Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free Agency news - Saturday afternoon edition

by: Chris Sullivan

SEAHAWKS -- As I stated earlier, Colin Cole is in town today interviewing with the Seahawks -- not sure if he got the private float plane treatment or not -- and could present good value for the dollar. Cole is one of the few youngish [28] tackles that are expected to have starting value. While he would not likely start for the Hawks, he could definitely plug into the rotation frequently and would be an upgrade from Howard Green. Florio:

The Packers are still hoping to retain the 330-pounder to play nose tackle in their new 3-4 defense, but their chances appear to be dwindling. Cole looks more likely to stay in a 4-3 defense: Seattle or Tampa. On Friday, the Bucs were mentioned as the most likely destination for Cole. If Seattle closes the deal, Cole will likely get many of the snaps that went to Rocky Bernard last year.
SEAHAWKS -- TJ Houshmandzadeh is traveling to Minnesota today. It is unknown whether an offer was made, though one would assume it was. I don't feel that the Seahawks are going to grab him, because I still don't see his value being that much higher than Engram's. (It is much higher, but I wouldn't want to pay Housh more than Burleson, so that's about $4 million / year.) Housh has said that he will make a decision tomorrow night. My money is on Cincinatti.

Other news:
  • Rob Staton has a great article on how free agency may affect the Seahawks' draft strategy. I think the fact that we're expressing no interest in the secondary guys right now indicates that we're happy where we're at for the most part, and may look to the draft for one or two finishing pieces. 
  • Jeff Richards at NextSeasonSports talks Michael Clayton. For a nice biography on Clayton, be sure to check this out, I for one didn't know he'd been pre-law in college.
  • Former Seahawk Jon Kitna will be backing up Tony Romo. Or Tony Romo's backup. Hard to say at this point, but I've got nothing but love for the hometown Kitna-ator.
  • The Broncos, who were absolutely terrible in their secondary last year, have added Renaldo Hill and Brian Dawkins and are targeting Andre' Goodman. In related news, Champ Bailey suffered a mild injury this morning after spraining his face smiling.