Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hawks Will Play Against Favre One More Time

by: Mike Parker

According to NBC Sports, legendary QB-turned-assclown Brett Favre has agreed to an undisclosed deal with the Minnesota Vikings.

Now, football fans across the nation will once again be subjected to the media saturation of Favre's ridiculously drama-filled twilight to an otherwise brilliant career. You'll hear about how "Favre still has it in him" and how much the younger quarterbacks in Minnesota will now have the tutelage of a legend. You'll hear about how the Vikings finally have a legitimate threat under center (a point I'm questioning but will no less certainly be brought up), and best of all, you'll see images of No.4 green-and-yellow jerseys being ceremoniously burned outside of Lambeau Field for days on end.

And let's not forget why this all matters to the Seahawks -- the Vikings are hosting Seattle on Sunday, Nov. 22 at Minneapolis.

I seriously hope this is the last time football nation has to deal with this laughable saga of Favre's successive un-retirements. I don't think I can take anymore of this crap.

If we see John Madden coming back out of retirement following this story, I'm fleeing the country.

EDIT: Apparently Favre's agent has been denying claims of a deal with the Vikings, but there's plenty of reason to believe otherwise. Is this ever really going to end??