Friday, June 5, 2009

Bold Projections Abound!

by: Chris Sullivan

Well guys, there's just not a whole lot happening right now. I figured I'd fill some time with some predictions and give you guys a space to do quite the same. And away, I, gooo...

5. Julius Jones will rush for over 1,000 yards, T.J. Duckett will score at least 10 touchdowns, and Justin Forsett will get 50 carries.
4. Brandon Mebane will make his first Pro-Bowl and will be second in DT sacks to Albert Haynesworth.
3. Matt Hasselback will play in 14 games, Patrick Kerney will play in 11, Mike Wahle will lose his starting job by midseason due largely to his shoulder injury.
2. The San Francisco 49ers, not the Cardinals, will be the team to watch in the NFC West other than the Hawks.
1. The Seahawks will split the two games with the 49ers this season, and play them in the wildcard game.