Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unger, Reed got out just in time

by: Chris Sullivan

The University of Oregon is no stranger to uniform changes. In the last 11 years, they've had 7 complete reformations of their Unis including new uniforms in each of the last three seasons -- make that four.

The Ducks have come up with what can only be described as... well... hmm. This:

Now, while none of those are particularly awesome, take a look at the one on the far right. Holy Crap. Are they the Ducks or the Fightin' Canaries? Maybe the Rough and Tumble Bumbles? Further, they took their somewhat awesome green -- the only redeeming quality of the 2008 Ducks uniforms -- and turned it into a Chalkboard. The White with Silver just doesn't make any sense at all. I am awestruck.

What do you think are the worst uniforms in sports? Doesn't matter the sport, the level, or even if its current. Include a picture if at all possible (just link the pic).