Monday, February 16, 2009

Quiet, but important week in the NFL

by: Chris Sullivan

Well, this begins one of the more important weeks in the NFL -- The NFL Combine and the dawning of Free Agency. Technically, the Free Agency period does not begin until February 27 (next Friday), but the deadline to tag a player is February 19, so it will be clear which players can actually be targeted and a lot of conversations will begin in earnest within a clubhouse -- the Seahawks may attempt to sign Hill or Weaver to long-term deals, for example, between Thursday and next Friday. 

The Combine technically begins on Wednesday, though coverage does not really start until Thursday. During this week, we'll start looking at who we've got our eyes on and try to get a feel of who you all want us to look for. To start, I'll be taking a look at who I view are the top prospects in the draft, by position, with a focus on who I think the Hawks may target. That will come a little later, but if you guys have special requests on who we should focus on, let us know in the comments.