Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seahawks Spectators So Far In Free Agency

by: William P. Tomisser

After inspired press conferences from our new head coach and his newly hired assistants, it's been a let down that as we move into the third day of free agency, the Seahawks haven't made any moves yet except to lose two of their free agents. Of course, not many observers gave Mo Mo or Rocky much of a chance of being re-signed and Ruskell cautioned that we wouldn't be big players in free agency this year. So far you can say that Ruskell hasn't told any lies.

Even so, some of us thought that Ruskell might be throwing up a smoke screen to throw others off the trail and in fact we seemed to go after T.J. Houshmandzadeh right away and we've got Chris Canty coming in very soon showing that we're looking at two players who play in two of our most needed positions.

However, T.J. left town without a contract and Mike Sando's NFC West scorecard showed as of late Saturday night, the Seahawks are at the bottom of the NFC West with a minus two in the "net gain and loss" column. We're the only team who hasn't either signed a free agent or at the very least, re-signed one of our own.

To Continue.................

Some of us were hoping the Seahawks would be looking at offensive linemen like Jason Brown who at 6' 3" and 320 lbs and only 25 years old is probably going to make someone a solid center for years to come. Turned out it was the Rams and word was, Jason really didn't want to play for them but was waiting for someone else to make a better offer. Nobody did so Jason's now a Ram and we get to play against him twice a year for a decade or so.

Michael Clayton was reputedly offered more money to play for Seattle than Tampa Bay offered him to re-sign with them. Even with our new practice facility, a 4 - 12 season maybe was a deal killer as Clayton choose his old team for less money. Clayton's another 26 year old player with youth on his side and ready to give some team the prime of his career. Too bad we missed on him too. He appeared to be our prime target as a receiver with Housh as our secondary objective.

Colin Cole was in town Saturday but he's a 2nd or even 3rd tier free agent defensive tackle from Green Bay and probably won't make any more impact than Howard Green did for us last year. Green might be a better signing because he's familiar with Seattle's defense.

All in all, fellow Addicts, it's been a quiet off-season for the Seahawks so far this year. Last year we made a splash by signing Wahle before free agency even started because he was released early. In previous years, it seemed that we were players right from the start so it's a bit disconcerting to be standing on the sidelines watching the rest of the league snap up the best free agent talent available.

We've identified many holes where we as fans would like to see improvement and from the previous discussions we've had here at SA, it seems that we can't possibly fill all those holes in the draft particularly when only the first two or maybe three players can make an impact in their rookie season.

It does appear that Ruskell meant what he said when he announced that we wouldn't be major players in free agency this year although we've apparently made offers to some of the better free agents available. It looks as if we're not ready to try and outbid anyone and end up overpaying though.

With all the hype coming from the new coaches, maybe we were expecting a more aggressive approach to fixing some of the problems on the team so it's a bit unexpected that we're not hot in pursuit of a couple of players who won't be available from the draft. It's always been Ruskell's way to mend holes before getting to the draft so that he can keep his options open in April.

In any event, it's not over yet and there's still some quality players out there to be had. Hopefully at this point, with some of the top free agents off the board or getting their final offers the way should be clear for the 2nd tier free agents to start getting signed and that's where I suspect we'll finally start to see some action from the Seahawks. Ruskell's a bargain shopper for the most part.

Let's hear from you guys out there about how you feel about the way free agency has gone for us so far. We've only lost 2 players we had pretty much written off already and the important free agents from our team still haven't signed anywhere else. Weaver and Willis are two players who I think it's important that we re-sign unless someone goes over the top with an offer that would be more than we should match given what they mean to our team.

Are we doing the right thing by keeping our cap in shape and not signing any free agents to huge contracts? Should we go with what we have in some instances rather than risk overpaying for players who we're not 100% sure can come in and solve our problems anyway? Rate the front office in how they've handled free agency so far.




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The Hawks made an offer that Clayton could refuse...

by: Chris Sullivan

The Pewter Report (an excellent Bucs blog) is reporting that Michael Clayton has resigned with the Bucs. More interesting though, is that they also report Clayton was offered more money by the Seahawks and ended up staying with the Bucs nonetheless. 

The Hawks liked Housh and probably made him an offer after a visit, but made Clayton an offer without a visit (though some of the guys are familiar with him, of course). This looks like Housh was indeed a second choice for the Hawks in my eyes, and it sounds like he was the same for the Vikings. Will this light a fire under the Vikes' behind? Time will tell. 

Also worth noting is that the Bucs had scheduled an interview with Housh for tomorrow. Will that go forward? We know they're after another guy or two, but with no QB it seems silly to spend money on Bryant, Clayton and Housh...
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TJ, Bernard, and Cutler

by: Chris Sullivan 

Mike "Holy Crap I'm awesome" Florio reports that TJ Houshmandzadeh has planned more visits for tomorrow. Michael Smith of ESPN says that TJ will visit the Bucs and the Eagles (strange, since the Eagles appeared to be quite pissed at TJ as of yesterday... TJ's agent offered the Eagles a hometown discount, then they figured out that the "discount" came to MORE than the other teams... haha). 

[UPDATE: The Tampa Tribune says Housh is not en route and nothing is scheduled.]

In other news, Rocky Bernard has signed with the Giants. No surprise there, but hey, good for him. Terms are unavailable, but I'll letcha know when I hear.

And, in my favorite "weiner-of-the-day" story, Jay Cutler believes he is on the trading block. The Cutler-Rivers weiner contest annoys me so much everytime those teams play (and the weeks preceding and following), that I wouldn't be heartbroken to see Cutler traded to the CFL... but hey, thats just me. My understanding is that he thought he was on the trading block because the Bucs offered some bizarre trade proposal that they would get Cutler, the Broncos would get Cassel and the Patriots would get both their picks or something... Bizarre all around. 
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Free Agency news - Saturday afternoon edition

by: Chris Sullivan

SEAHAWKS -- As I stated earlier, Colin Cole is in town today interviewing with the Seahawks -- not sure if he got the private float plane treatment or not -- and could present good value for the dollar. Cole is one of the few youngish [28] tackles that are expected to have starting value. While he would not likely start for the Hawks, he could definitely plug into the rotation frequently and would be an upgrade from Howard Green. Florio:

The Packers are still hoping to retain the 330-pounder to play nose tackle in their new 3-4 defense, but their chances appear to be dwindling. Cole looks more likely to stay in a 4-3 defense: Seattle or Tampa. On Friday, the Bucs were mentioned as the most likely destination for Cole. If Seattle closes the deal, Cole will likely get many of the snaps that went to Rocky Bernard last year.
SEAHAWKS -- TJ Houshmandzadeh is traveling to Minnesota today. It is unknown whether an offer was made, though one would assume it was. I don't feel that the Seahawks are going to grab him, because I still don't see his value being that much higher than Engram's. (It is much higher, but I wouldn't want to pay Housh more than Burleson, so that's about $4 million / year.) Housh has said that he will make a decision tomorrow night. My money is on Cincinatti.

Other news:
  • Rob Staton has a great article on how free agency may affect the Seahawks' draft strategy. I think the fact that we're expressing no interest in the secondary guys right now indicates that we're happy where we're at for the most part, and may look to the draft for one or two finishing pieces. 
  • Jeff Richards at NextSeasonSports talks Michael Clayton. For a nice biography on Clayton, be sure to check this out, I for one didn't know he'd been pre-law in college.
  • Former Seahawk Jon Kitna will be backing up Tony Romo. Or Tony Romo's backup. Hard to say at this point, but I've got nothing but love for the hometown Kitna-ator.
  • The Broncos, who were absolutely terrible in their secondary last year, have added Renaldo Hill and Brian Dawkins and are targeting Andre' Goodman. In related news, Champ Bailey suffered a mild injury this morning after spraining his face smiling.

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New top four mock draft

1. Detroit Lions - Matt Stafford
2. St. Louis Rams - Michael Crabtree
3. Kansas City Chiefs - Jason Smith
4. Seattle Seahawks - Eugene Monroe

Discuss. I am at lunch (omg phone blogzz) but may update it later haha. Read More!

What the Cassel Trade to KC Means for the Hawks

by: Mike Parker

In case you hadn't yet heard, the Patriots shipped off backup QB Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs today in exchange for KC's second-round draft choice (No.34 overall.)

This could be very bad news for the Seahawks' hopes of drafting Michael Crabtree. The Chiefs may decide to use their No.3-overall pick on a promising young receiver for Cassel to throw to, since it's now safe to say they won't be looking at Matt Stafford (or Mark Sanchez. Excuse me while I fall over laughing.) They also may want to steer away from going defense in the first round, as they did last year with Glen Dorsey.

A strong case could be made against that train of thought, however, when you take into account that the Chiefs have had quarterback problems for several years. They could simply choose to rely on the existing talents of TE Tony Gonzalez and WR Dwayne Bowe, who are solid downfield threats, and now will benefit from having a better man under center.

Additionally, there are still a fair number of free-agent receivers out there that KC could be shopping at the moment. Hence, they may take LB Aaron Curry with their first-round pick to solidify a run defense that was in the cellar at the end of the 2008 season. That choice also would make perfect sense. -END- Read More!

Colin Cole Reportedly Meeting with Seattle Today

by: Chris Sullivan

Green Bay DT Colin Cole is in Seattle today meeting with team officials. Cole is not a superstud, but is definitely a solid tackle in this league. The Packers made an attempt to sign him prior to the free agency period beginning. The Packers, who are moving to a 3-4 defense, believed that Cole would be a solid nose tackle in that system.

Now, this is merely a report and it is from the ALWAYS RELIABLE (read: totally unreliable yesterday) Joe Fortenbough, but it is an interesting tale.

Also interesting is that Cole, who the Packers like as a nose tackle (meaning, the sole DT in a 3-4 defense, flanked by two larger Chris Canty-like defensive ends) is presumably being brought in for an interview on the same weekend that Chris Canty, a guy very few had us interested in based on our 4-3 defense, will be showing up. Is it possible that the Seahawks are preparing to operate within a 4-3 defense with a fair amount of 3-4 looks? We know the coaching staff is there. What do you guys think?

Also, look for the Seahawks to get in touch with Jovan Haye and perhaps Shaun Cody and some others. It's clear that the Seahawks are targetting defensive linesmen this offseason, which is probably indicative of the Hawks not liking the top draft options at those positions this year like BJ Raji and Peria Jerry. I would still like them to target Ziggy Hood, but we shall see. ~END~ Read More!

Friday, February 27, 2009

First Day Free Agency Wrap-up

by: Chris Sullivan

Well guys, I don't have to tell you this was a big day. While we haven't heard too awful much about things from the Seahawks point of view, we only lost one of our free agents (adieu, Mo Morris!) and have solid leads on Chris Canty and Houshmandzadeh (who becomes much more important given the Rams' improved line; they are more likely to grab Crabtree now, though perhaps not much more likely).

A few new pieces of news for you:

  • Chris Canty will be in NY visiting the Giants tomorrow and part of Sunday, then flying to Seattle for Sunday / Monday. He could be an incredible addition to the Hawks' line, and would provide instant help. He probably fills in as a defensive tackle, though would be a DE if the Hawks end up doing a bit of 3-4 hybrid stuff as is all the rage nowadays. Check out Aaron Weinberg's excellent write-up on Canty this morning at Next Season Sports.
  • Kurt Warner's agent apparently had very "fruitful" talks with the 49ers. I call B.S. on his interest there; I think it's just to show the Cardinals that there is interest in Warner from other teams.
  • The Redskins apparently do not operate under the same salary cap as you and I. They signed G Dockery to a big fat contract today, too.
  • The Redskin - Albert Haynesworth contract is not actually as big as it sounded. It's basically a 4 year, $48 million contract with a whole bunch of ego stroking. There's a $29 million "poison pill" involved, though what that was is unclear. Anyway, many teams could have afforded Haynesworth for $12 million a year, but it's clear he wanted to go to Washington.
  • Brian Dawkins signed with the Broncos today, shocking me quite honestly. Dawkins in not-green-and-white? Sorry, Pete, guess you've gotta get a McNabb jersey now.
Below the cut is a list of every transaction today. There are a LOT, including some big ones. Thanks to for putting it in such an easily digestable format:

2009 Offseason Free Agent News Feed:

49ers sign FB Moran Norris
49ers re-sign ILB Takeo Spikes

Bears sign OT Frank Omiyale
Bengals re-sign FS Chris Crocker
Bengals re-sign RB DeDe Dorsey
Broncos sign FS Brian Dawkins
Broncos sign RB Correll Buckhalter
Broncos sign RB J.J. Arrington
Broncos sign WR Jabar Gaffney
Broncos sign FS Renaldo Hill
Buccaneers acquire TE Kellen Winslow Jr. from Browns for a 2nd-round pick (2009) and 5th-round pick (2010)
Cardinals re-sign QB Brian St. Pierre
Chiefs acquire DE/OLB Mike Vrabel from Patriots for an undisclosed pick
Dolphins sign G Joe Berger
Eagles sign OT Stacy Andrews
Falcons re-sign S Jamaal Fudge
Jaguars re-sign C Brad Meester
Jaguars re-sign CB Scott Starks
Jaguars sign SS Sean Considine
Jets acquire CB Lito Sheppard from Eagles for a 2009 5th-round pick and a conditional 2010 pick
Jets re-sign FB Tony Richardson
Jets re-sign G Brandon Moore
Jets sign ILB Bart Scott
Lions sign RB Maurice Morris

Patriots sign RB Fred Taylor
Patriots sign TE Chris Baker
Ravens sign CB Domonique Foxworth
Ravens cut DE Marques Douglas
Ravens re-sign CB Derrick Martin
Redskins re-sign CB DeAngelo Hall
Redskins sign DT Albert Haynesworth
Redskins sign G Derrick Dockery
Redskins cut CB Shawn Springs
Redskins re-sign KR/CB Allen Rossum [that should be the 49ers]
Saints re-sign ILB Jonathan Vilma
Steelers re-sign G Chris Kemoeatu
Texans re-sign DE Stanley McClover
Texans re-sign C Chris White
Titans re-sign QB Kerry Collins
Titans re-sign FS Vincent Fuller
Vikings acquire QB Sage Rosenfels from Texans for a 4th-round pick
Vikings cut QB Gus Frerotte
Vikings re-sign TE Jim Kleinsasser

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Rams Connect with Brown

by: William P. Tomisser

Sando reports that the Rams have signed center Jason Brown. There's one guy I was hoping the Seahawks were looking at. Brown, at 6' 3" and 320 lbs, is only 25 years old and will be a fixture at center for the Rams for a long time to come. He will improve their line immediately, and if they do take a left tackle with their first pick in the draft, expect their offensive line to be much improved this year and Jackson to be doing major damage on the ground.


Bill T

UPDATE -- The Rams and Brown have agreed to terms for a contract. It will be 5 years, $37.5 million.

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Reggie Williams Will Not Return to Seattle

By Chris Sullivan
...but not because he sucks (per se), rather because of this -- Florio reports:
Jaguars receiver Reggie Williams has continued the franchise's tradition of illegal extracurricular activities (allegedly) via an arrest for driving while intoxicated and possession of marijuana, according to

The arrest came in Houston on Friday morning.
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Momo is Nono Longer a Hawk

by: Chris Sullivan

The Detroit Lions have signed Maurice Morris to a 3-year, $7 million contract the NFL Network is reporting. I can't verify this online, but my brother just texted me (thanks Tom!) that he saw it on NFLN. I'm at work, but when I get home, I'll see if I can't post some sort of retrospective on what I view as one of the more underrated backups in the league who wasn't given much of a shot and had his performance perpetually discounted when he did play. Read More!

Stinchcomb's Agent: Seattle Rumors False

According to Clare Farnsworth, Stinchcomb's agent says the Hawks and him have not shared a word. So much for them being seconds away from signing a deal. Clare:
This was the response from his agent, Pat Dye: "There is absolutely no truth to those rumors. I have not had a single conversation with Seattle regarding Jon Stinchcomb."
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Jason Brown Update

By Chris Sullivan

Jason Brown finds himself in a sticky situation: the Rams have offered him what he wanted, approximately $7 million a year... the bad news? He does not want to play for the Rams, and no one is stepping up to match the offer, including the Ravens who he is departing. The Seahawks are unlikely to go after Brown despite some of our hopes for a stud interior lineman (Jones - Stinchcomb - Brown - Spencer - Locklear, are you kiddin' me?). Anyway, just passing this along. Read More!

Comment Issues

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey guys, something is up with the comments [namely, they're missing]. Not sure what the issue is, but I've got an email in to our comment hosts. Sorry! Read More!

Free Agency Updates

by: Chris Sullivan
Lots of mini-news stories, glom on to what you wish:

SEAHAWKS-- TJ Houshmandzadeh has made it clear that he wants to be signed somewhere by the end of this weekend. The fact that he has only four teams he's interested in and came to Seattle first indicates that he is very serious about the Seahawks.

Mike Sando breaks down the "value" of Houshmandzadeh and quotes the Scouts, Inc report that basically sums Housh up as a good receiver in the middle, not a vertical threat, a beneficiary of Chad Johnson playing opposite him, and, basically, a Bobby Engram type with bigger stats. Sando:

Let's say I owned a stock worth $13.40 per share in 2004. Let's say the stock price fell to $12.30 in 2005, $12 in 2006, $10.20 in 2007 and $9.80 in 2008. I'm guessing you wouldn't necessarily rush out to purchase shares of this unnamed company.

Let's say the company were actually an NFL wide receiver. Let's say we converted those share prices from dollars to yards per reception. We would be talking about T.J. Houshmandzadeh. He averaged 13.4 yards per reception in 2004. That figure has fallen every season since, reaching 9.8 yards per reception last season.

SEAHAWKS -- Chris Canty has moved his visit with the G-Men up to today (he was going to visit the Redskins). His visit with Seattle is still scheduled for Monday as far as we know. Visits with the 49ers and the Titans are currently on hold. Don't be surprised to see Canty head to Nashville tomorrow or Sunday.

Kurt Warner is willing to take less money if Anquan Boldin returns to the Cardinals for 2009.

Bart Scott to the Jets is not a done deal, there's an offer on the table but the Ravens are making another big push for him, apparently ready to let Lewis leave.

New England LB / TD machine Mike Vrabel has been traded to the Chiefs for draft picks. Read More!

Vikes and the WR Search

by: Chris Sullivan

The Vikings are apparently very interested in WR Mark Clayton (as well as CB Chris Carr), and appear to have their "feelers out," at least according to the Access Vikings blog at the Star Tribune. This matters to you because it appeared as though Houshmandzadeh was most interested in landing there; it's possible that the Vikes don't want to spend that much money on a WR (why would they when they don't have a quarterback?). Clayton is a guy the Hawks have reportedly expressed interest in, as Rob Staton noted earlier today. Read More!

49ers Sign Fullback

By Chris Sullivan
And it ain't Leonard Weaver, a person they were expected to pursue. They just locked up Moran Norris. What a bunch of morans.
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Free Agency Is Fun

By Chris Sullivan

A few more big moves...

The Ravens have signed Baltimore local Dominique Foxworth, touted as one of the top Corners this free agent period. They're hoping they get AtlantaFoxworth and not DenverFoxworth.

The Browns have traded TE Kellen Winslow to Tampa Bay for "undisclosed draft picks."

The Lions and Bengals are targeting Derrick Ward

Tackle Stacy Andrews is making a visit to Philadelphia and will be available to the media. This indicates a deal may be done or may be very close to being done.

Shawn Springs was cut by Washington today freeing up $6 million in cap space. This move was foreseen based on Hall's monster contract.

Chris Canty and Washington have called off their visit following Washington's signing of Haynesworth. One must assume that the Titans have the best shot at Canty (and the most to lose by not getting him). Canty is in Seattle on Monday.

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Big Bad Bobby Bidding Bye-bye?

By Chris Sullivan

The Associated Press is reporting that Bobby Engram is not "optimistic" about returning to the Seahawks this year. He also expressed concerns about Knapp's offense, suggesting he might not fit into it as well with an added emphasis on the run.

"We'll make the best decision," Engram said. "Hopefully something will get done quickly regardless of it's with the Seahawks or not."

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Housh Visiting Seattle Today

by: Chris Sullivan

Rob just pointed this out a few minutes ago (go Rob, go Rob, its your birthday), but I figured it was worth a full post too. Alex Marvez over at Fox Sports is reporting that TJ Houshmanzadeh is on his way to Seattle today to meet with team officials.

This, to me, indicates that he never got a text message from Eagles ("OMG Housh we watn u here, donavan almost peed his pants lol, luv andyreid") and is exploring his options. The Hawks are turning out to be playing a bit more than we expected, with Housh coming in for a visit today, Chris Canty scheduled to be here on Monday, and Jonathan Stinchcomb near signing. I, like most of you, would be more concerned with getting Ray Willis and signing Stinchcomb would not necessarily preclude that (but it becomes less likely).

Perhaps our odds of getting Housh have increased and are slightly higher than the 25% we were given last night, or the 0% I've been giving it for months. Whatever the case, it sounds like Housh is ready to sign ASAP, and we could have an answer this evening.
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Seahawks to Sign Stinchcomb?

by: Rob Staton

Joe Fortenbaugh at the National Football Post is reporting that the Seahawks are close to signing right tackle Jonathan Stinchcomb. He would likely be a direct replacement for Ray Willis, who is expected to leave the team. He's 29 years old and coming from the New Orleans Saints, for whom he was a 2nd round pick in 2003.

Fortenbaugh is also reporting that the Seahawks are showing interest in Tampa Bay receiver Michael Clayton. He started nine games in 2008 scoring one touchdown for 484 yards. He isn't likely to be anything more than some competition at camp, having struggled with injuries throughout his career. He's only started 24 games in the last three years. The report says he is Seattle's 'top choice' at receiver, which seems to rule out any approach for T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Not according to Alex Marvez at Fox Sports, who says the Bengals' receiver is on his way for a meeting with the 'Hawks.

Meanwhile free agent Rocky Bernard is set to visit the New York Giants today according to Mike Garafolo. Bernard was expected to leave the Seahawks and with apparent interest in Dallas defensive linemen Chris Canty, Tim Ruskell is already looking at potential replacements. Read More!

Rocky Bernard Getting Some Interest

by: Chris Sullivan

The Giants are bringing him in for a meeting.
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While You Were Sleeping . . .

by: Chris Sullivan

  • Chris Canty's value leapt upwards as Haynesworth was signed.
  • Top CB Leigh Bodden appears very close to signing with the Patriots.
  • TJ Houshmanzadeh texted a Philly radio station: "If they want me, I'll be an Eagle tomorrow."
  • Bart Scott JUST (seconds ago) signed with the Jets for $8 million / year.
  • Ray Lewis apparently is pissed at Baltimore. They might be much worse next year.
  • Sage Rosenfels was traded to the Vikings for a 4th round pick.
  • The Ravens are going after CB Domonique Foxworth. He's considered a top CB, but stunk up the joint when he played for Denver then resurrected his (short) career in a dome in Hotlanta. I'm bearish on him.
  • Fred Taylor officially signed with the Patriots.
That's it for now. I'll look into the Hawks' interest in Canty and if any news breaks on Housh I'll get that out too. I might try to catch a power nap or two in my chair at work...
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Redskins Sign Haynesworth for $100m

by: Rob Staton

Not Seahawks related, but Albert Haynesworth has just completed a $100m, 7 year deal with the Washington Redskins. It includes $41m in guarantees and the deal overall could go as high as $115m. A truly staggering amount, making Haynesworth easily the best paid defensive player in the the NFL. He is the first defensive guy to top the $100m mark, not bad in the middle of an economic meltdown. Read More!

Seahawks meeting with Chris Canty

by: Chris Sullivan

Mike Florio is reporting that the Hawks have a meeting scheduled with Chris Canty on Monday. Thoughts? (and, good night, i have to be up in 5 hours for work) Read More!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Housh likes the Hawks (updated)

by: Chris Sullivan 

Sando (and Wes in the comments -- thanks Wes!) report:
Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh listed the Seahawks, Vikings, Giants and Eagles among the teams he told his agent to approach in free agency.
A lot of you have been big on Housh all offseason (and before). I haven't been. I'll be the first to admit that he could have a big impact, but I still view him as more of a stopgap measure -- imagine Marcus Pollard but a WR and very talented. 

UPDATE -- I asked Sando in the comments how he thought Housh would fit with the Hawks, his response: 
He would provide insurance at the position and ease some of the injury-related fears. His presence would provide additional flexibility for Seattle entering the draft. As for how he would fit into the Seattle offense, that's tough to say given what little we know about the offense. But he's a good receiver, so the fit would probably be fine.

Here's the video of the Housh interview where he mentions the Hawks:

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Bryant Johnson drawing attention

by: Chris Sullivan

Florio doesn't name names, but apparently a number of teams are looking at WR Bryant Johnson who the 49ers put no effort towards resigning. Johnson had a poor year (with about seventeen poor QBs). Is there any chance the Hawks could be pursuing him? 

Johnson is 6'3", 211 lbs, 27 years old and ran a 4.37 second 40 yard dash. That's a weapon. He's never stepped up to be a #1 or even really #2 receiver despite ample opportunity in San Fran. What do you guys think? 
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Mo Mo Has Less F.A. Competition

by: Chris Sullivan

The Broncos have signed JJ Arrington and Correll Buckhalter within an hour of Free Agency opening up... tampering anyone? Anyway, congrats to the Broncos who seem very dedicated to always having a stable of backup running backs. Now if only they had a starter...

Update -- Florio now says he was premature, the deals aren't done (officially). 
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Rams apparently realize they suck

by: Chris Sullivan

Mike Florio is reporting that the Rams are also meeting with Bart Scott this weekend

Update-- Scott has not declined the Ravens offer we mentioned earlier, so they are still a big contender. If you ask me, that means they're the most likely landing spot. 
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Brown visiting Rams

by: Chris Sullivan 

Sando is reporting that center Jason Brown has a scheduled meeting with the St Louis Rams. In somewhat related news, Ram CB Ron Bartell is visiting the Saints.

Update -- Florio reports the Jets are the frontrunner for Scott.
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9:20 Free Agency Stuff

by: Chris Sullivan

Well ladies and germs, the Free Agency period is upon us. Not too much news right away, but it will start to roll in over the night... Adam Schefter said that Ray Willis is a big candidate for a large contract regardless of his lack of experience. $10 million guaranteed... is he smoking crack or will Willis really get a very large contract?
Here are a few non-Seahawk bits:
Fred Taylor is favored to show up in New England
Ray Lewis was offered a 3 year, 24 million dollar contract by Baltimore, but is looking for more (about $10 million / year).
Bart Scott was also apparently offered about $7 million a year. Both turned down the offers, it would appear.
Redskins sign DeAngelo Hall; Schefter reports:

Hall reached an agreement with the Redskins on a six-year, $54 million deal that includes $22.5 million guaranteed and $30 million in the first three seasons.
Tick tock, tick tock . . . ~END~ Read More!

7:15 PM Free Agent News

by: Chris Sullivan

According to the Washington Post, the Redskins are interested in Ray Willis. This would not be the first time that Zorn went after a departing Seahawk, but the Seahawks should be working to sign him before he gets another offer. With the 'Skins potentially announcing a fatty Albert Haynesworth contract right around 9:02 pm (though, quite possibly not doing so), perhaps their offer to Willis will be easy to match if they do indeed go for it. Lets be honest though, Willis is not likely to demand a night-one offer.

The Redskins are also expected to go after Ravens center Jason Brown. Apparently, the Redskins are not bound by a salary cap? Brown will likely demand 6-7 million /year minimum, while Haynesworth will be more in the $15-16 range. If they expect Willis to start (hypothetically), that's likely going to be $1-$3 million a year with some heavy incentives.

Brown's stock rose a bit more today, as the Colts just announced they've locked up Jeff Saturday for another 3 years. At 34, it's probably a safe bet that Saturday will be retiring a Colt.

The Eagles, Giants and Bears are now considered the front-runners in Houshmanzadehstakes 2009. Of these, the Bears seem like the odd team out in that they suck, at least offensively. The National Football Post, on the other hand, puts the odds of the Houshmanzilla resigning in Cincinatti at 70%, and state that a source says they are very close. If he resigns with the Bengals, it will be transparently clear that he does not like winning after all. END

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The Need for a Defensive Tackle

by: Chris Sullivan

I think most of us agree that one of the biggest needs facing the Seahawks this offseason is at the defensive tackle position. With Bernard likely gone, and not producing at peak levels anyway, the Hawks need a big DT who can stand up against the run and get some pressure on the passer. It remains to be seen whether that can be Red Bryant or not, but the Hawks will need to be looking around regardless. I've been hesitant to cover this mostly because John Morgan has already done a good job of doing so, but I thought I'd throw something up here anyway.

The main free agent DTs that the Hawks could find themselves pursuing are Jovan Haye and Shaun Cody (I think we've all concluded that Albert Haynesworth is simply out of our price range and quite probably not a "Ruskell guy"). While Haye is more expensive and accomplished in the league, Cody clearly has a fair amount of upside -- he's been stuck in the Whirling Vortex of Suck since college (i.e. Detroit), but disappointed each and every year. His concern for the game has been called into question, as has his work ethic. While he's got size, strength and stamina, he uses almost none of that while he's on the field. Haye, on the other hand, has been a good to very good player and, coming from Tampa (and the Tampa 2) might be a sought-after guy for the Hawks. I think of all the Free Agent tackles, Haye is the most promising and the best choice.

In the draft, we've got a number of guys, among them B.J. Raji (who I've said time and time again I don't like and would be a huge stretch at 4), Peria Jerry (who John Morgan points out is already 25 years old), and Evander "Ziggy" Hood. I agree with Morgan that Hood is the most exciting prospect -- he's young, strong, fast and has a lot of upside. As Morgan puts it:

He bursts off the snap, shows impressive hand fight techniques, but is easily eluded by lateral moves. That may not be a problem on a Seahawks team replete with quick, agile defenders in its front seven. Should Hood reach his potential, he'd present a matchup nightmare alongside Mebane. Two tackles requiring double teams, each capable of aborting run plays or sacking the quarterback if single blocked.
There are a few dark horse candidates too. Shaun Rogers is apparently demanding a trade from Cleveland and, barring that, may be cut outright. Rogers is a beast, but also a baby. The best situation involving him would be him essentially become the second most coveted guy and dropping the value of a Haye or Cody down a bit. I don't think Ruskell would go after Rogers, but hey, anything is possible. ~END~ Read More!

CB Ken Lucas, S Roy Williams Could Be Available Soon

By Chris Sullivan
That's the story Adam Schefter is telling, at any rate. I don't see either donning Blue and Green next year, but Lucas hitting the CB market would make someone like Ron Bartell come a bit cheaper (I know some of you have expressed interest in him). Roy Williams was plagued with, of all things, a forearm injury last year and only played in a few games, but a lot of people think he could be great. I'm not really one of them, but I thought you'd like to know. END
Read More!

Ruskell: "We'll Wade Cautiously" in Free Agency

by: Mike Parker

Speculation on the Seahawks' plans for this year's free agency period just got a little more interesting - and maybe a tad more disappointing.

Tim Ruskell told Clare Farnsworth that he doesn't plan on making any big splashes in the free agent market at first. In all actuality, this probably makes all dreams of seeing Albert Haynesworth or TJ Houshmandzadeh in blue & green come September officially dead.

But, according to Ruskell, that doesn't mean the Seahawks will be completely asleep until then.

"We're not going to be big players," club president Tim Ruskell said. "You're not going to write about us that way...We're going to wade in cautiously and use it strategically."
While Farnsworth translates this as not going after any first-tier free agents right off the bat, I think there's a couple ways you can interpret this statement from Ruskell:

1.) It's a smokescreen intended to throw speculation to the wayside and catch other teams off guard with who we're targeting and in what areas. Though Haynesworth and Housh are almost certainly going to demand more than what we're willing to pay, for example, that doesn't mean we'll ignore other high prospects entirely. (Malcolm Floyd or Jabar Gaffney, anyone?)

2.) The team doesn't necessarily plan on making any specific moves in first or second-tier free agency, but will be open to possibilities. I also think the "wading cautiously" approach will mean Ruskell will let other teams fight it out for big-ticket players, and then make a smart, decisive move when the dust settles.

With Crabtree becoming something of a question mark in the draft, however, I seriously think Gaffney and Floyd are worth more than just a cursory glance. They're young, quality players who would provide depth, experience and insurance to an injury-riddled unit.

(Plus, I had a weird dream last night that we cut Burleson, which I doubt will actually happen, but maybe my sports-clairvoyance was trying to tell me something. And the story I linked to here was written by Clare Farnsworth! Clearly, there's the connection. Okay, maybe not.) -END- Read More!

Expectations going into Free Agency

By Chris Sullivan

I thought I would put myself out on the line a little and project who I think the Seahawks will be keeping and who will be going amongst our UFAs.

Leonard Weaver - FB - Sadly, I think Weaver is going to be gone. The Church Van has been great, but he can be used more appropriately elsewhere and doesn't seem to fit too well into Knapp's offense from what I can tell. Don't be shocked if the NFC West targets him, either the Rams or the Cards (who need both running help and a tight end).

Ray Willis - OT/OG - I am a bit concerned that the Hawks have not yet signed Willis and its possible that he wants to see what his value is on the open market. Still, I expect the Hawks to have the best read on his value and, assuming others aren't trying to overpay him, I think we keep the guy who nearly stole Locklear's starting job last year.

Maurice Morris - RB - I'm crossing my fingers that Ruskell surprises us here. I would love Morris to come back and agree with the Seahawk Addicts consensus that he is a better back than Julius Jones. I don't see it happening though.

Bobby Engram - WR - I'm torn. I think he should go, but I don't know that he wants to retire as a non-Hawk. He can still play, but how much? Too big a risk for more than $1 million. Will the price be right? I don't think so. We love you bobby!

Charlie Frye - QB - Bye bye, Mr. Frye.

Will Heller - TE - I don't see there being a high demand for Heller, and without stalwart Jeb Putzier (har har), I think the chances are good that we keep Heller.

Koren Robinson - WR - The Hawks won't keep him, but he should still get another job. His downfield blocking led to two or three huge touchdowns last year. Considering there were only 4 or 5 "huge touchdowns" all year, that's saying something.

Rocky Bernard - DT - I've been saying all year he won't be back and I will keep saying it. If he can't perform in his contract year, its time for us to move on. Thanks for the memories, Rocky.

Howard Green - DT - Green was good, not great, when he played but he provides good depth in a position that can see a fair share of injuries based solely on the size of the players. I think we resign him.

D.D. Lewis - LB - Lewis came in and was arguably our best linebacker in his starts last year. If he isn't looking for a retirement fund, we sign him again.

Floyd Womack - OG - Porkchop is a lifelong Seahawk and should continue to be one. That said, with Vallos and Wrotto both playing well last year, the "Changing of the Guard" (har-dee-har-har) may be in effect now.

Jeff Robinson - LS - He's gone. He didn't want to unretire in the first place, but we begged. It's on your shoulders now, Tyler!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Salary cap increased!

by: Chris Sullivan

The working assumption for the past few months has been that the Salary cap would be $123 million for 2009, but Adam Schefter reports:

Because teams didn’t spend as much as they were supposed to under the collective bargaining agreement the past three years, teams were notified Wednesday that the salary cap will increase over $4 million to $127 million for this coming year, according to sources with two NFL teams. The collective bargaining agreement calls for cap adjustment down if teams spend over the cap in cash and adjustment up if they don’t spend up to the cap.
This helps the Seahawks quite a bit (and everyone else). The big question for the next two days will be who will the Seahawks cut? We can expect a lot of non-movement on the Free Agent side (though I wouldn't be shocked to see us try to lock up Willis on Thursday), but with so many cuts rolling in one has to wonder when the Hawks will start making a few... though, honestly, I can't see who they would be -- most of the "deadweight" players are already free agents (here's lookin' at you, Frye). 

As of right now, I would put the most likely cuts as such:
  • Olindo Mare
  • Kelly Jennings
  • Brian Russell (won't happen)
  • Dark Horse Candidate: Chris Spencer
Anyone else?

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More Free Agent stuff

by: Chris Sullivan

Mike Sando discusses some free agent links between the NFC West and recently cut players. He thinks the Seahawks might have some interest in Warrick Dunn (wouldn't that be funny if Dunn and Duckett were together again?) and could also be interested in Derrick Brooks (but that seems quite unlikely). Ronald Curry, a WR for Oakland, was just cut, and may also appeal to Knapp and Mora as a potential middle-of-the-pack free agent WR. Read More!

Will the Church Van Roll Away?

By Chris Sullivan

While the bulk of our offseason has focused on tagging Leroy Hill, we must now look at our other players who will become Free Agents in just a few short days. First up is the only guy who deserves to be first up: Leonard Weaver.

Weaver responded to nearly being cut at the beginning of the 2007 season by stepping into the suddenly-retired Mack Strong's enormous shoes. Struggling early with blocking, Weaver took to learning his new role as lead blocker intensely, and when given the chance to the carry the ball rarely disappointed. By year-end, Weaver was cemented as the starter for the coming year. Though the Hawks drafted Owen Schmitt in the fifth round of 2008's draft, no one really expected him to compete with The Church Van, and he didn't. Weaver had a very good year in 2008, and was arguably one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal year. Few Hawk fans will forget his two-touchdown 100+ receiving yard game. Weaver was selected as a Pro-Bowl alternate and was perhaps the only player on the Seahawks other than Mebane and Walt to deserve such an honor (not that Mebane got the honor, but that's another story).

It appears as though Weaver will test the free agent waters this weekend and it seems likely that he will find a suitor willing to pay much more than the Seahawks are. Don't be surprised to see the Rams go hard after him, and any team that is short on tight end and running back talent may look to bolster their ranks with Weaver. I believe that Ruskell, Mora and Knapp like him a lot, but do not see him as an integral part of the offense -- a fullback is, after all, a fullback, and a fullback in Knapp's system does not necessarily seem too special.

While it would be unfortunate to see Weaver go, and he may well be someone we look at in the next few years and say "Why!? Whyyy!?", I see it as being unlikely that we spend much money to try and retain him. He is clearly the top FB free agent this offseason and -- as Weaver's agent suggested -- many teams are likely to view him as a bruising RB or even a hybrid FB-TE. That is not how the Seahawks view him, and it doesn't seem likely that we'll start looking at him that way. The Hawks have more pressing free agent needs and, like DJ Hackett and Niko Koutovides before him, Weaver may well go on to test greener pastures.

What do you guys think of this? How might our offense be impacted if it doesn't have this clear threat on the roster? Do you think we will manage to sign him after all? ~END~ Read More!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What would you ask Steve Vallos?

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey all, I am fortunate enough to have recently made contact with Steve Vallos, a favorite here at Seahawk Addicts since stepping in at Center for Spencer in the preseason last year. He is kind enough to submit himself to a little email interview for Seahawk Addicts, and I thought I'd ask you guys what you'd like to ask him? I've got a few questions written up already, of course, but ask away and see what we end up with. I plan to shoot him the email today or early tomorrow. Thanks guys! Read More!

ESPN Free Agent Tracker

by: Matthew Heuett

Hi everyone--I've been busy recovering from surgery as of late (it was nothing too serious and I am doing fine), but hopefully I will be able to get back to my editing duties in another day or two. In the meantime, I thought you all might like to check out this handy free agent tracker that Sando was kind enough to point out in a recent post on his NFC West Blog.

The Scout Inc. grades for each player are only available to ESPN Insider subscribers, but for non-paying freeloaders like me it still makes for a nice, easy way to sort through all those potential '09 Seahawks out there. ~END~ Read More!

RFA Lance Laury will Test Market

by: Chris Sullivan

The Seahawks have informed Lance Laury that they do not intend to make him a qualifying offer thus enabling (or forcing him, depending on how you look at it) to test the free agent waters. Laury was a standout in 2008 on our special teams unit, and I would love to see him back in Blue and Green, but its hard to justify paying a guy $1 million to be a special teams guy and a sixth linebacker (depth wise). Read More!

Crabtree may not run

by: Chris Sullivan

Rob Staton caught a new twist in the Michael Crabtree saga just now on NFL Network: Crabtree may not run at his pro-day, afterall. Few seem to think this will impact anything, as Crabtree is pretty much a known commodity. What do you guys think? Should he get surgery now so that he's for sure ready for rookie camps, or should he wait and prove he can run? Good find, Rob! Read More!

Malcom Jenkins is fast...

by: Chris Sullivan

...but not fast enough. According to Mike Florio over at, Jenkins has clocked 4.52 and 4.58 times in the forty-yard dash. This is slower than many scouts were saying he needed to run (4.45 was the golden number). This affects his top-10 draft slot and knocks him far from #4, most think. We'll see how it goes. Lets not forget that Josh Wilson and Kelly Jennings are two of our faster players (at least Wilson is), but both still got beat quite a bit. Jenkins has the technique and size that both of them lack which allows him to be physical and out-play his opponent. If he can wow at the OSU pro-day, he could still be in consideration. Read More!

Malcolm Jenkins Runs Today

by: William P. Tomisser

Malcolm Jenkins will run his 40 yard dash today at the combine. Eric Williams writes a short article about it in the News Tribune. From that article:

Mike Mayock of said if Jenkins runs a 4.45 or better he has a shot to solidify a spot as a top-10 pick and lock-down cover corner in the draft. However, if he dips into the 4.5s, then the questions will continue and people will continue to talk about Jenkins converting to a safety.

During his interview on Sunday Jenkins said he’s pretty confident he’ll run under 4.5. If he does, the Seahawks no doubt will consider taking him with the team’s No. 4 pick.

This should be of high interest to Seahawk fans who are closely following the draft since many of you have stated that Jenkins would be a good choice for the Seahawks if he can measure up to the job. Today we should get some of the information towards obtaining an answer to that question. It's my hope that he does measure up giving the Seahawks even more options when their pick comes due in April.



END Read More!

Is Crabtree Still "The Pick"?

by: William P. Tomisser

John McGrath of the News Tribune thinks that Michael Crabtree is still the pick to take come April in the annual NFL draft in which the Seahawks have the 4th pick, their highest pick in over a decade. He wrote an article about it that is worth a read especially if you're a Crabtree fan.

McGrath writes that Crabtree was listed as the sure pick of the Seahawks before the combine and then after having it was revealed that he has a hairline fracture in his foot and that he is two inches shorter than advertised, it all of a sudden became more doubtful that the Seahawks would take him. What should the Seahawks do? Writes McGrath:

Stay the course, is what to do. Crabtree, who will work out in front of scouts next month, hasn’t dropped a spiral since he showed up at the combine. He hasn’t lost a step. He’s still the same guy who in two college seasons caught 231 passes and scored 41 touchdowns.

If Crabtree was the player the Seahawks were focused on before the combine, he should still be of high interest to the team. I would suspect that they will be paying special attention to his workout in March if he does indeed run as he's promised to do before having surgery to correct the fracture by having screws placed in his foot.

Crabtree has stated that the injury is a year old and that it doesn't cause him any pain or discomfort. Some of his closest professional associates have advised him against running and taking a chance on exacerbating the injury so we'll just have to see how it all pans out. A good workout and especially a good 40 time should alleviate most doubts since the injury is one that traditionally heals without any after effects.

What say you Crabtree supporters?



END Read More!

Best Case Scenario

by: William P. Tomisser

Rob Rang gives his best case scenario for the Rams and Seahawks pertaining to the NFL draft coming in April. Since the Rams will probably have the biggest impact on our draft with who they pick, I thought it would be appropriate to include Rang's analysis of their situation too.

For the Rams, Rang believe that if Crabtree is still there had a good workout to alleviate questions about his speed and injuries and Stafford is still on the board, they could trade down. If they want to hang in there and take a pick, they should go with a left tackle and they can hope that Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe are both still there so they have their choice. Says Rang:

The best-case scenario is that Michael Crabtree works out exceptionally well and that Matt Stafford comes off as being very much the leader that everybody wants out of a quarterback, allowing the Rams to possibly trade down.

As far as talent available, I think the best-case scenario for the Rams considering their potential needs at offensive tackle would be for Jason Smith from Baylor and Eugene Monroe from Virginia to be available and they can take their pick between the two.

As far as the Seahawks are concerned, the best case scenario according to Rang is very similar to the Rams except that if Crabtree makes a good showing, he believes we should pick him or from the two standout left tackles Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe. He also believes that if Malcolm Jenkins runs a 4.4 or better 40 instead of in the 4.5's and proves he does have the speed necessary to play corner in the NFL, we should also consider him. Says Rang:

The best-case scenario for the Seahawks would be that Michael Crabtree works out and works out well, answers any questions they might have about that. That would be filling an immediate need for them. The same kind of scenario at offensive tackle. If Jason Smith is available, he makes a great deal of sense. Eugene Monroe as well.

And then Malcolm Jenkins, the cornerback from Ohio State. If he proves he has cornerback speed, running in the 4.4s instead of the 4.5s, he would be available at that spot as well.

That pretty well syncs up with what Seahawk Addicts have been saying about the top choices except for listing Curry instead of Jenkins as the other player to consider as a top four candidate.

The general consensus I've been getting from your comments is that Michael Crabtree, Jason Smith, Aaron Curry, and Eugene Monroe are probably the four top candidates at this point with Jenkins getting honorable mention and genuine interest if he runs faster than advertised.

The good thing about our position is that at least two of those five players will be available to us if we don't trade down and with both Detroit and Kansas City likely to be looking at the two quarterbacks, as many as four of them could be there.

I have to believe the Rams will be taking one of those five players or trading with someone who will. Kansas City will also be giving Curry a hard look who is probably the least likely of the five to be picked by us anyway given that we franchised Hill.

It looks as if the top four or five candidates are starting to emerge from the pack as far as value in the top five goes. There are still some workouts that will determine exactly who fits where but it certainly is much clearer that it was a month ago.

Michael Oher and Andre Smith have dropped themselves out of top 5 contention maybe even top 10. Brian Orakpo, once considered a top 5 pick has evaporated as well and is now considered more a linebacker prospect rather than a defensive end.

The two quarterbacks, Stafford and Sanchez are the real wildcards in the top 10 picks who will throw the biggest monkey wrench into everyone's pie. Where they are picked will go a long ways in determining where everyone else falls.

It looks as if everyone is pretty much coming to the same conclusions about where things stand right now though. What do you Addicts think about Rob Rang's conclusions? What effect will the quarterbacks have on the top five picks?



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Monday, February 23, 2009

Aaron Curry faster than all but 7 RBs

by: Chris Sullivan

With a 4.56 second 40-yard dash, Aaron Curry beat all but the fastest Running Backs from this years very-slow-running-back combine. (It has been contested, however, that the combine's official timekeeper was a tenth of a second off, as many of the unofficial times were wayyy faster than the "official" time.) Still, having a fast, big, mean linebacker to replace freak-o-nature Julian Peterson sounds fun... but it won't happen. We're not going to pay Curry more than Peterson to take Peterson's not-yet-vacant spot. Why does this matter? The Rams might take him to shore up their defense which, lets be honest, Steve Spagnuolo is going to want to do. This helps the Hawks in Crabtree-stakes 2009, assuming he wows everyone at his pro-day and becomes worth a #4 pick again. We'll see.

In other Combine news both Rey Maulauga and Brian Orakpo have cut their Combine's short due to injuries, though the severity is not clear on either, both seem mild. Read More!

6 Positions and 8 Players To Tempt The Seahawks In April's Draft

by: William P. Tomisser

Clare Farnsworth over at the Seattle P.I. has written an article that lists 6 positions of interest and 8 players to fill those positions in the April NFL draft.

He talks about the three teams picking ahead of us in the draft and who they are likely to be targeting at this point.

Mora is excited that we'll be drafting two of the top 37 players in the draft. As he puts it:

"We'll get probably two of our top 20 guys -- the way we have them rated," Mora said. "Which would be neat. And hopefully they're two guys that can come in and play early and help us win games."

Clare has probably listed the player that we'll be selecting in his evaluation if we don't trade down unless a real sleeper comes along. Give it a read and tell us what you think.



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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Combine Highlights

by: William P. Tomisser

Here's some highlights and tidbits from the combine over the weekend.

A defensive tackle prospect Sammie Lee Hill from Stillman College had a good showing. Projected as a 4th or 5th round pick by WalterFootball, he's the kind of project defensive tackle we could be interested in because of his size and athleticism. His speciality is the bull rush which is just what we're looking for. Stillman's head coach moved him to the outside as a defensive end because he didn't draw double teams there and he had the speed to get to the outside and seal off the end. He was also a skilled basketball player reminding people of Shaq when he played. One to watch.

One of the more interesting prospects at the combine is Sammie Lee Hill, a defensive tackle from Stillman College. Hill is big (6-foot-3 plus, 329 pounds) and athletic (his vertical jump is 30 inches), and he has the versatility to play in the middle of a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme.

The fastest receiver at the combine was Derrius Heyward-Bey. Projected to be a second round pick initially, his 4.3 combine run has people talking first round now. Here's your guy to stretch the field with.

Maryland WR Darrius Heyward-Bey posted the fastest official time Sunday at 4.30 seconds. His time is tied for the second-fastest mark among receivers since 2000, trailing only the 4.28 posted by Hampton’s Jerome Mathis in 2005. Kansas State’s Yamon Figurs also had a 4.30 run in 2007.

To Continue..............

Expect the crop of Left Tackles to be gone early in this year's draft. I've seen a lot of mocks where all 4 of the top offensive tackles are gone in the first ten picks. I still believe that can happen but Andre Smith's departure from the combine could drop him out of the top ten.

In sitting with senior analyst Pat Kirwan, it became obvious that the trend of left tackles being drafted near the top of the first round is likely to continue.

Kirwan said this year’s class features a number of top-flight tackles, but their value is so high that waiting on one to drop into the later rounds is not a good decision. If a team wants or needs a left tackle, it’s going to have to use its first-round pick on one. There just isn’t enough quality depth.

The receivers among others put up some blazing 40 times Sunday at the Combine. Here's the times for the quarterbacks, receivers, offensive linemen, tight ends, and running backs. You can also get the bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, cone drill, 20 yard shuttle, and the 60 yard shuttle times at this site.

There was some impressive speed on display. Some of these guys just crushed the 40 with what is believed to be near-record combine times. Just using the eyeball test, it was obvious that Abilene Christian’s Johnny Knox can really move. Texas’ Quan Cosby, Florida’s Percy Harvin and Maryland’s Darrius Heyward-Bey also appeared to run well.

Unofficially, they were blazing. We’re waiting on the official times to come in after the second group runs, and we will pass those along as soon as we can. (Click here for times.)
It also appeared that Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin ran well. In the second group of receivers later Sunday is Ohio State’s Brian Robiskie, Penn State’s Derrick Williams, North Carolina’s Brandon Tate and USC’s Patrick Turner, among others.

Here's WalterFootball's combine page showing the latest times, weigh ins, and news.

More 40 yard dash times from Danny O'Neil at the Times. Also from O'Neil is an interview with Michael Lewis author of "the Blind Side" which describes the unlikely path Michael Oher had to take to get to where he is expected to be a first-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and also explains the importance of the left tackle in today's pro football game. Follow the link to listen to the interview as a link from the article.

Follow the links to get the full stories and all the information and to catch up on the combine. Enjoy.




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Surgery for Crabtree Presents Low Risk

by: Mike Parker

The whirlwind of Combine news continues today with Mike Sando reporting that Michael Crabtree's injury is a Jones fracture, which is actually good news for the college standout's hopes in the draft. (Props to Sando for his A-level reporting of the Combine this week.)

A Jones fracture, as described here, is a type of injury that 89 percent of NFL football players in a study conducted from 1998-2002 have recovered from, with only 50 percent of those injuries being treated surgically.

Also, Crabtree has said that the injury will not bar him from running a 40-yard dash for NFL scouts before the draft, which only further implies that the injury is minor and shouldn't be a huge cause for alarm.

If Crabtree's 40 time is fast enough, it should instill a fair amount of confidence in GMs and coaches that he's worth the hype. If his time is slower than expected, it could prove quite the opposite. Either way, he could be the fastest man on earth and still not be able to run a proper route in professional football, or stay injury-free when guys like Brian Dawkins and Ed Reed are crashing at full-speed into his legs.

There is still a lot that remains to be seen, but I'm hopeful that Crabtree is still worthy of being taken at No.4 overall. Skepticism, however, is none the less necessary. -END- Read More!

Combine Observations

by: Rob Staton

I wanted to highlight some observations I've noticed watching the combine today.

Seahawks offensive coordinator Greg Knapp was closely watching the quarter back prospects throw. Click here for photographic evidence.

The top two running backs in the draft class, Chris Wells and Knowshon Moreno, continue to impress with their physical performance and appearance. Both will be running the 40 yard dash later.

With Michael Crabtree not working out the other wide receivers have been taking centre stage. Jeremy Maclin ran a disappointing 4.40 forty yard dash but picked up an injury during earlier work outs. Darrius Heyward-Bey posted a lightning quick 4.32 time.

In one of the least important work outs, the quarter backs took turns to run the forty. Matt Stafford posted a very fluid 4.84. Mark Sanchez was a little less fluent in his stride, but still managed a 4.88. John Parker Wilson got a lot of praise from the coaches on the field, as he threw the football you could often hear shouts of, "beautiful". Read More!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sando Chimes in on Seahawks' Best Options

by: Mike Parker

As expected, Mike Sando became immediately inundated with Crabtree-related emails as soon as news of the receiver's injury broke. Sando answered one question regarding the Seahawks possibly passing on Crabtree and opting to take an offensive tackle, such as the underachieving Andre Smith:

I'm not expecting the Seahawks to target an offensive tackle in that spot. Teams running zone blocking schemes don't always need the elite tackles. The situation with Michael Crabtree is a little harder to predict, but I think the Seahawks would probably lean toward a safer pick if they had any reservations about Crabtree or his health. That would seem to fit Tim Ruskell's approach.
Sando went on to say he could see the Seahawks taking a front-seven standout if they shifted their focus to defense with the No.4 pick, but I have a sneaking suspicion that's going to be avoided. In fact, zone blocking scheme aside, I could even see Ruskell going for Jason Smith, with the intention of eventually making him a Walter Jones replacement. But at this point, the last few days have proven to make the 2009 draft even more of a question mark. Is Stafford really that good? Is Andre Smith a colossal bust in the making? Is Jason Smith really worth the hype? Is Crabtree's foot really not a big deal, like he just said in BillT's post? No one knows.

But it'll sure be fun to find out. -END- Read More!

Crabtree Plans To Run Anyway

by: William P. Tomisser

Michael Crabtree told reporters that he doesn't plan to have surgery and that he still plans to run in a private workout in late March reports Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News.

Speaking of the report that he was going to have surgery and have a pin inserted in his foot and not be able to run in a scheduled private workout Crabtree said:

"I don't know where that report came from," Crabtree said. "It [stress fracture] has been there for about a year and it's never caused me any pain. I can play with it the rest of my life. It won't stop me from running. I'm going to run."

Interesting, if true, that the stress fracture isn't a new condition but is something he's lived with and played on for a year now. That would mean he played his whole sophomore season with the stress fracture present.

Does that change the picture again?



END Read More!

Fat men can't run (and other Combine news)

by: Chris Sullivan 

Well, guess who's lodge has a crappy WiFi connection?

WalterFootball has all the combine 40 times posted for Offensive Linemen. While some of them are fairly impressive ( ), others that were promised to impress have fallen short. Most notable among them is Michael Oher who warned everyone that they would be "wowed" when they saw him run... well, WOW! Why would you spend time hyping a 5.32 40? Oher did only 21 reps at 225 lbs... He is likely slipping, whether that should be the case or not.

Jason Smith continues to emerge as the class of the draft: 33 reps (third amongst OTs) and a 5.14 40. The time itself is not that amazing, but the fact that literally 95% of the people are running below their projected times and he was projected at 5.10... well, that's pretty good. 

Andre Smith did not run the 40 (or waddle it, for that matter), or anything else. He is not participating in combine work-outs because he is "Out of Shape." Really? Sounds like he's out of the top 10 too, then. 

Eugene Monroe also had a solid workout with a 5.16 40 but only 23 reps. Mind you, I could probably do 1/3 of a rep, so I'm not really one to speak.

In Michael Crabtree news -- He's Shrinking!!! With his foot injury, he's also Slipping!!!! likely out of our #4. Crazier things have happened, but as Aaron over at Next Season Sports points out none of the last five top-5 WRs have been shorter than 6'3". Size matters, boys. 

The Washington Huskies husky center Juan Garcia (6'2" 307lbs) handled 34 bench reps and ran a 5.48 40. Thought you'd like to know. Alex Mack ran a 5.13 40 but did not lift. Max Unger ran slow and lifted 225 lbs 21 times.

In WR news (other than Crabtree), personal and Addicts favorite Brian Robiskie measured in at 6'3" and 209 lbs. He's expected to run the 40 in 4.48 seconds, but that won't happen until tomorrow. 

Finally, the just-caught-my-eye-guy-of-the-day award goes to... Offensive Tackle William Beatty of Connecticut. Beatty is 6'6" but only 307 lbs (up from 291 at the end of the season though). Beatty ran a 5.12 second 40 yard dash and lifted 27 times. Bow wow. He could slip to the second. 
Read More!

Crabtree to Undergo Foot Surgery

by: Mike Parker

It seems as though WR Michael Crabtree's Combine days are over before they began, as the projected-no. 4 overall draft pick learned he would need surgery to repair a stress fracture in his left foot.

The projected timetable for recovery from this type of surgery, according to ESPN's John Clayton, is six to 10 weeks.

Obviously, this puts a huge dent in Crabtree's value in the draft as a top-tier pick. It's especially bad for Crabtree because teams will now be forced to rely on tapes from his college days in order to size him up. Plus, with monsters like OT Jason Smith wowing every coach, player and GM who's even so much as heard his name in the past week, some front offices may be quick to look past Crabtree already.

And here in Seattle, the last thing we need is another injury-prone receiver.

This does not bode well for the player who seemed certain to be drafted by the Seahawks in April.

But with former Missouri WR Jeremy Maclin also putting on a good show at the Combine, could Ruskell & co. really be thinking that Maclin is an adequate replacement for this unexpected turn of events? -END- Read More!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Crabtree's Combine...So Far

by: Mike Parker

Just checking in with a quick post from Mike Sando here, and it's good news for the Crabtree faithful:

The consensus on Michael Crabtree so far is he has the potential to be a game-changing wide receiver in the NFL.

As for what Crabtree himself had to say?

"There's a lot of things I can offer to a team," Crabtree said. "Quickness, speed, knowledge, on and off the field, just a great person. The team chemistry I want to bring to a team, I just want to show people that."
I get the feeling this Combine is going to create a very fine line between the argument for taking Jason Smith and Michael Crabtree, but developments are still young. -END- Read More!

This weekend

by: Chris Sullivan 

Hey guys, just a heads up that I will be out of town starting in about 45 minutes until Sunday afternoon. The other guys should have no problem covering the site for a couple of days, and there may even be a few guest posts. I'll be missing coverage of the first day of the Combine workouts (that being tomorrow), but have everything set to TiVo so I can catch up on Sunday / Monday. 

Anyway, here are the essential reads for your combine and pro football coverage:

Rob Staton's Seahawks Draft Blog -- If I know Rob, he'll have the Combine covered from every angle, sometimes twice.

Mike Mayock's Combine Breakdown -- Mayock breaks down the different Combine workouts in a video, pretty helpful for the uninitiated and a good refresher for the... initiated.

Mike Sando's NFC West Blog -- Like I have to tell you why you should visit Sando. 

Walter Football -- Amazing site, should have the free agency angle and combine info down pat.
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Left Tackle Worth High Pick

by: William P. Tomisser

We've been through the Left Tackle debate about a thousand times but Danny O'Neil brings up the subject again in today's Seattle Times.

Seahawk's president Tim Ruskell has never been enamored with choosing offensive linemen early in the draft, but indicated last month it's an opinion he may have to reevaluate.

"I don't know if that is a correct way to look at it with the increased importance placed on the left tackle," Ruskell said in January. "The reality is there are guys who warrant that pick."

Lately, we've seen Jason Smith rising up draft lists as far as becoming the top rated left tackle on some boards. Certainly Andre Smith and Michael Oher have been in that position at various times earlier in the year. Eugene Monroe is also considered to be in that class. All four could go in the top 10 or 15 picks this year as the value of the left tackle has never been higher.

Look for the offensive tackles to be competing at the combine where we'll all be able to get a good look at them together for the first time.



END Read More!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Defensive Tackle breakdown

by: Chris Sullivan

One of our biggest needs this year is a true three-tech tackle to complement Brandon Mebane on the line. The National Football Post has a very good article on the things to look for in a defensive tackle (they are kinda like offensive linemen -- how do you know if they're any good when you rarely notice them?). They also break down all the free agent defensive linemen and list them by type and skill. Worth a read! Read More!

Ward rhymes with Card

by: Chris Sullivan

Okay, well, no it does not. But it looks like it should, and thats close enough. Derrick Ward is currently the freest agent of all running backs with Jacobs and Sproles both receiving the franchise tag. Ward ran for 5.6 ypc and over 1,000 total yards in 2008 as a backup. Not bad. He is actually a guy I would love the Hawks to target as I've mentioned before -- like most of you, I don't see a future with Julius Jones, though sadly I imagine he will last at least one more year. I think he could have a good year, but will he ever be a superstar? Doubt it.

Anyway, Ward says he's got three teams that he thinks he'd fit well with right now -- one of which is the Arizona Cardinals. (The one plus to this would be that LeSean McCoy would more likely drop to us in the early 2nd.) Anyway, Ward is one of the guys I've had my eyes on and the Cards are in a good bargaining position with deep pockets and the NFC Championship on their belts. What would you think of Ward ending up in Arizona? Read More!

J. Smooth wows 'em

by: Chris Sullivan

Jason Smith, that is. Smith is the offensive tackle from Baylor who a number of mock drafts have had the Seahawks taking at #4 overall. According to Adam Schefter the big guy gave the best press conference of the day, hands down. My favorite quote:

And he was on this day. He responded to a question about his lack of clear weaknesses by saying, "I can’t think of any either." He then grimly noted, "I take a lot of pride in physically assaulting somebody when I’m on the field."
Read More!

Al Davis heard "Corner" thought it was "Quarter"

by: Chris Sullivan

At least, that's the only conclusion I can draw from paying Nnamdi Asomugha -- who I agree is probably the best CB in the game -- an average of at least $15 million a year, all guaranteed. That is top-end quarterback kind of money (higher than the 2009 franchise tag for a QB, to give you some idea). One has to imagine the Ol' Cryptkeeper has just utterly lost his bearings. The current franchise tag (again, that's the average of the top 5 players at the position) for a cornerback is (or, was before this contract) $9.96 million. Champ Bailey was the highest paid CB in the league at $12.2 million.

Utterly ridiculous contract. Al Davis is an idiot. But hey, if you're going to throw money at a guy, at least he's arguably the best guy out there. Still, I wonder if Davis knows that the Raiders have serious cap issues this year (especially after signing their PUNTER to a reported $3 million / year deal)? I wonder if Al Davis even understands that he owns a football team and is expected to make rational decisions with his money? I already know that Al Davis has no clue whatsoever that the Raiders are in a rebuilding mode and have been since winning the Super Bowl... they will forever be rebuilding when they pay three players with a fifth of their cap. Read More!

Haynesworth to Test Market

by: Mike Parker

With the Titans making a strange move in franchising TE Bo Scaife, DT Albert Haynesworth has said he'll be testing the free agent waters.

Now, before everyone gets caught up in a Haynesworth-coming-to-Seattle pipe dream, the link above also mentions the Pro Bowl big man is looking for a six-year deal that would surpass the $12.2 million currently being earned by Vikings DE Jared Allen. In that contract, Haynesworth is asking for $32 million in guarantees. The Titans are said to be offering Haynesworth a four-year, $36 million deal.

If that's the kind of money Haynesworth is looking for, I don't even think he's worth considering. That simply eats too much salary cap space for the Hawks to have realistic leverage with any other position in free agency. And why kill all the fun before it even starts? -END- Read More!

Other NFL News

by: Chris Sullivan

The Carolina Panthers tagged Julius Peppers meaning he will likely be on the Cowboys or an as-yet-unnamed AFC team next year. The Panthers agreed to terms with Jordan Gross for a 6-year contract for a hair under $60 million.

The Houston Texans tagged CB Dunta Robinson, keeping another quality CB off the market. The Colts signed Hayden to a 5-year $43 million contract this morning. Oakland and Asomugha appear close to a long-term contract which would essentially guarantee the one of the best defensive talents the NFL has seen in the last decade will not make it to the hall of fame.

The Titans are expected to franchise Bo Scaife, their standout tight end. This would've been important if Carlson wasn't such a total stud last year. Read More!

Danny O'Neil + Ruskell = good quote

by: Chris Sullivan

"Our reasoning is we've been negotiating and that's gone well," Ruskell
said. "We're not done. I wouldn't even say we're even exactly close, but it has
been good-faith negotiating and this allows us to keep doing that while
protecting our rights to the player."
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