Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seahawks Injury Update 2008, Part 1,453

by: Mike Parker

Yes, this is getting ridiculous. No, wait, this has long since passed the point of anything resembling "ridiculous" and entered into full-blown ludicrous, unbelievable, and downright insane.

Red Bryant is now out indefinitely with a high ankle sprain. It's being said that this will keep Big Red out for at least two weeks, but since his knee was already banged up at the start of the season I'm hoping we don't start referring to the guy as "Red Tubbs" after another few weeks.

On a lighter note, Will Heller and Leonard Weaver are both expected back this week in Miami, which is probably only worth noting for depth chart purposes unless Weaver puts up a pair of TDs and 114 receiving yards again. At this point though, I'm willing to sit on my roof and practice a Cherokee war chant to make some freakish occurrence like a fullback playing out of his mind happen again. Hell, maybe they'll pull a wildcat and have Seneca catch balls from Brian Russell with Owen Schmitt blocking. It'll be a BATTLE OF THE WILDCATS with Ronnie Brown playing this time around . . . yes, I can see it now . . . (clearly I'm losing it).

And finally, Deion "Glass" Branch is returning to practice this week with the hopes that he "heels." Har har. To me, Branch has nothing to lose and everything to prove, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that assessment. -END-