Thursday, June 4, 2009

Headlines come in handy...

by: Chris Sullivan

As we approach the year 2010, Don Banks has kicked off the "team of the decade" party with a list naming the New England Patriots as the top of the pack. No surprise there, of course, but where do the Seahawks fall?

For the decade, the Seahawks own virtually identical results as that of their 1976 expansion brethren, the No. 9 Bucs. But that Super Bowl win for Tampa Bay is a heck of a tiebreaker over Seattle, which lost its only Super Bowl appearance, against Pittsburgh at mid-decade. I give the Seahawks kudos though for dominating a poor division, with five consecutive playoff trips and four NFC West titles in a row.

For you non-contextual readers out there, that means we came in at #10. Not bad, top third of the pack. Looking at those in front of us, I'd have to say that this is a decent rating. We had an atrocious year last year, but I think Banks did a decent job of overlooking any single year. The bottom line is that we were 4-5 in the playoffs, put up 6 winning seasons out of 9 possible, and went 77-67. Some context, the Patriots were 14-3 in the playoffs put up 8 winning seasons and hada .708 winning percentage. For the DECADE. They also won 3 super bowls... Yikes!