Monday, February 23, 2009

Aaron Curry faster than all but 7 RBs

by: Chris Sullivan

With a 4.56 second 40-yard dash, Aaron Curry beat all but the fastest Running Backs from this years very-slow-running-back combine. (It has been contested, however, that the combine's official timekeeper was a tenth of a second off, as many of the unofficial times were wayyy faster than the "official" time.) Still, having a fast, big, mean linebacker to replace freak-o-nature Julian Peterson sounds fun... but it won't happen. We're not going to pay Curry more than Peterson to take Peterson's not-yet-vacant spot. Why does this matter? The Rams might take him to shore up their defense which, lets be honest, Steve Spagnuolo is going to want to do. This helps the Hawks in Crabtree-stakes 2009, assuming he wows everyone at his pro-day and becomes worth a #4 pick again. We'll see.

In other Combine news both Rey Maulauga and Brian Orakpo have cut their Combine's short due to injuries, though the severity is not clear on either, both seem mild.