Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rookies Going the Extra Mile

by: Mike Parker

On June 12, Coach Mora and company sent the boys in blue on a six-week vacation until training camp starts, but the 12 new Seahawks rookies are taking some extra time at a place a little closer to home: the VMAC.

Monday marked the start to the second week of a rookies-only offseason conditioning program, led by strength & conditioning coach Mike Clark and assistant Darren Krein. The program is geared toward not only solidifying camaraderie amongst the dozen new players, but most importantly to make up for lost time -- there were two minicamps the rookies didn't participate in, held just before and after the draft. Aaron Curry put it best:

“We’re already at a disadvantage just being rookies,” said Curry, a linebacker from Wake Forest and the team’s first-round draft choice. “The vets had an extra minicamp that we didn’t participate in.”
The program is being closely monitored by Clark, who is taking the time to individually rate each player's progress and ability in a variety of different areas of training. And, appropriately, the program was preempted by Coach Mora taking the rookies up his infamous Tiger Mountain run last Friday.

Mora presented each player with a rock from the mountain to display in their lockers "to remind them they made it to the top." There were no reports of vomiting by any of the players on the way up, so this is either one tough group of rookies, or Patrick Kerney is now handling team PR duties.

Speaking of Mora and his infamous adventures, more pictures from his jaunt with Bryce Fisher aboard an FC-135 refueling jet can be found here, at photographer Rod Mar's blog. The pictures are breathtaking and definitely worth a look.