Thursday, July 2, 2009

Houshmandzadeh the definition of a tough WR

by: Aaron Weinberg

I originally published this story March 6, shortly after Seattle signed Housh.

I decided to do some quick analysis for my readers over at NSS of Housh's overall play and what to really expect from him. The first thing that became evident after watching a few games worth of tape from their poor 2008 campaign was Housh's toughness.

As Seahawks fans, I suppose we're just not used to seeing a wide receiver strip tacklers and really fight for extra yards at the expense of their body.

Housh, well, he does all of that while miraculously staying healthy. In essence, he's the possession receiver Seattle always wanted: a big (emphasis on big), tough (double emphasis on tough) receiver who'll get yards after catch. Here's the tape analysis, along with crappy photos to prove I'm not making it up.

During WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh's press conference earlier this week, Mora described Houshmandzadeh as a physical receiver who would bring swagger to the team.

After watching the first four games of Cincinnati's tumultuous season, the tape doesn't lie: the man is tough.

In 2008, Houshmandzadeh proved himself to be the most reliable wide receiver on the Bengals' roster.

Here are a few plays that defined him on the field for the first four games of the year. Seahawks faithful will be pleased to notice his ability to shed tacklers as well as his willingness to meet multiple defenders and fearlessly push for extra yards.

While he only gains about two extra yards after contact, he is still able to shed the first defender, let a second roll off of him, before a third finally comes in to make the stop. His resiliency throughout this play is what should be most intriguing to Seahawks fans; he never decides to hit the turf, but instead mercilessly powers through an infamous Ravens secondary.

On this short cross, Houshmandzadeh makes light work of the first cornerback who attempted to tackle the 6-1, 200 pounder. What's more impressive is how Houshmandzadeh is met by three defenders a couple yards before the first down marker, but still manages to muscle through them to make the first down.

Houshmandzadeh runs a short slant in, then makes the catch. The cornerback catches up to him but Houshmandzadeh forces him to slip off his back as Houshmandzadeh runs toward the sideline. It eventually takes two other Browns defenders to corral him short of the end zone.