Thursday, June 25, 2009

Madden 2010 Drinks the Hatorade

by: Chris Sullivan

The annual Madden 2010 ratings are out on a player-by-player basis and the Madden folks were pretty tough on the Seahawks this year. While Housh (91) and Carlson (87) can't help but smile at their ratings, Branch (79) and Burleson (74) are not likely smiling from ear to ear. A 74 for a guy who, coming off a 9-TD season, tore his ACL. Does that make him that much worse than the ~83-85 he was last year?

Oh, and who is our best running back? Justin Griffith of course, with a 77. #2? Owen Schmitt. Yep, our top two running threats are our FULLBACKS. Come on. Jones, Forsett and Duckett round out those five. Hasselbeck was awarded an 84, but that's understandable after his terrible year in 2008. Wallace was given a 69, a pretty low rating for someone who only got better throughout last year. To compare, Matt "Beer Bong" Leinart was given a 68.

Tatupu, Walter Jones, Patrick Kerney, and Housh were the only players in the 90s. While that's a pretty fair list, I would have to say that Trufant (88) deserves to be up there too. Mike Wahle was given an 88 as well, but while he was better than many of us give him credit for, he was no 88. Ray Willis is the second-lowest scoring O-Lineman for the Hawks with a 65. Did they see him play? Not a stud, but again, not a 65.

The lowest rated Seahawk was--really inexplicably, I would say--Kevin Hobbs, who was given a 40. Now, we are of course privy to a lot of the insider camp info and such that Madden folks would have no reason to pay mind to, but Hobbs seems like an up and comer who, if not for Wilson stepping up last year, may well have found himself on the field more often. A 40 is very, very low. The only other guy in the 40s was Jeff Rowe.

Biggest outrage of the day though?

Brandon Mebane - 71.