Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seattle owns NFC West in spending AND wins

by: Aaron Weinberg

I just did a quick write-up of this over at NSS but I figured I'd share it with the Addicts as well because I know you all love some good news.

Calculating total team expenditures, Paul Allen and the Seahawks dish out the second most in the league:

2. Seahawks $552.42
14. Cardinals $505.30
17. Rams $502.08
24. 49ers $486.40
Despite spending so much more than their NFC West counterparts, Seattle is able to convert the dollars to wins.
Team ---------Wins---Committed Cash---Cost Per Win
15.) Seahawks-45-----552.42 M ---------12.27 M
25.) Cardinals-34-----505.30 M----------14.86 M
29.) Rams ----27-----502.08 M----------18.59 M
30.) 49ers----25------486.40M----------19.45 M
Granted a no. 15 rankings isn't so hot considering they spend the second most in the league. But 2008 undoubtedly throws off Seattle's win percentage. All in all, be happy we have Paul Allen (he's worth $10.5 billion)

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