Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cuts begin to roll in...

by: Chris Sullivan 

Though the official cuts are not being made yet, the rumors are starting to trickle in. Rumor has it that the Oakland Raiders are about to cut former first-rounder Michael Huff, while the Panthers are looking to unload some moolah by cutting CB Ken Lucas and WR D.J. Hackett (remember him?).

I see a lot of promise is Michael Huff, a guy who was worth a 7th overall pick in the 2006 draft but never panned out under the Oakland AlDavises, the skill, size and big-school history that Ruskell likes. Huff is 6'1" and had an incredible college career, and has been solid but apparently-not-well-liked in Oakland. (In my opinion, a player who is not appreciated in Oakland is probably the kind of guy we would like up here). Huff is fast (100m in less than 11 seconds) and showed in college he can be a play maker. Its hard to say what sort of price Huff will demand in the open market, but I think there is a decent chance he could be within our price range. 

Huff was Free Safety his rookie year before moving over to Strong Safety in 2007. Last year, the Raiders looked to shop Huff but found no bidders; after benching him mid-2008, trade value is virtually nill and now his cut is expected. What say you, Addicts? Should Huff be looked at?