Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Knapp Says He Will Adjust to Seattle's Personnel

by: Aaron Weinberg

In my first write-up, I forced readers to second-guess Knapp's ability to utilize Seattle's strengths since he's known for running run-happy teams:

My worry is we won't see Knapp fully utilizing Seattle's deadly WR corps, and that could be a bit frustrating to watch, especially with such an average (if not below average), trio of RB's.

I also quoted a Falcons blogger:
"While he might have been remembered more fondly had he simply been in charge of play calling for our running game--which was quite good the entire time he was in Atlanta--his refusal to adjust for the personnel he already had got him in a lot of trouble"

However, an interview way back in February may ease your minds a little. Here's the link and a key quote:
A lot of it is dictated by the personnel. Here we have a very experienced, Pro Bowl, played-in-a-Super Bowl quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck and I am kind of licking my chops because I am back with a guy who has a lot of savvy, a lot of experience, has made tough decisions in close ballgames and has done well. It helps my cause as far as what to choose from when you are using the playbook.

So maybe I was a little hasty in judging Knapp. But only time will tell if he can back up his words. Less than a month until training camp!