Thursday, July 9, 2009

Solari and Unger sittin' in a tree...

by: Chris Sullivan

Dan Arkush at Pro Football Weekly reports that a number of his Seahawks sources have confirmed that the Hawks are positively smitten with 2nd Round pick Max Unger. Unger has been seeing the bulk of his time at left guard (where, presumably he would share time with Mike "Ow My Shoulder!" Wahle), and center where he is expected to be breathing down Chris Spencer's neck. At Oregon, Unger played primarily center and has made it clear that it is his preferred position, but the Seahawks reportedly see him as a jack-of-all-trades a la Chris Gray. He snaps, he blocks, he juliennes! Whatever position he ends up at, one thing Arkush says is clear: he will earn a starting job.

The consensus among our Seahawks sources is that second-round OL Max Unger's talent is simply too good to not be a starter this season.

This is nothing but great news for the Seahawks that a rookie like Unger can immediately come in and impress the coaches enough to be looking for a way to start him. Of course this is all just hearsay, but we will see soon enough how Unger performs in the preseason. Still, if the Seahawks pull a starter out of Unger for what amounted to a trade for our fourth and fifth round picks well, that my friends, would be called "friggin sweet." Add to it the fact that we would likely have drafted Unger at #37, got a first rounder in 2010 instead, and still got our guy? Wow.