Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Training Camp Field Reporters Wanted!

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey there Addicts, the SA team is looking to you for some help. I know a lot of you are planning to attend training camp sessions (remember, you can register at 10 am on Thursday -- Season Ticket Holders can register as of this morning). If you head to camp this offseason, shoot me an email and write up a little bit about what you saw, who looked good, who looked bad, your general impressions of VMAC, Mora, Housh, whatever. Nothing super in-depth needed, but it won't hurt. I'll take some excerpts and throw them up at the end of the day (with accreditation to you, of course).

A lot of the readers are not local and/or not able to get out of work for three weeks at the beginning of August. I'm taking off work for one day to attend, but that's hardly going to take care of all the needs of true addicts, now is it? Anyway, drop a line in the comment thread here if you think you're going, especially if you know what day you're looking to attend. The schedule of practices can be found right here. The help in covering training camp would be very appreciated -- it'll get your name and prose seen by thousands, and who knows, there might be a free bumper sticker in it for ya if you play your cards right. And if we make bumper stickers.