Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Telling Interview

by: Michael Steffes

With KJR on in the background today, I happened to catch a very interesting interview. Ian Furness talked with Leroy Hill as part of a segment they call Linebacker Lounge. Most of the interview is Furness talking to Hill about MNF, and other bits and pieces. However, at the end Leroy gave a glimpse into a positive future.

Furness has been asking all the Seahawk guests (Hill and Nate) if they think this season is a result of being decimated by injury, or if the window has closed. Hill thinks this team is a playoff team when healthy. He also went as far as to mention the coaching change.

Take a listen, but essentially he says that Holmgren has become a bit predictable and teams know what to expect when playing against the Hawks. He then, when pressed, goes on to talk about the excitement over Jim Mora taking the head coaching job. He says having a players' coach who runs around and has fun will be a breath of fresh air. He likens Holmgren's style to being possibly like that of Mike Singletary's and compares Mora to John Gruden. Very interesting stuff. ~END~