Thursday, February 26, 2009

7:15 PM Free Agent News

by: Chris Sullivan

According to the Washington Post, the Redskins are interested in Ray Willis. This would not be the first time that Zorn went after a departing Seahawk, but the Seahawks should be working to sign him before he gets another offer. With the 'Skins potentially announcing a fatty Albert Haynesworth contract right around 9:02 pm (though, quite possibly not doing so), perhaps their offer to Willis will be easy to match if they do indeed go for it. Lets be honest though, Willis is not likely to demand a night-one offer.

The Redskins are also expected to go after Ravens center Jason Brown. Apparently, the Redskins are not bound by a salary cap? Brown will likely demand 6-7 million /year minimum, while Haynesworth will be more in the $15-16 range. If they expect Willis to start (hypothetically), that's likely going to be $1-$3 million a year with some heavy incentives.

Brown's stock rose a bit more today, as the Colts just announced they've locked up Jeff Saturday for another 3 years. At 34, it's probably a safe bet that Saturday will be retiring a Colt.

The Eagles, Giants and Bears are now considered the front-runners in Houshmanzadehstakes 2009. Of these, the Bears seem like the odd team out in that they suck, at least offensively. The National Football Post, on the other hand, puts the odds of the Houshmanzilla resigning in Cincinatti at 70%, and state that a source says they are very close. If he resigns with the Bengals, it will be transparently clear that he does not like winning after all. END