Monday, November 17, 2008

Slow News Day...

by: Chris Sullivan

. . . and not a whole lot worth reporting, anyway. I think the Hawks' season unofficially really ending has sort of sucked the wind out of some of our sails, but hey, that's football. That's what's great about the NFL--you never know year to year who will be on top. How many football pundits predicted the Titans to be the best team in the league this year?

Still, there were a couple pieces of news worth reporting:

  1. Mike Wahle did NOT tear his labrum. He will play again this year, possibly--but not likely--this weekend.
  2. Matt Hasselbeck apologized to the Cards and Adrian Wilson for claiming that he should be fined for his hit on Hass in the first quarter. It looked like a clean hit to me, definitely no helmet to helmet, but for sure a tough smack. It hit Hass on his blindside and I think it shook him up a bit, but it was clean.
  3. Holmgren's press conference today was apparently pretty uneventful. I missed it, but read the summaries. The thing that stood out to me was Holmgren basically saying, when asked about whether it was rebuilding time or whether the pieces were there for next year, that it wasn't his place to say, and it wasn't the right time for him to say it.
The last one is arguably the most important... has Holmgren stopped caring? I'm sure he hasn't. Still, that view is not one he has voiced this year--all year he spoke of how the right people were there and it was just a matter of executing. It now sounds like he's saying that he doesn't know if the Hawks have the necessary personnel to win and, uh, not really his problem. I hope that's not the case.

Did anyone watch the presser? What was your impression of it? Throw it in the comments . . . ~END~