Saturday, November 22, 2008

Picks - Week 12

by: Seahawk Addicts Staff

Well, you know the drill:


Steffes 11 5 68.75%
Sullivan 7 9 43.75%
Gonzo 8 8 50.00%


Steffes 97 65 58.50%
Gonzo 95 69 58.80%
Sullivan 90 72 56.50%

Sullivan totally dropped the ball last week, and it shows in the final count--down 7 full games to Steffes. It's going to be hard to pull that one out of the hat! Gonzo still has a fighting chance, but that's only if his pussyhands don't drop the keyboard this week. Speaking of this week, here are those picks:

GAME Steffes Sullivan Gonzo
Houston @ Cleveland Cleveland Houston Cleveland
San Fran @ Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas
Tampa @ Detroit Tampa Tampa Tampa
New York Jets @ Tenn Ten Tennessee NYJ
Buffalo @ KC KC Buffalo Buffalo
Chicago @ St. Louis Chicago Chi-town Da Bears
New England @ Miami New England New England Miami
Minn @ Jacksonville Jacksonville Minnesota Jacksonville
Philly @ Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore
Oakland @ Denver Denver Denver Denver
Carolina @ Atlanta Atlanta Carolina Atlanta
NYG @ Arizona New York Giants Arizona NYG
Indy @ San Diego San Diego Indy Indy
GB @ New Orleans New Orleans Green Bay Green Bay
Washington @ Seattle Seattle 24-21 Seattle 27 - 20 Washington 30-20