Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ward rhymes with Card

by: Chris Sullivan

Okay, well, no it does not. But it looks like it should, and thats close enough. Derrick Ward is currently the freest agent of all running backs with Jacobs and Sproles both receiving the franchise tag. Ward ran for 5.6 ypc and over 1,000 total yards in 2008 as a backup. Not bad. He is actually a guy I would love the Hawks to target as I've mentioned before -- like most of you, I don't see a future with Julius Jones, though sadly I imagine he will last at least one more year. I think he could have a good year, but will he ever be a superstar? Doubt it.

Anyway, Ward says he's got three teams that he thinks he'd fit well with right now -- one of which is the Arizona Cardinals. (The one plus to this would be that LeSean McCoy would more likely drop to us in the early 2nd.) Anyway, Ward is one of the guys I've had my eyes on and the Cards are in a good bargaining position with deep pockets and the NFC Championship on their belts. What would you think of Ward ending up in Arizona?