Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2009 Tuesdays

by: Michael Steffes

I mentioned this following the Eagles game, but to reiterate, on Tuesdays going forward I am going to do my best to create some discussion about 2009. Tuesdays are off days for the Hawks and usually there is very little news. It only makes sense to start looking ahead. I am all for the Hawks making a miracle comeback to win the West, and I applaud those who believe it will happen, but I am officially declaring this season lost.

Hopefully, at least when talking about 2009, we can get some positive discussion going that doesn't include calls for the firing of coaches, excessive finger pointing, and overall negative sentiment. As Hawks fans, we have had it better than the fans of most NFL teams in recent years. It has been a tough year no doubt, but the Seahawks haven't become a second class organization overnight. They will rebound from this.

Today, I am going to tackle the players that the team will have to make decisions on going forward as either restricted or unrestricted free agents. I will also set up a poll to help determine what about 2009 you might want to read about on future Tuesdays. But first, I'm off to the real polls. ~END~