Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Salary cap increased!

by: Chris Sullivan

The working assumption for the past few months has been that the Salary cap would be $123 million for 2009, but Adam Schefter reports:

Because teams didn’t spend as much as they were supposed to under the collective bargaining agreement the past three years, teams were notified Wednesday that the salary cap will increase over $4 million to $127 million for this coming year, according to sources with two NFL teams. The collective bargaining agreement calls for cap adjustment down if teams spend over the cap in cash and adjustment up if they don’t spend up to the cap.
This helps the Seahawks quite a bit (and everyone else). The big question for the next two days will be who will the Seahawks cut? We can expect a lot of non-movement on the Free Agent side (though I wouldn't be shocked to see us try to lock up Willis on Thursday), but with so many cuts rolling in one has to wonder when the Hawks will start making a few... though, honestly, I can't see who they would be -- most of the "deadweight" players are already free agents (here's lookin' at you, Frye). 

As of right now, I would put the most likely cuts as such:
  • Olindo Mare
  • Kelly Jennings
  • Brian Russell (won't happen)
  • Dark Horse Candidate: Chris Spencer
Anyone else?