Monday, June 22, 2009

What are your top moments of the decade?

by: Aaron Weinberg

My first "real" post was sort of a downer so hopefully this one will at least draw a few grins.

Sports Illustrated recently named Seattle the no. 10 ranked team of the decade. To commemorate the most successful decade in Seahawks history (and because there's nothing else to write about) we ran a series over at Next Season Sports detailing the top ten moments of the decade.

Here is my list:

10 - "We want the ball, and we're gonna score."
9 - Alexander breaks the record for touchdowns in a half
8 - Jay Feely blows three field goals, Seattle wins in overtime
7 - Qwest Field opens for business
6 - Holmgren trades for Green bay's backup quarterback
5 - Romo botches the snap
4 - Ruskell selects Lofa Tatupu in the second round
3 - Hasselbeck leads fourth-quarter comeback against Chargers in 2002
2 - Alexander is named league's most valuable player
1 - Seahawks reach the Super Bowl

So Addicts, what would your list be for the top ten moments of the decade? Or if you're old enough, top ten moments of the franchise's history?

Or maybe you want to just re-arrange my list? Have at it.