Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why the Rush?

by: Michael Steffes

As all of us know by know, Matt Hasselbeck returned to practice today and is expected to play on Sunday versus the Arizona Cardinals. Having Matthew at the helm will be a welcome sight, but is it a smart move? The readers poll has Seahawk Addicts' readers almost evenly split on whether he should return now or get healthy for 2009. Well, Matt talked to reporters today, and I wish I could say that he eased my concerns. He didn't. Danny O'Neil has a telling report.

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Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said he was told by a doctor that he was not likely to play again this season because [of] the problem with his leg.

It wasn't a mandate or a recommendation, Hasselbeck said, just an opinion from Robert Watkins in Los Angeles. That was Watkins' initial opinion after looking at Hasselbeck's test results and evaluating him.

"He said, 'Listen, you probably won't come back this year. You won't need surgery, but you probably won't play,' " Hasselbeck said.

Watkins indicated it would take a couple of months to recover, but he also told Hasselbeck there was a chance he would be back.
This is not what is the most worrisome. Hasselbeck has passed his tests and been cleared to play. He is being paid to rehab. He is also a professional athlete. Sometimes those factors can speed the healing process. However, Matt makes it clear that neither he nor the team are playing it safe here.
As for the possibility of re-aggravating the injury? "I'm not taking a conservative approach here," Hasselbeck said. "I'm definitely pushing the envelope on time frames and it is football. It's a violent game."
It isn't hard to understand where Matt is coming from. First off, he is being paid a lot of money to play for this team. He is also watching his teammates suffer through a discouraging season. But most off all, he probably feels a huge obligation to Mike Holmgren. After starting out as a 6th round pick passed over by many, Big Show has molded him into a three time Pro Bowler. Not only that, but he is the only legitimate superstar in Seattle. Not many people saw this possibility in him, but Holmgren did. In his final season, Matt must want to do his part to send him out right. But in the end, this is a difficult decision to swallow.

The majority of his teammates will be here next year, hopefully ready to make a run back to the playoffs. They will need Matt. I suppose if he re-aggravates the injury he will have the offseason to rest. Regardless though, pushing back from a back injury early is a risky move. Many men have succumbed to back trouble in their lives. It can be crippling. So as great as it will be to see Matt back on the field and for the Hawks to have a chance to beat AZ, remember to keep your fingers crossed because rushing back from an injury like this could mean we won't see him around much longer. ~END~