Friday, February 27, 2009

Housh Visiting Seattle Today

by: Chris Sullivan

Rob just pointed this out a few minutes ago (go Rob, go Rob, its your birthday), but I figured it was worth a full post too. Alex Marvez over at Fox Sports is reporting that TJ Houshmanzadeh is on his way to Seattle today to meet with team officials.

This, to me, indicates that he never got a text message from Eagles ("OMG Housh we watn u here, donavan almost peed his pants lol, luv andyreid") and is exploring his options. The Hawks are turning out to be playing a bit more than we expected, with Housh coming in for a visit today, Chris Canty scheduled to be here on Monday, and Jonathan Stinchcomb near signing. I, like most of you, would be more concerned with getting Ray Willis and signing Stinchcomb would not necessarily preclude that (but it becomes less likely).

Perhaps our odds of getting Housh have increased and are slightly higher than the 25% we were given last night, or the 0% I've been giving it for months. Whatever the case, it sounds like Housh is ready to sign ASAP, and we could have an answer this evening.