step ahead. Anyway, you will hear me talk about FO's and DVOA a lot during the season. These are hard core stats guys of professional football (also some of them are Hawk fans). Any way, here is a link to their segment FOUR DOWNS: NFC WEST.

This includes such brilliant analysis as:....

it is one thing for your skills to decline with age (understandable and inevitable) and quite another to become the laughingstock of the NFL because of your all-too-apparent fear of taking a hit (unacceptable and embarrassing).


The Seahawks are definitely interested in Alge Crumpler, who would give Holmgren something that he’s always wanted: a big tight end with good hands who isn’t an alleged rapist


Football Outsiders have been vocal supporters of Hackett throughout his career, but it’s hard to stay too excited about a receiver made out of balsa wood. Hackett’s agent stated earlier this week that he intends to “test the market,” so don’t expect him back in blue and teal.

Anyway, check out the article. It also talks about Josh Brown, Mike Wahle, and Marcus Trufant. If you like what I have to say, this site is in my opinion, one of the best!
Read More!

Congratulations Tim Ruskell, We Approve

Well I thought, as I close the Tim Ruskell approval rating poll, I would document the results in the archives. With approximately 440 votes counted, Tim Ruskell has an approval rating of 97%.

-77% of people are completely satisfied with the work of Mr. Ruskell

-another 22% are at least partially satisfied with the job he has done

- and only as mere 5 votes, or 1%, feel he needs to be canned.

Despite the fact that those who don't like him seem to be the ones shouting, overall Tim Ruskell is well liked by Seahawk fans. As he should be. He makes tough decisions. Some work, some don't, but either way, he keeps a winner on the field and everybody but Warren Moon out of the tabloids. Well done Timmy, Seahawk fans are behind you!

Of course if I put this up in a week and Hackett and Brown are gone, who knows, it could be flipped! Read More!

Corners Going Fast

Literally, today as they run and test at the Combine in Indy. They may also be going fast come April in New York City. Some of the top corners have run very well today, with the exception being Brandon Flowers. Here are some times:

Leodis McKelvin ran 4.40 & 4.35

Aquib Talib ran 4.48

Antoine Cason ran 4.49

UPDATE--Mike Jenkins ran a 4.4

and if you want to see how fast fan favorite Dominique Rogers Cromartie ran....

D.R.C. put up a tasty 4.28 & 4.34! Wow!

Anyway, these times probably cement these five as likely first round pick material. The mid tier guys such as Dajuan Tribble and Brandon Flowers are struggling. This is good for the Hawks, especially since many of the teams looking for running backs also need corners (AZ, Hou). If they feel that they will not be able to get a good corner in the middle of the second they are far more inclined to take one in the first. Running backs will defintely be available at that time.

UPDATE-- A couple of second tier guys did put in some good times at the end.

Penn States Justin King ran 4.31, Terrance Wheatley of CO ran a 4.41, Tyrell Branch of UCON ran a 4.32 and Tracy Porter of IND ran a 4.45, the Hawks interviewed Porter at the Senior Bowl. (he is short!)
Read More!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bedtime Stories

Before I call it a night, I thought i would post links to two articles worth reading. The first is from Clare at the PI-- It says the Seahawks are still the team to beat...according to Martz and Wisenhunt

The second is an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.
The Packers feel they may have missed an opportunity on Mike Wahle

The Wahle article is particularly telling. Mike McCarthy obviously believes he is still a talented player, and the MJS seems to hint that Ted Thompson blew it. Read More!

Jamie Silva, SS, Boston College

For those of you who were disappointed with certain aspects of the safety play, or simply think they Russell and Grant are just a little long in the tooth, the Seahawks met with at least one saftey at the combine. Jamie Silva of Boston College is the safety who caught the Hawks eye. NFL Draft Scout projects him as a 5th round pick. To find out more about him....


Positives: Has a thick upper-body frame with good chest and arm tone, tight waist and hips, thick thighs and calves and minimal body fat...Physical tackler with the frame to add at least another 10 pounds without any loss of quickness...Outstanding coverage man for the kickoff and punt units, playing with reckless abandon (see 2007 Georgia Tech, Army and Virginia Tech games)...Has the balance and body control to slip under blocks and apply backside pressure...Very alert of the action on the field, playing with impressive strength to quickly gain leverage...Competitive player, who makes quick decisions and excels at keeping the action in front of him, showing proper wrap-up tackle technique, as he does a good job of attacking the ballcarrier's outside leg to impede forward progress (see 2007 Wake Forest, Maryland and Virginia Tech/ACC Championship games)...Sets the tone of the game with his aggressive play and does not hesitate to close once he spots the ball, as he plays with good functional strength that allows him to explode behind his hits...Has the field awareness to adjust to the ball in flight and is efficient at handling the switch-off when working in the zone...Has a good feel for his assignment, showing the ability to anticipate to get a jump on the ball...Plays well within the defensive game plan and is not the type that will neglect his responsibilities...Has a strong desire to fill the rush lanes, extending his arms properly to engulf ballcarriers...Charges with good urgency to fill the rush lanes and is a good force-type safety with the athletic agility to make plays in the open field...Consistently goes for the ball, taking proper angles as he times his hits...Displays the vision to turn and locate the ball in a crowd and while he lacks blazing speed, he is quick to close, staying low in his pads...Secure tackler who displays his power as he consistently drives the opponent back...Exceptional worker in the training room, so much so, the coaches have to force him to leave...Plays with great emotion and desire, knowing he has the strength to deliver crunching tackles when asked to play near the line of scrimmage...Shows good route awareness and maintains contact on the receiver playing in the short area, demonstrating the natural hands and leaping ability to compete for the ball at its high point...Keeps his shoulders square and stays low, driving with his legs to rock the ball carrier back at the line of scrimmage...Runs with an effortless stride and is very decisive in his movements on plays in front of him...Plays with a total disregard for his own safety and is the type that plays through pain...Gets a good jump on the ball to stay with the receivers in the short-range area, using his hands well in attempts to impede the route's progression...Rare to see him take wasted steps in transition coming out of his backpedal and into his breaks...Loves to compete for the high passes, as he is good at elevating to catch the ball in his hands and away from his body...Always sticks his head into the pile and is very good at coming up and filling the rush lanes, looking like the Colts' Bob Sanders with his ability to use his hands to slip blocks and push the fullback back into the hole (uses his hands well to counter the bigger blocker's moves)...Highly intelligent player (note Wonderlic score of 29) and will have no problems digesting a complicated playbook...On special teams, he is a highly effective and fearless wedge-buster who breaks loose up the middle in a flash...Not used often, but has that low center of gravity and leg drive to surprise a lethargic blocker when asked to shoot the gaps and blitz...Has no trouble mirroring tight ends, backs and slot receivers, turning and trailing well while not allowing any separation underneath.

Negatives: Has shorter-than-ideal arm reach and small hands, but compensates with good leaping ability, timing and natural hands to reach and pluck the ball at its highest point...Earlier in his career, he looked a bit stiff in his hip turn when transitioning, but had better lateral range as a senior, as he refined his backpedal, staying lower in his pads to come out of his breaks with few wasted steps and no longer rounds his cuts...Lacks that sharp burst or second gear needed to recover when beaten deep, but uses his hands well to press and makes a conscious effort to turn and trail the receiver throughout the route...Has improved his backpedal technique, but he will round his breaks at times (gets caught in his feet at times trying to break in the open and needs to improve his hip swerve in order to get a more fluid motion when turning on the ball)...Takes very good angles to close on the ball, but when he over-pursues, he is not always capable of recovering and getting back into the play...Might be a better fit at strong safety, where he excels at playing downhill, as he might not have the desired range to handle the speedy receivers in their attempts to separate in the deep secondary.

Compares To: COREY CHAVOUS-ST. Louis...Few safeties in the professional ranks have the instinctive feel for the ball and knowledge of the action in front of him that Chavous displays. Silva plays with the same field vision, ball anticipation and determination. He is a physical tackler who excels in run support and does a nice job of impeding the ballcarrier's forward progress with his hard-hitting wrap-up tackling skills. He has small, yet natural hands to make the interception and is very good at gaining placement in attempts to reroute the receiver. What he lacks in hip fluidness and explosive second gear, he makes up for with solid tackling skills, taking proper angles and great anticipation skills. Toss in his total disregard for his own well-being, determination to make the play and an added bonus with his kamikaze-style of play on special teams and you have player who is certain to be a fan favorite.
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How Much Will DJ Make???

Apparently, it is almost certain that DJ Hackett will be testing the market. According to Frank Hughes, after meeting with the Hawks brass in Indy, Hacketts agents said this:

“We are going to test the market,” Robinson said. “I won’t rule out Seattle as a destination but we are going to test the market and see what’s out there.”

Obviously this is no surprise to me, being that I centered a contest around what Hackett will make in Free Agency and set the deadline to enter for Thursday @ 9pm. But I thought I would use this story to pump up the contest for those who may have missed it. If you can guess what DJ will make, with set you up for draft day. Check out the info in this post, or in the new lefthand sidebar. Read More!

Free Agency is Starting Soon....

Expect to see a lot more posts like this. Former Dolphins guard/tackle L.J. Shelton is on his way to meet the Lions. Apparently he grew up in the area. However, according this article by The Detroit Free Press, depending on this how this visit goes LJ may be visiting Seattle, Jacksonville, and Buffalo.

I said in the Offseason Preview that the Hawks might be interested. He is, in essence, A Pork Chop clone who has managed to play in the majority of his games the last few years. He started all 16 games for the Dolphins last year. The gig in Det is likely a starting spot, I would assume the other teams, including the Hawks, are looking at him as a versatile back up. Read More!

DJ Hackett Already Has Deal?!?!?!!

Well the DJ Hackett Contract contest is just getting underway, claims that he may be a player who already has a deal in place. This would greatly upset me, however tampering in the NFL is a way of life.

Anyway, this is more incentive to get your contest entry in, who knows when the contract could leak out???? Information is on the left of the page or can be found at the contest information page. Read More!

Hawks Playing Hardball With Trufant

According to an article this morning by Frank Hughes, the Seahawks are walking along the apex of a slippery slope.

The Seattle Seahawks are offering free-agent cornerback Marcus Trufant less money over six years than San Francisco cornerback Nate Clements was given over five, according to league sources.

For analysis....

Well, this is probably why the two sides have been described as far apart in negotiation. Really, you can't blame either party. From Trufant's perspective, he was a Pro Bowl corner who is trying to build on the last contract signed by a free agent Pro Bowl corner. Also, he certainly can read the paper, he knows his services are in demand, he could get his money.

From the Seahawk's perspective, they still aren't 100% sure what they have in Trufant. All teams are weary of players who improve their game dramatically in their contract year and then start looking for huge money. They want to find out if Clements money is for real. If Samuel gets 10 mil per, they can make the decision about a long term deal then. Maybe they know that most teams feel the same way as the Hawks, and will shy away from that money.

The problem lies in how Marcus feels he is being treated. The Hawks would be better to communicate to Tru that they are waiting to see what Samuel gets. This is better than offering a way below market deal. What if Samuel takes a lesser deal, but Trufant is upset beyond the point of reconciliation. At least with the tag, Trufant plays another year in Seattle, or the Hawks get a good return for him. Right now, it looks like his long term future is intricately tied to how much money Asante Samuel can get. Unfortunately for the Hawks, as league insiders often say, "it only takes one." And that one will probably give Samuel a mega deal.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008


As a show of gratitude for all of you who have helped to make this site a happy home for rabid Seahawk fans in such a short time, is holding its first loyal reader contest. If you can come the closest to guessing the total amount of DJ Hackett's upcoming free agent contract, then you will win the Seahawks 2008 Draft Day Hat and T Shirt (pictures below). I have some tiebreakers instituted to make sure when have a clear cut winner. I have thrown this together at the last minute, but I am confident in the legality of my little contest. So Good Luck! To Read Rules and Enter go to the contest promotion page. This is important....MAKE SURE YOUR ENTRIES ARE IN BEFORE 2/28/08 @9pm PST, When Free Agency Starts! Wanna see whats on the line....


Again.... Thank you all so much for making the best Seahawk fan site on the web!! Your Patronage is truly appreciated! Keep coming to the site to get all the Hackett Rumors and find out if you have won!
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Answers to Your Questions Vol. 2

Sunday nights are usually pretty slow for NFL info, so I thought I would try and continue to answer some questions that have come up in threads. Remember, leave a name, and try and make it clear you want me to answer the question and not your peers. So here we go....

Idahoseahawksfan-- What is up with Leonard Weaver?

Weaver is a restricted free agent. The Hawks have until Feb 28th to tender him a contract. The minimum tender is 927K. However, this brings back a pick in the round the player was drafted if somebody else signs him. Weaver was undrafted which complicates things. I expect the Hawks to put the next lowest tender, a 2nd round tender @ 1.47mil, on him. This way he will almost certainly be back. Plus, he has earned it with the way he played last year.

seatowntp-- What am I studying and when will I interview Seahawk brass about the draft?

First, I am studying for a Masters in Organizational Management. I study at Antioch University. It is best know for its Masters in Psychology. My program is a mix of an MBA with leadership and organizational development skills. Also, I will not be interviewing anybody on any importance in the Hawks FO. I leave this to those who get paid. But your not missing much, Holmgren and Ruskell probably don't even tell their wives who they are planning to draft, much less some internet hack.

Vashonpriate-- Asked if i was at the combine or watching on TV?

I was watching on TV. Unfortunately, they don't allow fans at the combine yet. I expect this is something they will consider soon though. There seems to be a lot of interest. In fact, they don't even let reporters in to watch the players, only NFLN. If you follow the coverage, you see that all the reporters are covering are press conferences at the hotel across the street from the RCA dome. Last year they allowed a small number of specific reporters into to watch workouts, and I think they did that again this year.

Jcoleman-- Asked how it could be that Trufant could be had for less than 2 1st rounders?

The two first round picks are only if someone signs Marcus and the Hawks decline to match the offer. A lot of times teams tag players just to make sure they get something in return. If there is no hope of a long term deal, sometimes they trade the player to avoid the distraction of the holdout. In Trufants case, the only reason someone would be interested is because only one top notch corner made it to free agency. Usually first round picks still take a year or two to develop. A team like the Giants is willing to give up picks because they feel they are a top tier team. They want to address a weakness with a good player rather than a rookie. At least with Trufant they wouldn't have to bid against anyone.

BobbyK03-- Very interesting thoughts on how trading picks would allow the Hawks to avoid having rookies play only one year under Holmgren. It seems like it would work, however, the rookies would still meet next years coach on day one. I think the team is trying to move away from where players are classified as this coaches guy, that gm's guy. I think that after Holmgren leaves, almost everyone will have been taken by or signed to a contract at some point by Ruskell, hence they will all be Ruskell guys. As is should be, he is the architect. Let the coaches coach. Especially a guy like Mora who probably has trouble with the releasing of players because he is known to get close to them. I think if anything, the Hawks should try and get more picks this year. Trading out of the first would lower the cap hit by rookies and infuse youth with more young players.

Thats all for now..... Remember, this will be a regular piece... the poll leads me to think it is wanted, so i am happy to answer whatever type questions you have for me. So shoot away...
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And Then There Were Three

Suitors for Alge Crumpler. This is from a Tennessee newspaper:

Meanwhile, free agent tight end Alge Crumpler is expected to visit the Titans by the middle or end of the week, but no date had been set as of Sunday.

The Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to be Tennessee’s primary competition for the four-time Pro Bowl selection recently released by the Atlanta Falcons.

Just keeping you folks updated. It would seem that with the performance of the Tight Ends yesterday, having a proven veteran to play in front of a second day pick might be the smartest strategy. The more Alge Crumpler is discussed the more I am in favor of the move. I think the only roadblock would be Seattle's proximity to the Southern United States, as in it ain't close! Hopefully the combination of Hasselbeck, Mora, and Championship are enough to overcome that. Read More!

Mike Wahle's Bonus

Hello, I have this info I wanted to pass along. I was going to include it in a post once i got Locklear's final numbers, but that may be a couple of days away.

Mike Wahle's signing bonus was only 3.5 million. He also has roster bonuses of 100k in 09' and 10'. The total contract is 5 years 20 million. The first year cap hit is only 2.7 million. Before Locks deal, this leaves the Hawks with more than 12 million in cap space. This info came from someone with access to the NFLPA database.

I said it at the time, had it been a big bonus, his agent would have bragged about it. To be honest, even i didn't expect it to be this low. I thought the contact would reach 25 million. Hawk fans will take it. Lets hope he can still play. Now we can keep our fingers crossed that one or two guys get signed before Friday. Read More!

Live Blog Day 4

Come find out who is going to be in the Seahawks backfield for the next 10 years. RB, WR, and QB's workout. Fatigue is starting to set in, but I am back. You the reader need to bring it today! To enter the live blog click on ....

UPDATE--- I have Included the Official NFL Combine 40 Times for Today above the live blog. These are the top ten RB, WR, and QB times. Check it out by clicking.....



Chris Johnson, East Carolina: 4.24 seconds
Darren McFadden, Arkansas: 4.33 seconds
Anthony Alridge, Houston: 4.33 seconds
Jamaal Charles, Texas: 4.36 seconds
Chad Simpson, Morgan State: 4.42 seconds
Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois: 4.45 seconds
Matt Forte, Tulane: 4.46 seconds
Felix Jones, Arkansas: 4.47 seconds
Jalen Parmele, Toledo: 4.47 seconds
Jonathan Stewart, Oregon: 4.48 seconds


DeSean Jackson, California: 4.35 seconds
Andre Caldwell, Florida: 4.37 seconds
Will Franklin, Missouri: 4.37 seconds
Dexter Jackson, Appalachian State: 4.37 seconds
Eddie Royal, Virginia Tech: 4.39 seconds
Devin Thomas, Michigan State: 4.40 seconds
Arman Shields, Richmond: 4.44 seconds
Brandon Breazell, UCLA; 4.47 seconds
Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt: 4.48 seconds
Pierre Garcon, Mt. Union: 4.48 seconds


Josh Johnson, San Diego: 4.55 seconds
Kevin O’Connell, San Diego State: 4.61 seconds
Bernard Morris, Marshall: 4.68 seconds
Adam Tafralis, San Jose State: 4.78 seconds
Matt Flynn, LSU: 4.79 seconds
John David Booty, USC: 4.82 seconds
Brian Brohm, Louisville: 4.83 seconds
Kyle Wright, Miami (Fla.) 4.85 seconds

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Hackett Wants to be a Hawk

According to Adam Kaplan,Sirius NFL Radio peronality, in an interview he did with Doug Farrar or and Football Outsiders, DJ Hackett's preference is to remain with the Hawks. His requirements for any team to sign him are that they are a winning organization and stability at quarterback. The Hawks would like him back too, they are just short on cap space and thus weary of overpaying a guy like Hack, who may, or may not, get a huge offer. Kaplan says that once the market is established, if the Hawks come within 10% of his best offer, there is a good chance he will return.

Clearly Hackett could be a Pro Bowler if he ever played a full season. Last year he actually had a serious injury. It is the years past that would worry me, when it seemed as if minor injuries took him out for substantial amounts of time. Also, no one will ever accuse DJ of being a quick healer. Lets see what he market bares. Read More!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whats Your 40 Time??--Final Live Blog of Combine

Tomorrow is one of the more fun days of combine activity. The RB's, QB's and WR's will be working out. These are some of the fastest runners there, next to the CB's. Come Watch the burners go with the hard core early morning crowd. This also marks the final LIVE BLOG till draft day. So far it has been a ton of fun. If you haven't checked out a live blog yet, make sure you get acclimated as we head towards the marathon draft day blog. It is 8am PST. Who is bringing the donuts?? Read More!

Pat Sims, DT, Auburn

Word is the Seahawks have already talked to him (from Doug Farrar, Seattlite Football Outsiders writer). The DT's just checked in today. Tim Ruskell is a big believer in the Auburn football program, see Obamanu-Taylor-Herring. The real question is where is Sims going to go? Late first probably. If he tests well, maybe before the Hawks pick. He did leave the team at one point for personal issues, so that is something he probably needed to clarify.

UPDATE-- Sims was measured in at 6'1'', 310 lbs

I am hoping to have a comprehensive list of who the Hawks have interviewed by tonight. For those of you who don't know, each team is allowed to interview 30 players. Each interview lasts 15 minutes. Last night was the first big night of interveiws, so who talked to who should be leaking out this afternoon. We'll see. There was word the Seahawks talked to several TE's already as well, Stevens and Carlson for sure. They also have interviewed Anthony Collins, a tackle from Kansas. Read More!

Come Watch Big Men Run

The O-linemen, Tight Ends, and Kickers are on the turf this morning. Will Fred Davis be the fastest TE? What will Jake Long do next? Will Gosder Cherilus eat a kicker??

Find out inside during the Combine Coverage Live Blog.....

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Trufant: Trade Bait??

According to this report from Newsday, if the Giants can't get their mitts on DeAngelo Hall, they will turn their trade eye towards the Seahawks Marcus Trufant.

I have seen this idea championed by several fans. I am not sure the Hawks would even consider it. The real question is what would be the cost. Obviously, he could be had via poison pill for two first rounders because he is the franchise player. A trade would seem to suggest something less.

It seems more likely that the Giants would get Hall, considering he is actually being shopped and Marcus isn't, but if that doesn't stop Newsday from writing it, it doesn't stop me from posting it. Discuss....

. Read More!

Live Blog Round 3

Ok, Enough putzn' around! I have had two minor practice rounds to get the software right and my technique down, but now we are unleashing a masterpiece. Tomorrow on the NFLN, probably the most important workout of the weekend, as far as the Hawks are concerned: OL, TE, & K!!! The Hawks will most likely draft 1 of each. 2 1/2 hours of coverage, and I will have it covered via Live Blog. No more excuses, less people work on Sat. Stop by and put your two cents in! Only one catch... Coverage starts @ 8am PST, so get your Lattes ready!!!! Read More!

A Look at Free Agent Tight Ends Not Named Alge

There is a good ESPN Insider piece about the free agent class. I know most of you don't pay for Insider so I have the relevant part here....

After Smith and Clark, there are names like Eric Johnson from New Orleans, Ben Troupe from Tennessee and Michael Gaines from Buffalo. Johnson is more of a receiver than a blocker, ranking fourth on the team in catches with 48. He has the ability to stretch the middle of the secondary and force mismatches. Troupe and Gaines are both pretty much in similar situations because neither one is considered a starter, but both see a lot of action and produce given the opportunity. Gaines caught 25 passes for Buffalo and Troupe caught just five for Tennessee.
Troupe was not as productive as Gaines, but he may have the best raw talent. He could benefit from a change of scenery and by landing with a team that puts more of an emphasis on the passing game. However, Gaines could flourish as he gets out from behind the shadow of his team's starting tight end, Robert Royal. He offers a little more blocking presence and power than some of the other free-agent tight ends.

If anybody knows more about Michael Gaines, I am interested in hearing it. This is really the first spot I have seen his name mentioned in the same class as Troupe and Johnson. He doesn't appear to have the same track record, but who knows. Jeremy Green and Scouts Inc are usually pretty on point. Just some extra info cause I have noticed readers can't get enough info on tight ends.

Here is the scouting breakdown of Gaines...

Comment: Gaines is a backup tight end who gained valuable starting experience when replacing starter Mike Seidman. He aligns mainly as the "Y" in the Panthers' standard regular offense but also aligns as the "H" in certain personnel groupings. He is a good athlete with size and strength for the tight end position. He is a competitive player with long arms and toughness for the position. As a run blocker, he plays with good power angles with above-average initial quickness when getting into blocking patterns. He has a good power base with inside hand placement and lower-body strength. He is not real explosive at times on contact but has good play strength to lock on and sustain. He can block on the move with good control while adjusting his angles to his targets within the box. However, he will stop his feet on contact and lacks good the ability to sustain and finish. In the passing game, he displays above-average initial quickness to get up the field. He can plant and change direction well for a guy his size at the top of stems. He has deceptive speed when stretching the vertical seam. He shows good catching skills and can extend outside his frame, although, the tight end in Carolina is not featured well in the passing game. He is not real flashy in his run after catch ability in open space. Overall, Gaines is a young, solid tight end that still has an upside to start for some NFL teams. However, he doesn't have much value as a core special team's player.

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Mack Being Considered For RB coach

This was mentioned here the moment Stump Mitchell left, however, now it is official that he is in the running. Frank Hughes confirmed this by talking to Mike Holmgren. Ernest Byner is also being considered. The story is right here at Seahawks Insider. It would appear that the job is Mack's if he wants it. Read More!