Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Agency Updates

by: Chris Sullivan
Lots of mini-news stories, glom on to what you wish:

SEAHAWKS-- TJ Houshmandzadeh has made it clear that he wants to be signed somewhere by the end of this weekend. The fact that he has only four teams he's interested in and came to Seattle first indicates that he is very serious about the Seahawks.

Mike Sando breaks down the "value" of Houshmandzadeh and quotes the Scouts, Inc report that basically sums Housh up as a good receiver in the middle, not a vertical threat, a beneficiary of Chad Johnson playing opposite him, and, basically, a Bobby Engram type with bigger stats. Sando:

Let's say I owned a stock worth $13.40 per share in 2004. Let's say the stock price fell to $12.30 in 2005, $12 in 2006, $10.20 in 2007 and $9.80 in 2008. I'm guessing you wouldn't necessarily rush out to purchase shares of this unnamed company.

Let's say the company were actually an NFL wide receiver. Let's say we converted those share prices from dollars to yards per reception. We would be talking about T.J. Houshmandzadeh. He averaged 13.4 yards per reception in 2004. That figure has fallen every season since, reaching 9.8 yards per reception last season.

SEAHAWKS -- Chris Canty has moved his visit with the G-Men up to today (he was going to visit the Redskins). His visit with Seattle is still scheduled for Monday as far as we know. Visits with the 49ers and the Titans are currently on hold. Don't be surprised to see Canty head to Nashville tomorrow or Sunday.

Kurt Warner is willing to take less money if Anquan Boldin returns to the Cardinals for 2009.

Bart Scott to the Jets is not a done deal, there's an offer on the table but the Ravens are making another big push for him, apparently ready to let Lewis leave.

New England LB / TD machine Mike Vrabel has been traded to the Chiefs for draft picks.