Monday, June 29, 2009

"Ground Greg"

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey Addicts, this story's been kicking around the internet since last Wednesday, but despite my best efforts I haven't had a chance to get around to posting about it until now. Clare Farnsworth posted another nice article over at that covered Greg Knapp and his and Mora's intentions for the run game in 2009. Check out the article here.

The main crux of the article is about what you'd expect from an article posted on -- you aren't excited about the running game but you should be and omg here's why! Still, there were some interesting bits scattered throughout (including that John Carlson has increased his weight and lowered his body fat making him even more beastly this year). The main thing though is that it appears they are planning to use Jones and Duckett as more of a tandem than every-down/situational (respectively) backs. Justin Forsett will get a chance to actually (gasp) run the ball this year, which should excite many of the fans who remember his nice preseason last year.

So, take a look at at the article and sound off below; will Knapp work his Top-10 Rushing Offense magic again? Or will the Hawks be middle of the pack or lower?