Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Case Scenario

by: William P. Tomisser

Rob Rang gives his best case scenario for the Rams and Seahawks pertaining to the NFL draft coming in April. Since the Rams will probably have the biggest impact on our draft with who they pick, I thought it would be appropriate to include Rang's analysis of their situation too.

For the Rams, Rang believe that if Crabtree is still there had a good workout to alleviate questions about his speed and injuries and Stafford is still on the board, they could trade down. If they want to hang in there and take a pick, they should go with a left tackle and they can hope that Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe are both still there so they have their choice. Says Rang:

The best-case scenario is that Michael Crabtree works out exceptionally well and that Matt Stafford comes off as being very much the leader that everybody wants out of a quarterback, allowing the Rams to possibly trade down.

As far as talent available, I think the best-case scenario for the Rams considering their potential needs at offensive tackle would be for Jason Smith from Baylor and Eugene Monroe from Virginia to be available and they can take their pick between the two.

As far as the Seahawks are concerned, the best case scenario according to Rang is very similar to the Rams except that if Crabtree makes a good showing, he believes we should pick him or from the two standout left tackles Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe. He also believes that if Malcolm Jenkins runs a 4.4 or better 40 instead of in the 4.5's and proves he does have the speed necessary to play corner in the NFL, we should also consider him. Says Rang:

The best-case scenario for the Seahawks would be that Michael Crabtree works out and works out well, answers any questions they might have about that. That would be filling an immediate need for them. The same kind of scenario at offensive tackle. If Jason Smith is available, he makes a great deal of sense. Eugene Monroe as well.

And then Malcolm Jenkins, the cornerback from Ohio State. If he proves he has cornerback speed, running in the 4.4s instead of the 4.5s, he would be available at that spot as well.

That pretty well syncs up with what Seahawk Addicts have been saying about the top choices except for listing Curry instead of Jenkins as the other player to consider as a top four candidate.

The general consensus I've been getting from your comments is that Michael Crabtree, Jason Smith, Aaron Curry, and Eugene Monroe are probably the four top candidates at this point with Jenkins getting honorable mention and genuine interest if he runs faster than advertised.

The good thing about our position is that at least two of those five players will be available to us if we don't trade down and with both Detroit and Kansas City likely to be looking at the two quarterbacks, as many as four of them could be there.

I have to believe the Rams will be taking one of those five players or trading with someone who will. Kansas City will also be giving Curry a hard look who is probably the least likely of the five to be picked by us anyway given that we franchised Hill.

It looks as if the top four or five candidates are starting to emerge from the pack as far as value in the top five goes. There are still some workouts that will determine exactly who fits where but it certainly is much clearer that it was a month ago.

Michael Oher and Andre Smith have dropped themselves out of top 5 contention maybe even top 10. Brian Orakpo, once considered a top 5 pick has evaporated as well and is now considered more a linebacker prospect rather than a defensive end.

The two quarterbacks, Stafford and Sanchez are the real wildcards in the top 10 picks who will throw the biggest monkey wrench into everyone's pie. Where they are picked will go a long ways in determining where everyone else falls.

It looks as if everyone is pretty much coming to the same conclusions about where things stand right now though. What do you Addicts think about Rob Rang's conclusions? What effect will the quarterbacks have on the top five picks?