Thursday, February 26, 2009

Expectations going into Free Agency

By Chris Sullivan

I thought I would put myself out on the line a little and project who I think the Seahawks will be keeping and who will be going amongst our UFAs.

Leonard Weaver - FB - Sadly, I think Weaver is going to be gone. The Church Van has been great, but he can be used more appropriately elsewhere and doesn't seem to fit too well into Knapp's offense from what I can tell. Don't be shocked if the NFC West targets him, either the Rams or the Cards (who need both running help and a tight end).

Ray Willis - OT/OG - I am a bit concerned that the Hawks have not yet signed Willis and its possible that he wants to see what his value is on the open market. Still, I expect the Hawks to have the best read on his value and, assuming others aren't trying to overpay him, I think we keep the guy who nearly stole Locklear's starting job last year.

Maurice Morris - RB - I'm crossing my fingers that Ruskell surprises us here. I would love Morris to come back and agree with the Seahawk Addicts consensus that he is a better back than Julius Jones. I don't see it happening though.

Bobby Engram - WR - I'm torn. I think he should go, but I don't know that he wants to retire as a non-Hawk. He can still play, but how much? Too big a risk for more than $1 million. Will the price be right? I don't think so. We love you bobby!

Charlie Frye - QB - Bye bye, Mr. Frye.

Will Heller - TE - I don't see there being a high demand for Heller, and without stalwart Jeb Putzier (har har), I think the chances are good that we keep Heller.

Koren Robinson - WR - The Hawks won't keep him, but he should still get another job. His downfield blocking led to two or three huge touchdowns last year. Considering there were only 4 or 5 "huge touchdowns" all year, that's saying something.

Rocky Bernard - DT - I've been saying all year he won't be back and I will keep saying it. If he can't perform in his contract year, its time for us to move on. Thanks for the memories, Rocky.

Howard Green - DT - Green was good, not great, when he played but he provides good depth in a position that can see a fair share of injuries based solely on the size of the players. I think we resign him.

D.D. Lewis - LB - Lewis came in and was arguably our best linebacker in his starts last year. If he isn't looking for a retirement fund, we sign him again.

Floyd Womack - OG - Porkchop is a lifelong Seahawk and should continue to be one. That said, with Vallos and Wrotto both playing well last year, the "Changing of the Guard" (har-dee-har-har) may be in effect now.

Jeff Robinson - LS - He's gone. He didn't want to unretire in the first place, but we begged. It's on your shoulders now, Tyler!