Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still No Contract for Morrah

by: Mike Parker

Since the Seahawks mistakenly announced the signing of 7th-round pick TE Cameron Morrah a week ago, things have been quiet ever since. For Morrah, at least.

The mistaken announcement came wedged between the signings of former Oregon DE Nick Reed and former Rutgers teammates QB Mike Teel and S Courtney Greene. Since Teel was a 6th-round pick, one has to wonder what happened with Morrah. Teams normally go in a backwards-progression style when it comes to signing new draft picks, saving the top-tier picks for last. And seeing how Morrah's fellow 7th-rounders already have deals in place, it's kind of strange as to why there was a mistake in the initial announcement and then dead silence on the matter for the following seven days. (Seven seems to be the unlucky number at work here. And that joke was almost as bad as one of Sullivan's.)

Morrah entered the draft as a junior, coming out of Cal. His production rose dramatically from the 2007 to 2008 seasons, which likely bolstered his confidence and drove him to declare for the draft before finishing school. Everyone has their own opinion on that topic, but I'm hoping immaturity isn't a factor with Morrah's curious situation. If he's a 7th-round pick holding out for 6th-rounder money, we may be looking at a bit of a problem before we even realize it.

Hopefully that's not the case. Even with John Carlson, Joe Newton and John Owens already on the team, there would be room for another tough pass-catching tight end in Greg Knapp's offense. Knapp has already said he's going to be utilizing a lot of two-TE sets with the new system, so the issue isn't a matter of Morrah fitting in with the roster.

Whatever it is, I hope it's just a minor setback and not the onset to some dispute that's being kept behind closed doors for now. In all seriousness, I doubt that's what's happening, but one can't help but speculate when these things arise. (Though I admit the fact that there's very little else to pay attention to in Seahawk news lately also helps.)