Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fat men can't run (and other Combine news)

by: Chris Sullivan 

Well, guess who's lodge has a crappy WiFi connection?

WalterFootball has all the combine 40 times posted for Offensive Linemen. While some of them are fairly impressive ( ), others that were promised to impress have fallen short. Most notable among them is Michael Oher who warned everyone that they would be "wowed" when they saw him run... well, WOW! Why would you spend time hyping a 5.32 40? Oher did only 21 reps at 225 lbs... He is likely slipping, whether that should be the case or not.

Jason Smith continues to emerge as the class of the draft: 33 reps (third amongst OTs) and a 5.14 40. The time itself is not that amazing, but the fact that literally 95% of the people are running below their projected times and he was projected at 5.10... well, that's pretty good. 

Andre Smith did not run the 40 (or waddle it, for that matter), or anything else. He is not participating in combine work-outs because he is "Out of Shape." Really? Sounds like he's out of the top 10 too, then. 

Eugene Monroe also had a solid workout with a 5.16 40 but only 23 reps. Mind you, I could probably do 1/3 of a rep, so I'm not really one to speak.

In Michael Crabtree news -- He's Shrinking!!! With his foot injury, he's also Slipping!!!! likely out of our #4. Crazier things have happened, but as Aaron over at Next Season Sports points out none of the last five top-5 WRs have been shorter than 6'3". Size matters, boys. 

The Washington Huskies husky center Juan Garcia (6'2" 307lbs) handled 34 bench reps and ran a 5.48 40. Thought you'd like to know. Alex Mack ran a 5.13 40 but did not lift. Max Unger ran slow and lifted 225 lbs 21 times.

In WR news (other than Crabtree), personal and Addicts favorite Brian Robiskie measured in at 6'3" and 209 lbs. He's expected to run the 40 in 4.48 seconds, but that won't happen until tomorrow. 

Finally, the just-caught-my-eye-guy-of-the-day award goes to... Offensive Tackle William Beatty of Connecticut. Beatty is 6'6" but only 307 lbs (up from 291 at the end of the season though). Beatty ran a 5.12 second 40 yard dash and lifted 27 times. Bow wow. He could slip to the second.