Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Thanks and some information...

by: Chris Sullivan

The Football Outsiders 2008 Awards were announced last week. Check them out here

Much to my surprise, as I was reading through the awards, I stumbled upon the "Best Team-Specific Website or Blog" section, and you lovely ladies and gents saw it fit to vote for Seahawk Addicts--we didn't even have to pester you about it! We were one of ten mentioned (the third in the list, though I'm unsure as to how it was ordered). Anyway, thank you all so much for the honor, it is appreciated! The honor goes mostly to Michael Steffes, of course, but it does help motivate me to keep on my game. Please continue to let me and the crew know how we can make the site better. Thanks again, guys!

Now then, onto the Thanks in large part to John Morgan over at FieldGulls (who was also, quite deservedly, named one of the top blogs!), the Hawks were shown some love this year... here's where we came in:

Most Underrated Defensive Player in the NFL:
Brandon Mebane (30.5% of all votes):
Seattle Effect, Part II [Part one is below]. Big time. Although, in defense of the Seattle fans, Mebane's level of play is in fact much higher than his level of press coverage.
Most Underrated Offensive Player in the NFL:
#1 - John Carlson (5.1%), #2 - Leonard Weaver (4.9%)

Most Underrated Special Teams Player in the NFL:
#1 - Matt Scifres (Thats who I voted for)
#2 - Josh Wilson (8.4%)
#3 - Olindo Mare (6.4%)

Go Hawks! Thanks again, guys!