Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today, Mt. Rainier . . . Tomorrow, the NFC West?

by: Mike Parker

Seahawks Coach Jim Mora and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, along with a group of other climbers, completed their ascent to the summit of Mt. Rainier early Wednesday morning.

I'm swamped at work, as per usual, but the above link is to Danny O'Neil's write-up of the accomplishment. Eric Williams from TNT has also posted a write-up and a spectacular photo taken by guide Ed Viesturs.

Also, here's a bit from Williams' piece that's sure to spark some discussion today:

“I love Jim,” Goodell said. “He’s one of those passionate guys who when he sets his mind on doing something he does it and he does it well. And he loves the Pacific Northwest, as you know. And he was very proud or Rainier, and he’s very proud of this region and the people.

“So it meant a lot to him what we were doing.”

Goodell said he and Mora spent a sleepless night before the final ascent looking at the mountain, and that they also went to dinner together before traveling to Rainier.
This can only be a good thing for Seahawk fans and, if I may be so bold, west coast football in general.

I think this Mora guy might just know what he's doing after all. (Not that there was really ever any doubt.)