Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aaron Curry: Pass Rusher

by: Mike Parker

That's the word coming down from Renton today, as the No.4-overall pick has reportedly spent lots of time rushing the passer in minicamps.

Curry has been able to effectively get to the quarterback in recent practices at the VMAC, but this is all happening, of course, without any pads on. Things could see something of a drastic shift in either direction once training camp gets underway.

Still, Curry recently told Mitch Levy on KJR that he "plays linebacker and defensive end." If that's the case and translates well into the preseason games, it'll be interesting to see how often the Seahawks utilize his skills on passing downs. The added versatility can't hurt, but how crowded is defensive end going to get? Kerney, Tapp, Lo-Jack and Nick Reed are already on the roster, with Cory Redding expected to put in some time on the outside to boot. Can Curry's pass rush ability really shine through, even above his exceptional skills at linebacker?

Still, the team drafted him to play linebacker, and I imagine that's where he'll spend the majority of his time. Who says he can't become the next Julian Peterson anyway? (And possibly even surpass him?)