Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malcolm Jenkins Runs Today

by: William P. Tomisser

Malcolm Jenkins will run his 40 yard dash today at the combine. Eric Williams writes a short article about it in the News Tribune. From that article:

Mike Mayock of NFL.com said if Jenkins runs a 4.45 or better he has a shot to solidify a spot as a top-10 pick and lock-down cover corner in the draft. However, if he dips into the 4.5s, then the questions will continue and people will continue to talk about Jenkins converting to a safety.

During his interview on Sunday Jenkins said he’s pretty confident he’ll run under 4.5. If he does, the Seahawks no doubt will consider taking him with the team’s No. 4 pick.

This should be of high interest to Seahawk fans who are closely following the draft since many of you have stated that Jenkins would be a good choice for the Seahawks if he can measure up to the job. Today we should get some of the information towards obtaining an answer to that question. It's my hope that he does measure up giving the Seahawks even more options when their pick comes due in April.