Sunday, July 5, 2009

Odds on the Season

by: Chris Sullivan

For those interested in betting (and those not), Online Sports Handicapping recently discussed the odds by for the Seahawks 2009 campaign and the likelihood of a) winning the Super Bowl, b) winning the NFC, and c) picked the over-under on wins.

While the article is poorly written (sorry, but I had to link something), the odds are interesting though not especially new. I don't think we discussed this much on the blog though, so here's the chance. The picks:

a) 40 - 1 odds that the Seahawks win the Superbowl
b) 20 - 1 odds that the Seahawks win the NFC
c) Estimated wins: 7.0

I think all of us believe that the Seahawks are better than a 7-win season -- a few breaks go the other way last year and we might have been a 7-8 win season even with the injuries and general crappiness of play. What would you put the odds at, Addicts? Let us hear it in the comments.

The sun may be shining, but for a football fan, July is just about the darkest month of the year. Silence from the practice field, endless Favre talk, and the NFL network spending half their programming time to remind you that the Patriots are the best thing to ever happen to the universe and if you think otherwise you might not be a real sports fan. So, hey, we're struggling to get through this month too!