Friday, June 5, 2009

Hawks Visit Ft. Lewis

by: Mike Parker

And what an epic visit it turned out to be. Seahawk players and coaches traveled Thursday to Ft. Lewis, an hour drive south of the team's Renton headquarters, to do a little team building and strength conditioning. Scott Fontaine of the Tacoma News-Tribune followed the team out there, and gave a quick write-up of the day here.

Additionally, TNT photographer Dean J. Koepfler has posted some truly impressive shots from the experience here. There's a particularly awesome shot of Craig Terrill hitting the dirt with an expression that he'll probably never be able to duplicate.

The point of entire exercise, according to Fontaine, was to help build camaraderie and reach out to the community. The team even signed merchandise and memorabilia of soldiers on the base afterward, which might've been expected, but still brought a grin to my face.

"I wanted the full experience, and I think we got it," free safety Brian Russell said. "It’s impressive. They train ’em hard here."
And who knows, maybe Russell learned a thing or two on how to tackle while he was out there? I kid, I kid. Kind of.