Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nat'l Football Post -- Two-round Mock

by: Chris Sullivan

I am trying not to post too many of these Mocks right now because its just way, way too early... but still, I had to post this one because there's just something exciting about it (despite me not thinking Round 2 will go this way...). Anyway, here's the full mock. Here are the NFC West picks:

2. St Louis Rams -- Eugene Monroe - OT - Virginia
4. Seattle Seahawks -- Michael Crabtree - WR - Texas Tech
10. San Francisco 49ers -- Mark Sanchez - QB - USC
31. Arizona Cardinals -- Shawn Nelson - TE - Southern Miss 
34. St Louis Rams -- Sean Smith - CB/FS -- Utah
37. Seattle Seahawks -- LeSean McCoy - RB - Pittsburgh
42. San Francisco 49ers -- Jarron Gilbert -- DE - San Jose State
63. Arizona Cardinals -- Connor Barwin - DE/TE - Cincinatti

Personally, while McCoy would excite me, the NFP still has Duke Robinson on the board when we're picking in the second, and I would definitely not mind that. I'm still of the mind (I think my brother convinced me...) that Chris Spencer would excel in this league as a guard but does not quite hold his weight as a center and may never do so. Max Unger and Alex Mack are both still around mid-second, so if we traded 37 down a bit for a fifth round pick we might be in hog heaven here.