Sunday, June 21, 2009

Schrager: "I don't want to hear the Seahawks fans crying about this list, That team was terrible last year."

by: Aaron Weinberg

Peter Schrager of Fox Sports, as expected, received numerous emails complaining about his top 99 list, which apparently had a a lot of the football community up in arms.

"My email box took a beating the next day," Schrager said.

Only one Seahawk made the list, Housh at no. 68.

He responded to fan questions and comments in a video and addressed a Seattle fan's question.

Here's a link to the video.

Here are the key quotes from Schrager about Seahawk omissions:

The Seahawks, did not love what they did last year and I'm not sure if I'm gonna' love what they do this year. To be honest I got T.J. Houshmandzadeh in there as the no. 68 player, he's the only Seahawk on the list. That defense was atrocious last year. So you're throwing me Tatupu and Hill, even Patrick Kerney? These guys were not good last year. They're banged up, they're old. Not Tatupu so much but the other guys.

I mean I don't know if they're top 99 players. If anyone's a top 99 player on that defense, it's
Aaron Curry the first round pick and I think he's going to be great and an impact player this season. I don't want to hear the Seahawks fans crying about this list, That team was terrible last year. Banged up with injuries, sure, but really just did not even show up in the 2008 season. Let's see if they can change that in 2009.
As a Seahawk fan, Schrager's arguments seem a little off.

For one, he seems to be using the 2008 season as the sole barometer to gauge the Seahawks, which is unfair because he didn't stick to 2008 with a lot of the other players on the list.

Walter Jones is still one of the best in the league, Tatupu has been to the Pro Bowl every year except one and Hasselbeck, in my opinion, has to be one of the top 13 QB's in the league. And how about Trufant?

By not at least putting Jones or Tatupu in the list, Schrager rightfully lost credibility among the Seahawk faithful.

So what do the addicts thing about Schrager's defense?