Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hello Seahawk Addicts

by: Aaron Weinberg

I'm not very good at introductions so I'll just get to it.

My name is Aaron Weinberg and Chris Sullivan asked me to write for the blog.

Some of you might already know me by reading Next Season Sports, a Seattle sports news Web site that I publish. There, I'll continue to cover Seahawks and Sounders FC news.

Here, I'll post my thoughts, musings and crazy ideas as they come to me.

To get started, here is a brief list of random things I believe about the current Seahawks:
1. The success of the 2009 defense largely depends on line play
2. Matt Hasselbeck has only two years left to run the offense
3. Brian Russell isn't as bad as everyone says he is
4. The offense will be tough to watch in 2009 (Greg Knapp)
5. Seattle will beat the Colts in Indy
6. This will be Walter Jones' final season due to injury
7. Seattle still could have won the division last year
8. The defense will be vastly improved
9. Kerney will play at least 13 games
10. Undefeated at home for 2009 (gotta' believe!)

Glad to be writing here.