Friday, May 1, 2009

Mini Camp Opens Today

by: Michael Steffes

For those of you unfamiliar with the process, or who need a refresher, the Seahawks' post-draft mini camp begins today.

Here is what that means:

Players probably started arriving yesterday, or at least the few who aren't already here for the entire offseason working out. They probably began checking in and taking physicals yesterday. Today they will be in Renton, in meetings this morning and in their first practice this afternoon. Usually, afternoon practices start around 1:15 PM.

Tomorrow, the team will have two practices followed by one on Sunday, after which time the team will depart until OTAs begin. In reality, the team doesn't completely depart. Those who live in the area will continue to work out at the facility, and all of the rookies will be given a nice big playbook to go home with.

For the most part, this weekend is about putting together the base of the offensive and defensive schemes. They will do more of this in training camp, but they want players to get a feel for what they will be doing in the new systems.

In years previous, the vets could help bring the young guys along. This year, the vets have had only a brief experience working with the new schemes in the previous mini camp, so will be lots of learning for everyone.

The best part about mini camp is that we get to see the team on the field. It brings us one step closer to the season getting starting. END